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Posted by Pm on 2016-04-29 16:45. 4 comments. 53 reads
Hi, just posted a couple questions, sent it off and remembered I have one more. Hope I'm not being a pain in the ....... I'm looking for suggestions on what exactly to have engraved on a medic alert bracelet. I've been advised to wear one and I'm not sure what to put on other than pacemaker. It's not something I can erase and start over. ( I have st.judes pm, PM 2240; RV -lead2088TC/52, and RA -lead 2088TC/46. Those are the model numbers. Any suggestions? Thanks once again.

Posted by Pm on 2016-04-29 16:31. 2 comments. 37 reads
Hi everyone out there. Hope you are all well. I've had my st. Jude pacemaker (2 leads) for 6 1/2 weeks and I FINALLY feel I am back to my old self. Was sooo worried for so long as I was having irregular heartbeats along with coughing up till just this week. My problem is sleeping on my left side. Shoulder feels bruised. (Doesn't look it). And am nervous, I guess, that I'm squishing the pacemaker, or that maybe it will move, or something. And that's the side I always needed to be on to fall asleep. Needless to say, I lie awake for hours. One more question. Is it safe for a dentist to use that sonic thingy to clean our teeth? I cancelled a previous apt cuz I wasn't feeling well, but now I want to reschedule. I told her about ...

Posted by bambis11 on 2016-04-29 14:07. 1 comments. 28 reads
Hi. I got a pacemaker in January and I am not back to normal.
I have had a infection that finally went away after 6 weeks.
My question to anyone out there do you get electrical impulses and do you have pain in your arm the side the pacemaker was put in. Its not a frozen shoulder. My incision still hurts and burns after 3 months and the DRs. don't know why. I hope someone can give me advice .I can still feel my pacemaker like
its heavy in my chest. It feels like sometimes it moves under my arm pit but the Dr says no its in place. I am get tired easily and my pacemaker throbs. I am doing what they say and was told to go see a rheumatologist to see if they can help me.
HELP... Anyone else having problems after 3 months.

Posted by blueyonder222 on 2016-04-29 12:14. 1 comments. 12 reads
I have a pacemaker implant and still get tightness across my chest is my heart failing

Posted by KenE on 2016-04-29 01:21. 1 comments. 45 reads
A month ago I had a St Jude PM2212 installed and I am still getting used to it. Can anyone tell be what it measures in order to adjust the heart rate and how I can control it. For example if it monitors acceleration can I carry out a sudden movement to trigger a higher heart rate. Also, what information does the Merlin transmit.

Posted by flashflood55 on 2016-04-28 22:48. 2 comments. 79 reads
Hello everyone,
My name is Jim and am knew to this. Ive had my ICD since 2013.
I also have A-Fib. The other day I was vacuuming my house and started feeling a little light headed and it felt like my heart was racing well before I knew it my ICD fired and bout knocked me on my butt. so I called the EMT and by that time it fired 2 more times. It was trying to get my heart back into rhythm (which it did) I am on a knew drug to control the A-Fib. I'm only 55 and am freaking out because I don't want this to happen again and was wondering how my quality of life is going to be now. Can anyone give me any advice so I don't do anything wrong.

Thank you,

Posted by hawaiilad on 2016-04-28 22:39. 2 comments. 54 reads
I asked a couple weeks ago about dizzy spells but a couple days ago everything started going haywire, with dizzy spells that is. I am at 6 weeks of having a Medtronic A2DR01 inserted and as of a couple days ago I have a hard time walking around because everything is spinning in my head and eyes. I do have an appt. to see the Card. next week but thought I would ask if anyone has gone through this after having a PM installed. Hell, I'm not even sure it's caused from the PM. I spent a good week when our daughter and her family came to visit and on the last day they were here I could hardly stand up for very long. Just looking around I get dizzy. I am going to call my Med. Dr. as well today.

Posted by Lifepath on 2016-04-28 22:23. 1 comments. 25 reads
Bradycardia caused by previous medication. Implantation--Medronic, then ten weeks later, for three times the cost of implantation and six months to recuperate, I had to be re-opened to "adjust/reconnect" a lead wire (I have two). Three years since then, I feel perfectly fine--no problems, but one of my lead wires flunked maintenance check last Tuesday. Computers and equipment send out false error messages all the time, but the Cardio Doc asked me to come back in after I was given a chest X-ray, and he will have a Medronics person with him. If I do have to be opened up again, should I ask for an updated and/or less troublesome device (upgrade) while we're at it?

Posted by ac204 on 2016-04-28 19:24. 4 comments. 97 reads
Hi, I was told I have 3rd degree heart block @ age 33 male. While in hospital I went into complete block at 18bpm, I was standing up when this happened. I have a MedtronicA2DR01, i feel pretty good most of the time i am just tired of being sore, i am sure it is due to not having full range of motion.
I have issues getting down on the floor or squatting for more than a few min then my bpm starts to drop and i get a little light headed, is this normal or is my body still trying to get used to the pacemaker? Doc told me i am paced at 70bpm and it will not fall below that but it has dropped to around 52? should i be concerned? i have a doc appt in 2 weeks and i have lots of questions, but i feel as i would get a more experienced answ...

Posted by muchkoku on 2016-04-28 17:47. 1 comments. 36 reads
Greetings. New member here. I've had my PM going on 2 years now. One thing I've noticed recently is my left hand (the side with the PM) randomly gets a bluish tinge, fingernails included. It seemingly switches back and forth throughout the day. It's odd, because I work in an office thats constantly got the AC blowing full blast but having cold hands doesn't trigger it. There is no pain or swelling but it's still a bit disconcerting. It's most notable when I first awaken. Any thoughts before I start harrassing my cardiologist and arrhythmia docs? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Skippy123 on 2016-04-27 23:33. 6 comments. 136 reads
Ive been a vdl driver my whole life. At 43 i had my first attack. At 44, my second. The dr. pushed the icd and i wasnt getting any cooperation from multiple cardiologists because i refused the icd. I was told i needed a triple bypass, however, after 4 seperate second opinions i couodnt find a surgeon who would do it. I finally got the icd.....knowing it would disqualify me from earning a living so i applied to ssdi. In the mean time i also found that id need at least a 40% ejection fraction to pass the physical. I finally found a surgeon to do the bypass. My ejection fraction has increased from 15% to 35-40%. The law says that i must wait 3 months after any open heart proceedure to try again but now i have the icd. I anticipate hitting the...

Posted by Travistee on 2016-04-27 23:06. 1 comments. 53 reads
Dr. Wanted to use the old wires and did not replace them. The new pacemaker is one centimeter longer than the old one. The old pacemaker was below the incision. The new pacemaker goes about one centimeter above the incision. It sticks out too much and is very close to the collarbone. What should I do about it and do you think the doctor should change the wires and move it lower?

Posted by rickbeatz on 2016-04-27 22:51. 4 comments. 58 reads
I have a huge pain on my upper shoulder can it be that I pulled a kead just had surgery like 3 weeks ago

Posted by Bucket on 2016-04-27 22:06. 1 comments. 91 reads
Hello, Family calls Me Bucket ,
I had my PM replaced with a big PM called "The LATITUDE "
I Hear it's Great ! It is HUGE !!!
It is Still taking me time to get used to. And it Hurts to sleep on!
Just Curious if Anyone has any problem with Their Latitude ?
Thank You !!!

Posted by Grilor on 2016-04-27 20:25. 2 comments. 63 reads
I'm 44. Have known I've had Complete Congenital Heart Block since I was 25. Went to see EP today. Says I've had some EKG changes and recommend pacemaker. At my request we are waiting until September. He says the recommendations have changed and now it is recommended that folks like me get the Pacemaker as a backup in case our built in pacemaker fails. He said I'd get the Medtronic. I've always knew I'd have to have it eventually. Looks like its finally here! Glad to have found this site for questions and concerns!

Posted by on 2016-04-27 15:53. 0 comments. 26 reads
Hi! My name is Brandon and I'm a student in college and have a question so anyone feel free to chime in. Recently a family friend had mentioned that she had a concern about her child with pacemaker playing sports becuase she couldn't find an appropriate guard for his abdominal pacemaker. Is this a problem for other parents? I have access to an awesome creation lab with some serious hardware and want to help. So any thoughts or input would be great!

Posted by Sunnystives on 2016-04-27 15:37. 3 comments. 122 reads
Hi everyone, I have just had my 6 week check at 8 weeks and have been told that one of my leads have been displaced and they may have to operate and correct it. I feel like I have been through a lot and I'm worried again as I am a natural worrier. Can anyone set my mind at rest and tell me what this involves. Many thanks to all. Karen

Posted by McSher2 on 2016-04-27 12:28. 7 comments. 134 reads
She is freaked out and I'm trying to be positive and keep her calm, but she thinks she will a) either die from the surgery or b) be housebound after it. She has high levels of anxiety but no symptoms up until this point. My dad died 10 years ago of a massive coronary, so she lives in constant fear of that. She was complaining of palpitations ("flutters") and her cardiologist found AV2 and bradycardia (pulse of 38); an electrophys specialist saw total heart block on EKG and insisted she go for PM. I'm so worried that she will feel worse not better after it; I've read so many people have pain and depression. I've begged her to join a support group or see a therapist but she's "old school" and doesn't believe in it. So it's all on me to help ...

Posted by pace2012 on 2016-04-27 10:11. 1 comments. 40 reads
My current dual chamber (2 wire) pacemaker works well but I am to receive a Bi Ventricular (3 wire device) plus a Defibrillator ( a 4th wire), However, they were unable to get the wires in and now plan to fit the new device in the right hand chest.

Can all the functions of the CRTD be made to work OK from the right hand side.
I would welcome any comments or observations. Thank you.

Posted by MTnest1951 on 2016-04-26 23:32. 1 comments. 51 reads
My granddaughter (9yrs old, HLHS, Complete AVSD, 7 yrs post Fontan) has had a PM for 2 1/2 yrs. She started out at a very low voltage of .25. Five months ago, they had to increase the voltage. She's had increases at each check up since then, and today they increased her another .25 for a total now of 1.5. She has two leads, but they are just doing atrial pacing. She is paced 50% of the time.
My question is, does this just sound like a bad or misplaced lead, or could it possibly be that her heart is just not responding as it should and getting progressively worse?
The doctor doesn't want to go over 2 volts because of her age. He has mentioned the possibility of replacing the lead.

Posted by ROBO Pop on 2016-04-26 21:25. 10 comments. 289 reads
Loss of faith in God

With my medical travails that I have enjoyed over the past year, I find myself struggling of late with a life altering loss of faith. To be more specific, I have lost confidence in God, and am not sure I can overcome these feelings that maybe I have been deluding myself all along, and quite frankly suspect that, had I looked more closely instead of blindly following on faith alone, I may well have recognized the warning signs far sooner and perhaps even taken another path.

My parents taught me much while I was young, and I'm sure that much of my belief system was formed while under their purview, still, I am my own person and draw my own conclusions based on my own research and experience, so ...

Posted by popolop06 on 2016-04-26 19:20. 1 comments. 81 reads
Don't know if my clinic is always telling me the truth about my pacemaker check ups. After 2 bypass surgeries and stent, I landed on my feet with sinus Brady/tachy cardiac. I have palpitations that mysteriously doesn't show up on my checkups, am I crazy or what?

Posted by wjd129 on 2016-04-26 18:56. 0 comments. 50 reads
HI! I had a PM put in in 2005 due to AF. I just had a replacement I thought of the unit due to exhausted battery. This was done in hospital in the Kansas City area. I just received the bill. The total for all medical services was $17274.39.

After seeing what others have paid I feel lucky!!!!!!!

I am still unable to do much physical labor without wearing out rather quickly. However at 87 it seems reasonable

Posted by Drake3287 on 2016-04-26 17:00. 3 comments. 96 reads
This might be the same for both PM and ICD people. I had an ICD implanted just under 5 weeks ago and everything has healed up nicely and I feel 100% but the surgical site above the ICD is still redden and discolored from the rest of my skin color.

It's not infected or anything, just darkened from the recent surgery. Does this discoloring go away eventually or does it stay discolored because of the ICD underneath? I realize the scar itself will never go away totally.

I've never had surgery before so this new to me.

Posted by Jaybird12 on 2016-04-26 14:20. 2 comments. 65 reads
Hoping to get back to the gym in a couple of weeks (6 weeks after PM) Any comments on how rowing machine will work?

Posted by PaulFromSydney2 on 2016-04-26 06:15. 4 comments. 123 reads
Hi everyone
does anyone know if there are any restrictions for pacemakers with high altitudes. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Nepal and wanted to get to Everest Base Camp. Highest point likely to be around 5200 metres (17000 feet)


Posted by Naomi on 2016-04-26 01:24. 10 comments. 236 reads

Hi Everyone!
As I read the posts and read the issues others are battling I think to myself "suck it up cupcake! your issues are nothing compared to some of the people on here",
But I'm angry, hurt, and still scared! It will be a year on May 12th since they implanted my dual lead pacemaker, I still have chest pains, and pain around the pm. No one can tell me why it hurts, my pcp dismisses me, the pm tech only looks at how the pm works. And my cardiologist doesn't know why either.
So everyday I deal with it and cry on my husbands shoulder because otc pills don't help the pain and go on. Yes I hold down a full time job, even if it "kills" me to do parts of it.
Thank you all for letting me vent! Hav...

Posted by Splash on 2016-04-26 00:52. 1 comments. 98 reads
Still getting used to PM. Still get tired about 3pm. Went back to teaching 2 days after surgery... They told me light duty...thought they meant lifting. Even went on an overnight field trip 3 days after surgery with my 3rd wife wasn't happy. My kids are great though....they carried all my stuff. Still feels like a heavy like feeling in my chest. No issues...just a strange sensation. Is this normal? I am s 55 year old male...retired MSgt...teaching in my 12 year.

Posted by rboney on 2016-04-25 20:37. 2 comments. 115 reads
Is chain saws the only gas operated tools you have to avoid?

Posted by verne8 on 2016-04-25 18:17. 2 comments. 127 reads
Since implant my pm has had to be cranked up high in order for it to capture. They have no idea why. They had considered, about 6 weeks post implant, going back in to check to see if the leads were up against a wall of my heart. They opted against that (I didn't know then what I know now which is moving those leads is dangerous.) So, I'm scheduled to have my battery replaced just 3 years after implant. I suffer from panic disorder and, though I shouldn't, I read far too much and it's all confusing. Some articles say that every time you have the battery replaced your longevity decreases. Others say the opposite. The other "scare" is I've read there is a high incidence of endocarditis even 2 yrs post procedure. That's a long time to fret. I ...

Posted by TJ319 on 2016-04-25 17:06. 1 comments. 76 reads

My grandson, age 11, is very excited about riding roller coasters this summer. Do any of you know if doing this presents a danger to me. I have a dual lead PM implanted in November of 2013.

Posted by dave58 on 2016-04-25 15:53. 3 comments. 118 reads
Any advise please. I have had pacemaker fitted nearly two years ago now. I have recently had a job opportunity which nedded me to lift 40kg boxes. I found myself in some discomfort afterwards not seroius just discomfort. When i was told by the team who fitted the pacemaker to take things easy from now on. No heavy lifting. The point is what weight is reasonable to lift and if i needed to lift anything heavier what would be the complications. How would it affect my pacemaker or my heart. I had the pacemaker fitted for total heart block.

hope you can advise.


Posted by odonicola on 2016-04-25 14:46. 1 comments. 112 reads
Hi all, I'm 18 and had a pacemaker inserted on February 1st due to complete heart block. My symptoms were dizziness, weakness and being tired all the time. I'm nearly 3 months over the surgery now and it was going well but the past few days I've been having serious nerve and muscle pain in my shoulder. I only had a checkup last week and everything was good, they changed the settings up as per usual. I just bent down and the pain in my shoulder and its shooting down the inside of my arm. It's similar to the pain right after the surgery but not as severe. I am in a lot of pain and have difficulty lifting items, and even just moving my fingers. Even typing this is quite sore. I have to sit in certain positions to try and get the pain to ease....

Posted by Woodsey on 2016-04-25 04:18. 3 comments. 124 reads
Had my Medtronic PM for 5 weeks now and decided to cut my grass with a riding mower yesterday. After a bit I started feeling funny like when they check your PM at cardiologist and it feels funny or not normal when they put that checking device on your chest. I sit about 32 inches from the motor and wondered if anyone else has had this experience? I stopped mowing and started feeling better after about 30 minutes or so.

Posted by beaddot on 2016-04-25 01:20. 7 comments. 157 reads
I'm not sure where my post would go so I'll just post it here in the general postings. I got my pacemaker last month so I'm probably still recovering but I seem to be short of breath alot. Just doing the littlest of things wipes me out. I monitor my rate multiple times of days and it seems to be in the 80's and 90's. Loading the washing machine this morning it raised to 117, I have an appointment with my primary dr tomorrow and my pacemaker rep/cardiologist next month. Is this something that is normal? I do plan to bring it up tomorrow but should I call my cardiologist and get in sooner? By the way, I am a 55 yr old female who is somewhat out of shape but never this bad.


Posted by arbnor85 on 2016-04-24 21:02. 2 comments. 93 reads

It has been 3 months since I had a surgery - Dual chamber ICD implant. I've been diagnosed several months ago with ARVD, haven't had any serious issue so far but almost every 10th of heartbeat there is one palpitation (sometimes, they are up to fourth in a row) and sometimes every third or fourth heart beat.

I am taking sotalol for a few months now, in dosage up to 240 mg per day. Is there any other remedy that I can use or is there anything I can do to reduce these palpitations, since they are affecting the quality of my life ? What food should I eat more or what should I avoid, is there anybody that can help ?


Posted by on 2016-04-24 14:01. 3 comments. 167 reads
Hi just joined and have had pm for almost 2 yrs. I'm 61 and had an electrical communication problem with heart. I'm very healthy and athletically inclined. after pm there was an instant change of being tired. Before could sleep for 4 hours a night and work in yard for 6 hours with out getting tired now its 6 hours of sleep and only 2-3 hrs when I get tired. The doc had my pm set at 72 bpm. This I thought was to fast because I thought my heart was wasting energy so I had him lower rate to 60 bpm. Didn't seem to help but I am taking beta blockers to strengthen lower squeeze, which I think got worse because of pm. If I go off beta blockers I feel a little better. Do you think its better to have pm higher or lower to help with the fatigue?

Posted by Bec on 2016-04-24 12:11. 1 comments. 151 reads

I am waiting on feedback from Medtronic in relation to a proposed 135MV Solar Farm to be built across the road. My Specialist or his Australian Rep don't know of anyone with a pacemaker living near a solar farm and my Specialist replied that my concerns of EMF & RF are reasonable but is waiting on the Medtronics Techs what they think.

I have worked in the electricity industry and have experienced RF and EMF from electricity infrastructure all built to Australian Standards so I am quite concerned at the proposed site being built opposite us.
Does anyone here live next to one and if so have you had any problems?
We live in the bush and never would have thought in a million years we could end up with 480 00...

Posted by LJS on 2016-04-23 22:51. 1 comments. 59 reads
I have had my crt-d for 2 years now. It surprised me that after 14 months my doctor said I do not need to come to his office for another 2 years. That sounded like a long time. Is that common for most people with a crt-d? Also, my Merlin monitor has sent warnings the last couple months to the dr. office that I'm having more pvcs now. I've already had an ablation for them. Is that common too? Thanks!

Posted by Pattywack on 2016-04-23 22:12. 3 comments. 121 reads
I recently had my PM implant 3-25-16 trying to go back very slowly to Crossfit. Any body with a PM have any experience with PM and CF? Doing Cardio at CF and air squats etc... Nothing to compromise my PM.

Posted by AMforEddie on 2016-04-23 15:47. 3 comments. 180 reads
One cardiologist recommends biotroniks, and another likes Boston. I am a caregiver for my very active 91 year old dad. He will be having the procedure in the next few days and nothing is decided yet, even where the surgery is going to happen. Any advice is welcome!

Posted by Walnut on 2016-04-23 01:59. 3 comments. 231 reads
Should I be telling my auto insurer (Wisconsin) I have a pacemaker?

Posted by holtd3 on 2016-04-23 01:45. 5 comments. 193 reads
Hello ,
I just went to the doctor last friday and I was told I am going to have to have surgery within the next 2 months (this is somthing I was expecting). The surgery is for a pacemaker replacment the problem is my output on my leads is super high which is why the battery ran down so fas (I've only had it 3 years). I have a choice: I can either just get the battery replaced and deal with haveing that surgery every 2-3 years or I can elect to have a open chest/heart proceedure where they MAY be able to find a better place on the heart to attach the leads (theres a lot of scar tissue) - the hopeful result of that surgery is that I wouldtn have to have another surgery for 5-7 years. the second option is a biger surgery but a potential...

Posted by Nicole33 on 2016-04-23 01:32. 5 comments. 236 reads
Hi. I haven't been on here in quite awhile. Really don't know why because this place is truly inspirational and uplifting.
Have had heart disease (Cardiomyopathy and Heart failure) all of my 36 years. Never stopped me from living a full, productive life until March 2011. Was implanted with my first ICD January 2005 on a precautionary measure after finding that I suffer from AFib and VTach. Again, this never stopped me from living a full, productive life either until March 2011.
March 11, 2011 I went into a VTach storm. My defibrillator fired 23+ times within a short amount of time. Was truly Hell on Earth.
This brings me to the point in my post- along with my failing heart, this brought on major depression, out of this wo...

Posted by Cabg Patch on 2016-04-22 15:33. 4 comments. 145 reads
Anybody out there with Epicardial lead(s) who cares to share recent information on how they perform? This is for me not a research project. I'd like to know how well they perform, whether they have a high failure rate, and whether they have to crack your chest or can they go another route


Posted by zawodniak2 on 2016-04-22 13:14. 1 comments. 57 reads
After finishing six weeks of chiropractic decompression therapy for lower back pain, I am wanting to get a Teeter Hang Up inversion table. I had my second PM put in a year ago and my leads are the originals from 8 years ago. Have any of you folks used inversion therapy and if so have you experienced any issues related to the pace maker or leads. I know dizziness is something I will experience but I will limit the inversion angle to 60 degrees until I get used to it. I may get up enough nerve to do the total 90 degree if I get brave enough. I am a 74 year old with bradycardia and left bundle branch block, but otherwise in good health Comments will be appreciated.

Posted by yorkiesman on 2016-04-22 11:41. 7 comments. 253 reads
Hi Everyone

First time I have posted although I have been reading the forum for years.

I'm on my fourth Pacemaker installed this week. I was very pleased to move to one of the big brands from a ELA Medical device to a new Medtronic Pacemaker.

I contacted ELA Medical previously and they were not interested in providing any kind of official ID. I thought this problem would now be over going to a big brand like Medtronic but it seems that there presence in the UK is negligible. I have been all over the websites and the US contact forms are blocked from the UK and nobody from the UK responds.

I desperately need something official ID card wise. I setup computer systems for very highly secure locations...

Posted by amikag on 2016-04-22 09:20. 6 comments. 213 reads

My dad 55, has recently got an pacemaker
the surgery went well and its been two weeks.

Well I was worried if he can use mobile and does it make any difference if he uses a SMART phone or non smart phone.

Is it advisable to use Bluetooth headphones, so he is far from the phone will talking.

Garhwal Amika

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