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As a valued member of the Club, you can purchase our most popular items, save over 15%, and also receive a free membership card. It’s guaranteed to "charge your batteries" and help you cope with being battery operated.

Like all merchandise sales, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Heartbeat International, a non-profit charity dedicated to making "poor" hearts beat better.

Power Pack Items

"You Know You’re Pacing When" Book
Having a pacemaker is no fun - but this book shows that it can be funny. "You Know You’re Pacing When" was written by a veteran recipient to help other recipients cope with their pacemaker or defibrillator. It is a 68 page illustrated book that is full of humor about being battery operated, wired and bionic.

Our pacemaker-shaped keychains are made of antique finished steel and will outlast your implantable device. They closely resemble a real pacemaker and have our logo engraved.

Identification Card Holder
Make airport security hassle-free! Our card holders are designed to fit your pacemaker identification card and display an internationally recognized pacemaker recipient symbol. They are also a lightweight medic alert solution for walking, jogging or any activity that is performed without a purse or wallet.

Welcome Letter
Our personalized letters officially welcome members to the club. They are inspirational and light-hearted.

Buy a Power Pack for just $25.95 and also receive a free membership card!

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"I got my keychains, book and card holders in the mail today. The book is great. Thanks for the great service!" - John Stanga

"I like my keychain very much. It’s just the right size and I have shown it to many people that did not know what a pacemaker looked like." - Cecil Ebey

"I recently travelled and just flashed my card holder to notify airport security personnel of my device. They still physically searched me with their magic wand, but my card holder made the process much more discrete." - Happy Pacer

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