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2012 - The Year of Recipient Friendships

Pacemaker Club has officially declared 2012  to be the Year of Recipient Friendships.  So make 2012 a Year to Remember!  Meet fellow recipients in your part of the world, take some photos or a video and then share your story with us. 

"I have made so many rewarding friendships, just like so many other members have told us, through Pacemaker Club.  Most of my friendships with other recipients are online, but there is something special about meeting a fellow recipient face-to-face and sharing stories." Blake Hunter, Founder

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to participate:

1. Make a pledge

Promise yourself that you will meet a fellow recipient in 2012, then tell your family and friends and ask them to remind you of your pledge if you forget.  

2. Find fellow recipients

You can find fellow recipients in your part of the world online or at your local device clinic.  Search our member list (left menu if you’re logged in).  You can easily search by city, state or country.  You could also post a message in our Support Group forum.  Once you have located a fellow recipient online, communicate with them then organize a time to meet face-to-face after you have established an online friendship.

Another way to find recipients in your area is to ask the staff at your local device clinic if there is a local support group meeting that you could attend.  

3. Organize a time to meet

Pick a location where you can relax and talk.  Whether it’s at a local coffee shop or restaurant it will not matter.  The important thing is to talk about being paced or zapped.  You may want to include spouses as well.  For those who are more adventureous, plan a group event and invite a number of recipients from your area.

After you meet, don’t forget to email us your story and some photos or a video.  We plan to include your stories in future editions of our newsletter.  

Here’s a few photos of past recipients meetings to insipre you.






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