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Chat Upgrade

May 27, 2009

New chat functionality has been implemented. In the past, members were incorrectly shown as being logged in that no longer were in the room. This resulted from users simply closing the chat window and not logging off. A pop-up message has been added to remind members to click the “Logout of chat” button, not simply close the chat window.

To help members connect with others, informal daily chat times of 10:00 and 22:00 AST have been established. Members are encouraged to meet at these times or use the Shoutbox to co-ordinate impromptu chats with others who are online.

A module titled, Who’s in Chat Now?, has been added to the right-side menu. The purpose of this information is to make it easier for members to connect.

The above enhancements are the direct result of your feedback. We appreciate your feedback and implement suggestions where feasible.

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