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Overview of Projects

The following is an overview of some projects that Pacemaker Club has completed.  

Online Surveys
Pacemaker Club has conducted an online survey on behalf of a leading device manufacturer.  The purpose of the survey was to learn what online information recipients want, how satisfied recipients are with their manufacturer and the importance of various attributes when requesting a particular brand of device.  Our client was very satisfied and said the final report contained "incredible information". 

Internet Research
Pacemaker Club reviewed four years of postings on its website to profile the "online recipient" for a leading device manufacturer.  This research provided a wealth of information on the questions and topics that interest recipients who use the Internet to learn more about their condition.  The manufacfurer is now using this information to enhance the patient-oriented content on its website. 

Direct Mail
Pacemaker Club searched the Internet to find and develop a database of contact information for 1,500 pacemaker and defibrillator clinics in North America.  This database was then used to power a traditional direct mail campaign on behalf of Biophan Technologies, a developer of cutting-edge technologies with the goal of making all biomedical devices capable of safely and successfully working with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  

Since infection is one of the most common complications that is discussed on our website, a letter and stories from a few members who have experienced infection was mailed to Medicare in late 2008.  The main purpose of the letter was to applaud a new non-payment policy being considered by Medicare as it should motivate Healthcare Providers to seriously measure infection rates and research the causes of infection, as well as lead to better medical guidelines designed to prevent infections.

On behalf of recipients, Pacemaker Club has mailed letters to all device manufacturers urging them to make their devices MRI safe.    A dedicated webpage was also posted on our website, which asked recipients to contact their manufacturer about making devices MRI-safe.  Manufacturer reply letters acknowledged the importance of this safety improvement and one publicly pledged to make their devices MRI-safe.

Pacemaker Club provided written comments on the Heart Rhythm Society’s Task Force Draft Recommendations on Device Performance Policies and Guidelines that was published in 2006. 

Product Development
Pacemaker Club has provided product design and marketing guidance to Osun Technologies for their Pace-alert, a product that detects magnetic fields and warns recipients prior to them interfering with a device. 

Pacemaker Club volunteers time to promote and raise funds for Heartbeat International, a non-profit charity that not only provides cardiac devices, but all of the related medical care at no charge to poor patients in developing countries.  



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