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Posted by sooz on 2015-06-29 22:36. 2 comments. 26 reads
Hi support surgery is tomorrow morning and so is goingtobewired I believe. Thanks for your prayers. We are both a bit scared. I am under influence of sleeping pill so hope this reads ok. God be with all of us who suffer.

Posted by chan-chan on 2015-06-29 14:51. 2 comments. 38 reads
I had CRT D two weeka ago. I still have quite an amount of pain over device site which is restricting my left shoulder movement. How long this pain will last?. I am not able to turn to the left side and sleep? Can anybody can tell me as to how long this pain will last based on personal experience?

Posted by tlt_69 on 2015-06-29 12:55. 3 comments. 57 reads
I am a slot machine repair technician at a casino. These machine have power to them and some speakers have good sized magnets on them. I will be getting my ICD implanted soon. Can I still work as a repair technician on these machines with an ICD?

Posted by Seabreeze on 2015-06-29 10:44. 3 comments. 63 reads
Hi! Lately my PM has been pinching me and or has a heavy achy feeling. It makes me really tired too. Any one else have these feelings?

Posted by jsne on 2015-06-29 09:32. 2 comments. 27 reads
Can any one explain what will show if the PM has capture turned on. After my last check up they rectified the awful palpitations the previous change in settings gave me and on a day to day basis feeling better. Tried doing a hill at the weekend and felt rotten ?? PM not letting my HR go high enough. Felt sick, headache, fluttering the usual. Will this capture mode show arrhythmias not caused by the PM. The appointments aren't conducive to long discussion's as there is usually a queue, and you feel you are taking up too much time ( at least I do).
Thanks Jane

Posted by chan-chan on 2015-06-28 21:24. 1 comments. 35 reads
Recently I had CRT D. So far i have been an ultrasonologist and obstetrician. With the pace maker, Can I continue doing ultrasound. Wii there be any interference or is there any contraindication?

Posted by Macabr on 2015-06-28 12:21. 12 comments. 136 reads
Hi all,

I have bradycardia (clocked in as low as 25bpm awake and about). It's been asymptomatic so far. Had an EP study done last year which found slow sinus node. Was put on cpap which didnt work out. EP decided best option for me was pm due to the fact that the condition is progressing even though no symptoms yet. Got a 2nd opinion which concurred w/EP. I get it on 7/7/15 and just wanted to know what to expect more or less. I know every experience is different but some advice would be much appreciated. I'm 46 y/o male btw.

Posted by holly99142003 on 2015-06-28 11:43. 7 comments. 94 reads
Hi all,

I had my ICD?PM implanted on June 19th 2015. I was put on Carvedilol -low dose 3.25 and i have been having headaches and nausea . I was just wondering if anyone else ever had these side effects from this medication? Oh and i did call my doctor's office only to be told that this is the lowest dose. ugh...i need to work and it's hard when your head is pounding and your stomach is doing flipps.
Thank you for your help

Posted by Tessy on 2015-06-28 03:12. 0 comments. 23 reads
Has anyone with a pacemaker had varicose /spider veins remove either with laser or other means?

Would be grateful for any advice

Posted by AJHenry on 2015-06-27 23:25. 3 comments. 131 reads
Hi! I got my PM last March. I have seen my cardiologist three times since then, including the one-month after PM check-up. He says everything is fine and in its place, but it continues to hurt, both in the area of the PM, under my armpit, and even on the right side of my chest. I can't say I'm in pain but it is pretty uncomfortable. After a normal day, the area feels as if were swollen, though it does not look swollen on the outside. I have been told that I can already raise my left arm but can't!!! It feels as if my arm were tied and the chord just would yield. I have been taking Lyrica and have taken Samen for 7 days twice. Enantyum and Acerdol help relieve the pain and discomfort a bit but not completely. It's been three days since PM a...

Posted by ladysmom on 2015-06-27 20:33. 5 comments. 71 reads
On June 3/15, I had a CRT- P implanted.
This is my fourth pm in 20 years though my previous ones were not CRT.
All is well except that little strips have yet to fall off.
They are still really stuck on.
Do I leave them be or try to gently remove them?
I am seeing my cardio next week.
Do I wait until I see him?

And for the first time, I received Vancomycin intravenously an hour before my procedure.
Four and a half years ago, I had my mitral valve replaced and my tricuspid valve repaired.
As a child, I had other open heart surgery.
Could the valve surgery be why I got the Vancomycin?
I will ask my cardio why when I see him but I wondered if anyone else had it.

Posted by Shell on 2015-06-27 13:26. 2 comments. 100 reads
I was watching Mysteries At the Museum last nigh with my kids and the origin of warren was on. Never knew it started out when the clover that cows ate became moldy and they died. Then in the 40's it was manufactured as a rat poison. That's when i said, and yup, I take that every day. My oldest was a little surprised and said, you take rat poison? Basically. They found out that it 'thinned' blood when a soldier tried to committed suicide by ingesting it and didn't die but they found out why.

Posted by AVJim on 2015-06-27 10:41. 5 comments. 149 reads
Greetings all -- and best wishes!

Since November last year I have had bouts of breathing problems, as well as fog-head (not quite dizzy). This all came about suddenly after a really bad bout of bronchitis. No symptoms before, then I passed out. Since then, rather constant fog-head, with energy/breathing having better and worse days.
On Tuesday, after coming from yet another doctor (walking) I collapsed and was told in the ambulance that I will probably need a PM (went down to 30).
So I was diagnosed with AV Block III, and the PM was put in on Thursday. Just came home a couple of hours ago.
My problem is, no doctor can really tell me if this is going to resolve my symptoms! I fell fog-headed (yesterday was the wors...

Posted by Janenotarzan on 2015-06-27 03:32. 5 comments. 128 reads
. . .seeing these ads for business loan 2% financing? (Shudder.) Can't figure out how to report them as Spam on the site, or even if it's possible. My android phone is great for internet access to this site, but I do miss my PC.

Posted by AfibBIPAPASV on 2015-06-27 02:23. 3 comments. 85 reads
To deal with AFib have a pacemaker programmed to ensure my heartrate cannot go below 50.

I have kept, and am trying to better understand, all my interrogation reports.

My VHR detection has been set for 150 ppm for 10 beats.

Originally, I had hoped that the interrogation report would track AND REPORT USING (say a) LINE CHART all heart activity 24/7. This way I could best understand (and change, if necessary) how lifestyle matters might be affecting my heart. Unfortunately (for reasons, I am told, of power consumption) it does not do this, instead providing more general average (not sure if it is average or median) reports of heart activity over the period between telephone unit call ins.

Thus far...

Posted by pacehubby on 2015-06-26 20:23. 6 comments. 232 reads
My wife has this pacemaker and she is about to loose her insurance. They allowed her to pay big bucks for the last 6 years of her pacemaker. Now that it is getting close to replacement time, they are ending her coverage. We could have had over half the necessary money if we had not paid for the insurance all those years. Can anyone furnish any info on continuing insurance privately? Does anybody know if the continued insurance will cover the replacement in the next couple of years? Is there any recourse for the employer's cutting of hours in order to cut off the health insurance?

Posted by BLee on 2015-06-26 17:28. 1 comments. 37 reads
I had an icd implant 2/17/2015. 2 wires. I was getting weekly mild to medium shocks once a week at the same time. 1:45 AM. Would set me right up in bed! The first time I thought it was normal, after the second time I called the doctor and saw the Medtronic tech. She did some computer stuff and managed to shock me again. I jumped and she jumped. She said the Icd was doing a self check, never had that reaction from someone before. The tech talked to my cardio, he said to turn that function off. It has not happened since. Has anyone else heard of this? Should I look into this further?

Posted by jstudnic on 2015-06-26 16:47. 1 comments. 94 reads
I am 2 plus years post implant. 72 years old..Still try to exercise daily. Chronic fatigue and dizziness , especially in the morning . Some balance problems while walking. Is it the meds , the pace maker , the exercise, or just aging ? Is this the best I can do? JS.

Posted by jsne on 2015-06-26 13:12. 0 comments. 74 reads
Had another session at the PM clinic 2weeks ago, previous visit left me with awful short frequent palps along with my ongoing symptoms. This time felt so much better and for 4 days had nothing, no tightness,fluttering, aching etc. so happy could not get over how good it was to be symptom free. Doing a bit more exercise but nothing silly.However things have slowly crept back, just had a day shopping and felt just like I did before PM.had to sit down and over the last few day the fluttering in the neck and faster HR has become a daily occurrence. Still feel good when everything is settled but so down when symptoms kick off again, was hoping for a bit of stability by now . A question for the awkward pacers - average time span to get settings ...

Posted by RoytheBoy on 2015-06-26 11:36. 2 comments. 86 reads
Previous to having PM fitted last Monday we used to do a couple of Blood Pressure readings per day, I have just been out for a walk for twenty minutes and came back and thought I would try a Blood Pressure reading, it was 148/87 so following the PM op has that had an effect on increasing Blood Pressure or lowering it for you guys, thanks

Posted by golden_snitch on 2015-06-26 11:12. 4 comments. 118 reads
Hey there!

I have finally - the idea had been on my mind for a loooong time - started a blog that will provide arrhythmia patients with (research) news from the field of cardiac rhythm management:

There is so much interesting research out there that'd be interesting/helpful for patients to know. Knowledge is power - always. But in order to find all the interesting news, you need to be really familiar with the electrophysiology branch. You need to know where to search, sign up for different newsletters, follow Twitter accounts or Facebook pages. And last but not least being a patient you often have difficulties accessing research results.

So, I hav...

Posted by sooz on 2015-06-26 10:30. 6 comments. 86 reads
I promise this will be my last pre PM post. I have back injuries that need me to be adjusted often. At very least my husband applying quick pressure in mid back between shoulder blades as it goes in badly due to fall years ago. I actually sometimes think my arrythmias are way worse when I can tell my back is bad. Will I still be able to get adjustments with a pacemaker? This is a biggy for me. PM on Tuesday so trying to get my questions out. Thank you for your comments on my other posts. What a supportive group!

Posted by Hawg_man on 2015-06-26 07:04. 8 comments. 139 reads
Hi...I'm a new member who has an ICD implant since 6/2010 and had an incident yesterday. I'm not sure if my comments are about a malfunction or what but here goes. I was watching the TV and started feeling odd and my heart seemed to be racing. I took my BP and my BP was normal but my pulse was 129. II checked it 4 more times over the next hour and my pulse read 129 every time. I decided to go to my Doctor and he called 911 and sent me to the ER. They did an EKG and then decided to give me some medicine to slow the pulse down. It also was 129 at my Doctors and in ambulance. Then a Tech came in and setup to monitor my ICD and saw what he explained as a software glitch and after a few minutes he changed some settings and my pulse fell back to...

Posted by Dad1943 on 2015-06-25 16:41. 7 comments. 195 reads
Dear Members,
I have joined this club for my Dad who has been advised last month to get a PM cause of low pulse rate of around 40. First when my dad went for the checkup to the doctor cause he was not feeling much hungry and was eating less food, the doctor just gave my dad some medicines for 2 weeks and when he went to see him again he advised after getting the low pulse rate of around 40 that my dad should get PM. So my dad went to the heart specialist who our doctor recommended and his first impression was also that my Dad might not need the PM but he said we will do the Holter monitor report for 24 hrs and see what it shows.
So in the HM re...

Posted by Claret on 2015-06-25 16:15. 3 comments. 118 reads
Hi, I had a pacemaker fitted in February but I have been unhappy with the result (aesthetics and impact on sporting activity). My surgeon has agreed that it should be relocated to sit underneath the chest muscle. Obviously, the surgery will be more invasive and I would expect the tissue to take longer to heal than for the original surgery. However, it is time for the leads to bed into the heart that was the most disruptive part of the original surgery (advice varied but 6 weeks would seem normal).

Does anyone know whether I will need to allow time for the leads to bed in again, or will the same leads that are already bedded in be used?

My surgery is due to take place towards the end of August but I have had no advi...

Posted by Tabby on 2015-06-25 11:35. 7 comments. 143 reads
I have taken showers since getting my pacemaker almost 3 months ago. But I love long bubble baths. Is it ok to take them again? I don't feel that any question I have is too unimportant to ask this group.That's how you make members feel.

Posted by busrider on 2015-06-25 10:38. 2 comments. 130 reads
Apparently I suffered from A-Fib attacks for a number of years, dismissing them when they were the type that caused a pounding heart, total and sudden exhaustion, shakiness and weakness. I dismissed those attacks as being caused by working too hard for too long, perhaps without enough water or food, my age, my weight, and anything else that seemed reasonable.

I did not realize that there was also other ways to have A-Fib attacks and when I had those I called them "spells" and although they concerned me as they became more frequent and discussed them with my doctor, they were not diagnosed. Those took the form of lightheadedness, a fluttering in the heart region and sometimes an icy feeling also, a fear I was dying --- all wit...

Posted by on 2015-06-25 08:17. 2 comments. 115 reads
I had a pacemaker implant on 01/10/2014 and since then i was on metolar xr 50 twice daily which is now reduced to metolar xr 25 twice daily and one amlong
I felt erectile problems with my partner and still facing it. I read about side effects of beta blickers and dont know wether should i start with sildenafil citrate 25/50 for this.
Kindly help frenz

Posted by AfibBIPAPASV on 2015-06-25 00:40. 3 comments. 112 reads
This is my first posting in the Pacemaker Club. Because the way this forum is displayed is so different from other forums I attend (afib, sleep apnea,...) it's difficult to understand how to use it.

Here are some questions I might want to ask.


1) Can you use a TENS unit when you have a pacemaker? How close to the pacemaker?

2) I noticed in the member sign in that a question asks how many devices I have. How many pacemakers can one person have?

3) I have a number of Interrogation reports I would like to understand better...


Posted by sooz on 2015-06-24 21:49. 4 comments. 93 reads
I am getting my pacemaker Tuesday the 30th. I have a bad sinus infection and think maybe strep throat. Family doctor called a z pack in and I started it today. Is it ok to go ahead with surgery if you have been sick?
By the way dreaming every night that I get there and cancel. Guess I am more scared as days go by.

Posted by EdGraham on 2015-06-24 20:26. 0 comments. 66 reads
My 2nd PM is a Medtronic put in 1 1/2 years ago. The aortic valve was replaced with a TAVR 1 year ago. For more than 6 months I have seen quite a few specialists in a search for something that will quiet the pounding heartbeat and SOB that occur with very little physical exertion. The pounding persists for hours even when I am lying in bed. The various specialists say: the lungs have no problem, the PM is working well, the aortic valve is functioning, the endocrine system has no abnormalities. In spite of this good report card, I spend a lot of time lying down or sitting with a very uncomfortable tired chest and short breaths.
If you have encountered a similar set of circumstances and found some relief I would like to hear from ...

Posted by goingtobewired on 2015-06-24 19:51. 5 comments. 166 reads
Hello! Im wondering why some patients receive a single chamber pacemakers while others receive a dual chamber pacemakers. What is the difference? Sorry for this questio but im new to this and dont know much, thank you

Posted by jawjabrewdawg on 2015-06-24 17:56. 15 comments. 355 reads
I was wondering if there is a list anywhere which advises on which developed countries to avoid if you have an ICD. I'd also like to hear about anyone's experiences abroad. I am more or less talking about countries where there is minimal ICD technology or where there are very few hospitals and cardiologists capable of treating me should my ICD kick in or fail.I am most interested in Great Britain and Europe as destinations.

Posted by ddungaro on 2015-06-24 12:09. 3 comments. 156 reads
Hi All
Just for a little background - I am a tricky case as my EP says. I had a six hour long and ultimately failed ablation for SVT. Afterwards, my heart started pausing and skipping beats which led to my PM placement 4 weeks after. I have found through my recent procedures that I do not respond to Versed and was awake for my ablation, PM placement and a TEE that I had a few weeks post surgery. Has anyone used anything different? Being awake for the PM implant wasnt terrible, just uncomfortable. The ablation on the other hand is not something I want to go through again awake.

After a follow up visit a few weeks back it was found that my rhythm has again evolved and turned into atrial flutter with frequent PVCs. We had pla...

Posted by on 2015-06-23 20:58. 6 comments. 217 reads
I had a pm placed 2 weeks ago. I work far harder at home than at work. My doctor says I can't drive, but whose going to go grocery shopping and DOCTOR appointments if I DON"T drive?? So I am driving. I have a lot of pain, mostly at night, can't sleep in any position because of pain. I should be at work and I don't understand why I can't go back yet. I will have pain at home or at work, at least if something happens I'm already there *(I work in a hospital- ICU). from what I've read on this site lead dislodgement comes not from lifting your arm but depends on the type of leads the hook or screw kind. I am lifting my arm, it's hard NOT to. does anyone know of the reasoning behind these doctors orders??

Posted by busrider on 2015-06-23 18:59. 6 comments. 147 reads
I have been told by my GP that Tylenol is the only OTC I can take for my arthritis when the pain really gets tough. But I've been trying to avoid it until today. When the humidity is very high, even with AC I still have knees that feel as if they are being used on a football field.

I'm taking 20mg Xarelto with dinner. What I would like to know is if there are others here who are using Tylenol and blood thinners and if you have had any negative reactions, or if you use the OTC sparingly and have none.

Posted by mytrose43 on 2015-06-23 17:54. 2 comments. 68 reads
Hi all hope everyone is good , I just got out of the hospital from having a total knee replacement i must say it was a bit more than i planned for in hospital for 5 days much more pain than i thought but all went well with my pacemaker thank you for everyones input on that it apparently takes quite some time to recover but i am doing excercises and moving pretty good.

Posted by RoytheBoy on 2015-06-23 17:31. 3 comments. 115 reads
Just found this club and joined,
Had a loop recorder implanted three weeks ago, last week collapsed as heart stopped for six secs, rushed into Coventry University Hospital, UK, last Wednesday, kept in an had PM dual chamber implanted yesterday morning and discharged 7pm last night, just asking how I should be feeling over the first few days, as I take it there will be bruising and mending around wounds etc, any info gladly received, thanks

Posted by Stillrunning on 2015-06-23 14:52. 5 comments. 142 reads
I posted a like to my settings on my profile page, I've tried varrious ways to copy and paste them but not smart enough to make it happen, so here's my issue, I haven't been on for a long while as I gave up fighting the system and have left those settings untouched for about 8 mths now,
When I run my HR increases most times to 160-170 range for up to 8-12 maybe even 16 mins then will come down to 90-100 and stay there untill I fight through shortness of breath till I finish my 4 mile 9:30-9:45 min pace run or stop to walk a few secs 10-15 once I do this my HR will not raise and I walk jog in to finish. Then if I did have to walk my next 2 to 3 runs are terrible. HR stuck below 110,,, if I wait a couple a days or go out and push throug...

Posted by tatertodd on 2015-06-23 13:49. 2 comments. 87 reads
Hi folks, hope everyone is well

I was recently hired to work for a contracting company locating utility lines(gas, cable, phone, hydro, water) Having not started yet I am a little worried about the equipment affecting the pacemaker. It's pretty low wattage(around 12 watts I think) and where the signal comes from is about 3-4 feet away from my device. It's electromagnetic equipment like this

does anyone have any experience with this type of equipment? I know to stay away from welding equipment but I doubt this puts off even a quarter of the power a welding machine does.

any info would be awesome

thanks guys!

Posted by Radio on 2015-06-23 09:00. 7 comments. 172 reads
Hi folks, my name is Billy I'm from Australia am unsure what to expect from this group. I've been wired for 6 months am still realizing what happened to me. Though in joining this group I'm sure not alone. But I'm not embarrassed to admit I'm scared.
Cheers Billy God Bless

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