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The Pulse - Fall 2007

September 15, 2007

 Newly designed website

Our website was updated in April. We maintained the most popular features and incorporated as many new ideas from members as feasible.  Significant improvements include:
  • Cleaner design and layout of menus
  • Larger text
  • Simplified live chat room
  • Faster response time
  • Expanded and searchable membership list
  • Streamlined registration process
  • Simplified recovery of lost passwords
  • Filters to block spam 

If you’re an existing member who is visiting the new site for the first time, you will need to retrieve your new password to login.   All passwords were reset when the site was upgraded for security reasons. 

Does your seatbelt cause irritation and discomfort?

If your like 64% of recipients, your seatbelt causes irritation and discomfort over the area where your medical device is implanted. Pacemaker Club is pleased to recommend the patented SoftTouch to solve this problem.

SoftTouch is a product that increases comfort and the level of protection to you while wearing a seat belt. The recessed underbelly, along with the open "C"-shape design enables your medical device to sit in a free air space without direct contact with the seat belt itself.  This eliminates seat belt irritation over the area where your medical device is implanted.

Learn more and order a SoftTouch at   

Jeff Helm, marathon member

Jeff Helm ran the 2007 Boston Marathon.  Running 26 miles is an amazing acheivment for normal athletes, but Jeff is no ordinary guy.  He lives in Norwell, MA with his wife of 24 years.  Jeff is 54 years old and has always been an active sports person.  

Marathon Photo

In 1995, Jeff’s first pacemaker was implanted.  His leads cracked shortly after and he had them removed.  His existing leads and device were implanted in 1997.   His longest race before the marathon was a 10K about 20 years ago. Jeff consulted with his cardiologist before training for the marathon. With his doctor’s blessing, he started working with a personal trainer.    

"My running routine was taken from the internet with a Marathon for Beginners schedule. I taped it to the kitchen cabinet and went from there. My daughter created a running log for me with inspirational quotes and cartoons to keep me on schedule. Looking back at that now is a great reminder. Some people use real fancy programs to accomplish this, but I like keeping it simple. New sneakers and socks and old shorts do the trick for me"

Jeff likes running outdoors and can’t stand treadmills. He loves early morning runs and listening to birds and the peace and quiet.   Jeff says that 80% of running the marathon was mental.  "I really broke it down into two 13 mile runs. I knew that once I hit mile 13 that I could finish. My wife met me at mile 21 and ran in the last 5 miles with me.  That was a real lift to find her waiting for me." 

Marathon Photo

Jeff’ never imagined that he would actually run a marathon, but has always dreamed of it.  His pacemaker was never an issue. "I just don’t even think about it.  Who knows, maybe I’ve added another year to the battery life by all of this."

While preparing for the marathon, Jeff raised funds for Friendship Home, a non-profit charity who provides a caring environment for individuals with developmental disabilities.  "I raised over $17,500.  It will be a really meaningful amount to this group."

Jeff found his marathon experience to be fantastic.  "I’m due for a new pacer next April so I’ll have to plan accordingly if I want to run another Boston Marathon. Maybe I’ll run New York or Chicago next time!"

Jeff’s username is 330hawk.

MRI-safe devices may be available soon

Biophan Technologies, a developer of next-generation biomedical technology, recently announced that the Company has entered into a definitive agreement with Medtronic to acquire Biophan’s MRI safety patents. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Biophan will transfer to Medtronic its MRI safety patent portfolio, which includes technologies that make medical devices, such as pacemakers, safe for use with MRI.

“Our technology has the potential to solve the problems that have prevented many people with pacemakers from having an MRI. We believe Medtronic has the experience and resources to bring our technology to market,” stated Michael Weiner, President of Biophan. 

Medtronic publicaly announced, a couple years ago, that they are working on technology to make devices MRI-safe. It is rumoured that other manufacturers are doing the same.

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