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To help you with your wired life, Pacemaker Club recommends these quality products from affiliate companies. The club receives a commission on each affiliate sale and this revenue helps to fund the club’s operation.   

Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical professionals recommend that implantable cardiac device patients wear a medical alert bracelet or pendant.  So, Pacemaker Club has partnered with Sticky Jewlery to offer a wide selection of fashionable medical alert bracelets, pendants, charms and watches for recipients of all ages. You no longer have an excuse for not wearing a medical alert.
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It may save your life!

SoftTouch Eliminates Seatbelt Irritation
Pacemaker Club recommends the patented SoftTouch product to increase comfort and a level of protection to those with a pacemaker and defibrillator while wearing a seat belt. The recessed underbelly, along with the open "C"-shape design enables the medical device to sit in a free air space without direct contact with the seat belt itself. This eliminates seat belt irritation over the area where the medical device is implanted.

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comfortHer Bra Strap Pad
The comfortHer pad gently protects your post-surgical area from the constant rubbing of your bra strap during everyday activities. 
ComfortHer is made with a silky-soft, washable tricot nylon fabric with triple-padding and unique internal stiffeners.  Easily adjusted to fit any bra, the comfortHer pad’s low profile enables it to be worn under most any of your clothing without being seen.

Stay comfortable after surgery with the comfortHer bra strap pad.

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High Quality Pacemaker Friendly Shirts


Paceman shirts are designed for Fit, Comfort and Style. They are designed using natural materials and fabrics. The current range of Paceman Men’s shirts are constructed from high quality 100% cotton with all tags and labels made of cotton. The buttons the Paceman Shirts are either Wood or Shell.

The Paceman Range by Dom N 8 Design is designed with a pocket on the right hand side of the chest. This allows ease of use and enables you to keep items you would like to keep close but not too close to your implanted device

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Osun Technologies’ Pace-Alert 
When pacemakers and ICDs are implanted, doctors warn patients to stay away from electric, magnetic field (EMF), and high frequency (RF) sources. However, EMF and RF are invisible. So what is a recipient to do?  
The patented Pace-alert is the first device that detects AC electrical, high frequency, and AC magnetic fields and alarms recipients when the field strength is beyond the safety threshold. The threshold is set based on manufacturer specifications and enough safety margin is provided to give you early warning before the source actually interferes with your device.   The unit is very easy to use and does not require a technical background.

An original size and mini version of the pace-alert is available to members at a discounted price.  Learn more at

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