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Our card holders are the perfect promotional item for cardiologists, hospitals & clinics, monitoring companies and manufacturers. Just place your business card in them and give one to all your wired patients. ID card holder image

The internationally recognized pacemaker recipient symbol printed on each holder makes them a lightweight medic alert solution for patients. Recipients carry them while walking and jogging, as well they find them handy at airport security.

Limited time offer! Buy today and receive free Pacemaker Club signs and a copy of our "You Know You’re Pacing When" book to display in your reception area.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. An official receipt will be mailed with your order.

The price of our holders is discounted based on the quantity ordered. So buy more and save more!

Secure online ordering via PayPal

Buy 50 holders for only $2.80 USD each. Compared to $3.95 for individual orders

    Buy 100 holders for only $2.55 USD each. Savings of 9%

    Buy 250 holders for only $2.14 USD each. Savings of 24%

    Buy 500 holders for only $1.69 USD each. Savings of 40%

    Buy 1,000 holders for only $1.29 USD each. Savings of 54%

    Volume discounts also apply to corporate orders of our other merchandise. If you have any questions, email

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