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Posted by Gram211 on 2015-08-01 18:38. 0 comments. 1 reads
Just got a dual lead pacemaker on July 27, 2015. Pretty recent so I expect to be sore for a while. What I didn't expect were the huge flutters in my lower chest. Anyone else experience this ? I am sure it's a normal part of the healing process but would appreciate any feedback from anyone else that has had this happen. Thanks!

Posted by coolartist13 on 2015-08-01 11:59. 1 comments. 32 reads
Hello - New here looking for feedback regarding early termination of batteries. 2nd time it has occurred to me and I'm curious if this is common. Thought I'd ask the experts, the human ones not the doctors with the robotic answers.
any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2015-08-01 11:58. 3 comments. 26 reads
I want to go up to 15 lbs on my biscep and other exercises. My pacemaker has been installed for 4 years. Should I have any problems ?

Posted by RoytheBoy on 2015-08-01 10:50. 1 comments. 23 reads
Question, can you claim on your critical health cover for a Pacemaker

Posted by lizzie on 2015-08-01 09:40. 0 comments. 8 reads
Hi I wondered if any fellow pacemaker device patients have had a Ph acid test done. I'm bad with stomach acid and have a feeling I may need further investigation but don't know which tests are suitable.

Posted by Willseajr on 2015-08-01 04:37. 1 comments. 29 reads
From my understanding there is no problem with using a Fitbit with my pm. However, my question is specifically with the Charge HR which tracks heart rate as well as tracking other entities. I am not sure of the technology involved in capturing the heart rate and wondered if there is any interference or potential for problems between this device and my pm. I suppose I should call Fitbit as well as my EP's office but wondered if anyone else has looked into this! Just don't want to mess up my pm! Thanks.

Posted by MarvinTheMartian on 2015-08-01 02:54. 0 comments. 43 reads
Hello everyone.

I just came across your site this evening. I had a dual-lead pacemaker installed yesterday. I have been experiencing tachycardia for the past 8 months. I'm always tachycardic when awake and my pulse varies between 115 and 225.

After the cardiologist decided that I needed a pacemaker I only had 2 days until the surgery. As I'm looking up pacemaker information tonight I'm not finding anything that says a pacemaker helps with tachycardia.

I wore a Holter monitor for 14 days and it showed that once I went 3 seconds without a heartbeat.

Does anyone have any experience with a pacemaker used to treat tachycardia? The only thing that I've noticed since getting it yesterday is that every...

Posted by ejs on 2015-08-01 00:52. 1 comments. 30 reads
My current setting is 110, was thinking of going up to 130 or 140. Trying to figure out how much physical activity increase you get with a higher heart rate

Posted by Dave H on 2015-07-31 17:37. 1 comments. 41 reads
My letter to the Austin American Statesman:

"I received a reply from Sen. Cornyn in regards to my inquiry concerning whether he supports or opposes S.31 (Medicare Price Negotiation Act of 2015). His reply was nothing
but political blather that blamed all ills on the current administration. He did not state his position on S.31 His inability to answer a simple yes or no question was not surprising
to me. I also wrote Sen. Cruz and I expect the same type of dance when (if ever) he replies. I'll share my findings with other seniors.


Posted by islandboy on 2015-07-31 17:20. 1 comments. 60 reads
Have had pacemaker( Medtronic) going on 2 years now and I always thought it worked well. My question is, am I supposed to feel it add a beat If the heart rate falls too low. I find that if I exercise this seems to disappear. When the extra beat occurs I can feel a fluttering for a few seconds and then it's back to normal. I see my doc next week and will tell her about this. She will probably want to change my meds. It feels like the a fib I had that prompted the placement of the pm. I thought I was done with that but maybe not . Would appreciate your input.

Posted by Mona on 2015-07-31 16:50. 0 comments. 27 reads
I had my Boston Scientific CRT-D device implanted in Feb this year. Since then I have lost several pounds and was somewhat slender to begin with. My device is now very prominent and quite visible even under clothing. Is this to be expected with the weight loss and my body type. I still have some periods of rapid (100 120 bpm) heartrate. I am not scheduled for an EP check up until mid August. Is the rapid heartrate (I am set on 80) something that just happens and can it be that I may just need an adjustment. Thanks for any help.


Posted by golden_snitch on 2015-07-31 12:37. 0 comments. 11 reads
Boston Scientific just published a video about the story of the S-ICD. It features my dear friend Riccardo, who, together with Gust Bardy, invented this device. It's an amazing story, although the device certainly still has its limitations. But I guess one day many patients will be thankful that these two EPs started the research and development.

Posted by pamelaroy on 2015-07-31 11:45. 3 comments. 75 reads
i need a pacemaker soon for bradycardia.I have no energy,fatigue.heart rate in low 40s.will i feel more energy after pacemaker

Posted by RoytheBoy on 2015-07-31 09:55. 4 comments. 124 reads
Has anyone tried to claim on their health insurance following a PM install, I have heard that if you have a stent fitted you can claim not sure if PM is covered the same, I am in UK, thanks

Posted by gardener on 2015-07-31 06:04. 0 comments. 22 reads
I had a loop recorder (Medtronic) ILR placed a couple of weeks ago. I already have a pacemaker. I managed to download the ILR a couple of times afterwards, but now it wont pick up the information and send it to clinic. Technician suggests this is happening because of the pacemaker signals. Wondering if anyone else has both ILR and PM and the same difficulties? Thank you.

Posted by BetsyQ on 2015-07-31 04:45. 7 comments. 92 reads
I had my PM surgery on 7/8 and I'm still recovering. Three days in the hospital and lots of inflammation. The surgery that we were told would take 1 to 1 1/2 hours took 4 hours. Apparently my veins are small and it took them awhile to get the leads in place. Also I have small bones and placing the PM itself was challenging. I still have swelling and bruising under my arm and it is very painful to raise my arm above chest level. I think the PM is rubbing on a bone when I move my arm as it is very painful. Another strange thing is that I cry several times a day for no good reason. I am NOT a crier normally. I'm beyond frustrated. I talked to the cardiologists office and she said what I'm experiencing is completel normal. Has anyon...

Posted by donsabi on 2015-07-31 01:32. 4 comments. 71 reads
I had my PM surgery on 7/24. I was told it was an outpatient procedure. I assumed then recovery would be quick.
Tomorrow will be a week post op. My PM implant site looks normal and I still have some discomfort but it is not bad. In some ways I feel better but not completely. The worst for me has been this nagging lung congestion and trying to cough up stubborn mucus.
I was wondering how others are getting on with their recovery and when they expect to be fully recovered.

Posted by Gerry.Balluta on 2015-07-31 00:16. 0 comments. 29 reads
I had my PM implanted on June 10. I'm generally doing okay, it seems that all the little weird things that I feel are similar to what others are feeling, so I'm thankful for this club. I do have one thing that I'm curious to know if any one else is experiencing: On days when my Rate Drop Response is especially active, I notice that I'm much more tired by the evening. Does anyone else have that same symptom?

Posted by wired&blessed on 2015-07-30 22:13. 0 comments. 27 reads
Today is exactly 1 month since i had my dual pacemaker implanted. A couple of days ago i started with a bubbly chest sensation and tightness all around my neck, its actually new and scary to me. Just wanted to know if any of you felt this too? Any help greatly appreciate it, blessings.

Posted by terrymac12345 on 2015-07-30 20:34. 1 comments. 65 reads
Can anyone tell me about replacement of pacemaker?

Posted by cropduster on 2015-07-30 19:03. 1 comments. 107 reads
Hi there, I'll try & keep this as brief as I can.
I'm 49, have a PM for SSS & have had it 2.5 years, my heart was regularly pausing for long periods which caused me to black out once.
Since the PM there have been no black outs but I've never been 100%.

Last year on visiting my cardio, she had the PM folks set my device to record more information & 6 months later (2 months ago) I went back for a PM interrogation & to see the cardio.

They recorded my pulse going at 170bpm a few times, when I know I was sitting at my desk in the office. They didn't seem too worried about that & I remain on 20mg of propranolol 3 times a day to help with that, although I was on that during the time I got the 170bpm!


Posted by LenP on 2015-07-30 18:38. 3 comments. 82 reads
Hiya, I'm parent to a 5 year-old who was 'pacemakered' last week- side effect of his 2nd OHS was total heart block, hence the need for the pacemaker. Still in shock as, although I was aware of all the other risks of his surgery, needing a pacemaker, or rather- being totally pacemaker dependent- wasn't even mentioned as a possibility until the morning of the surgery when the 'small print' mentioned a 5% chance of needing a pacemaker'.
It's all quite a lot to get my head around, mainly because he doesn't have an underlying heart rate currently, and they don't have great hopes of this recovering, so I'm just terrified of something going wrong with the device, or him loosening his wire off before it's had a chance to 'bed in' properly. Pr...

Posted by busrider on 2015-07-30 18:36. 0 comments. 55 reads
I'm occasionally finding myself becoming breathless, not always because of doing anything. I have experienced it while washing my face, for example, not a very difficult job.

I usually just wait it out, or it goes away quickly enough. But coming up the basement stairs the other day, I remembered something I watched in a movie. A woman having a baby being told to pant after she said she was totally breathless.

I started panting instead of trying to breathe normally. By the time I got to the top, and was in the hall, I didn't have a bit of breathlessness --- all was normal. I've tried the same routine on several other occasions and that seems to work for me.

If you find yourself breathless, try it an...

Posted by Tattoo Man on 2015-07-30 18:26. 0 comments. 17 reads

.......I posted a comment on my own thread and was not given a Code to type in so that my comment would go to this a new protocol.?

Best wishes...B

Posted by heart2heart on 2015-07-30 16:21. 2 comments. 112 reads
I had a pacer implanted in April of 2013 due to a pulse of 38-46 and am on no meds.
Felt awesome in hospital & would not have been able to endure the stress, mental & physical, of my husband's illness which resulted in his passing away one month later. All was really great, physically, UNTIL I went for final follow up-EP said was adjusting so battery would last longer & said would not affect anything. 2 weeks later, I felt drained-couldn't figure out why. Was getting SOB but plowed through thinking I would have to get used to it. ,Well, that was 2 years ago and I still feel miserable.
I keep telling them I feel terrible when tech checks in office every 6 mos. Was told 6 mos ago pacer was set at 70 yet now when I take my BP...

Posted by Thor on 2015-07-30 14:43. 2 comments. 61 reads
My mother heart rate dropped from eol 65 to 31 during the night. This morning it rose to the preset 65 again. Does the battery kick in and out? She is extremely elderly and cannot have the surgery to replace.

Posted by Berry23 on 2015-07-30 13:47. 1 comments. 48 reads
I had a ventrical lead extraction last May because it was protruding through my heart wall. My doctor was amazing! He did not replace the lead because in testing he felt that all I needed was the atrial lead. Since then, I have been having major heart racing...from my ventrical area. It feels like someone is in my chest and trying to beat their way out. Anyone else have issues like this or suggestions?

Posted by Pinkshirlz on 2015-07-30 11:00. 5 comments. 194 reads
I am 28 and have sick sinus syndrome, was admitted for a pacemaker on the 16th July. Everything went well. the most pain i had was the initial cut site and the excruciating shoulder and back pain from not being able to rest on my sides or stomach.
The first week of recovery was a bit hard, i was blessed to have my mother with me to help me bath and get dressed and make food for me while i was recovering. Bed rest is key here. The second week I had to go back to work and it was difficult, I had to wear a sling every day and night to stop lifting my arm. eventually I removed it and tried to remember to not lift it. I had extreme bad dizziness this morning, I was very concerned as this was a worse kind of dizzy than i had prior to my su...

Posted by mrhanchang on 2015-07-30 09:55. 0 comments. 25 reads
My PM will be due for replacement in 2025. I wonder if the wireless product will become mature by then. It saves a lot of hassle without relying on these leads.

Posted by terrymac12345 on 2015-07-30 04:17. 1 comments. 43 reads
From time to time I feel a strong pinching in my 9 month old pacemaker. Anyone else have this? Thanks!

Posted by enba on 2015-07-30 03:12. 2 comments. 80 reads
In about a month, I will have a single chamber pacemaker implanted. I am a 90 year old male in great physical shape.I go to the gym 2-3X a week and do 100 reps on four different machines. I have had bradycardia for the past 5 years without any symptoms. Because I fear complications associated with getting a pacemaker, I have consulted three cardiologists and an electrophysiologist and they all have convinced me that I should get a PM. I also have atrial fib. My question is, "What are the odds that the PM will correct my atrial fib?" Will I feel any differently?

Posted by Grateful Heart on 2015-07-30 01:12. 1 comments. 28 reads

If anyone sent me a private message today, please be aware I did not receive it. Apparently all of the private messages have been wiped out.

Grateful Heart

Posted by GoodDog on 2015-07-29 21:06. 3 comments. 100 reads
I would love to hear from anyone that has four leads. I'd be interested to know what the rational was for inserting the fourth lead instead of extracting. Also would like to know if the fourth lead presented any problems.
I will be receiving a new generator very soon and have two good leads and one that had been capped due to a recall. My two good leads are 28 and 20 years old. There is nothing wrong with them as they have tested good with my regular PM checks. However, due to their age, they have already told me that they may want to insert a new fourth lead (to replace the oldest) and/or extract the three for two new leads.
I don't want to have an extraction due to the risks. So I am trying to weigh my options.

Posted by ekissick on 2015-07-29 20:00. 0 comments. 74 reads
My 20 year old son has recently been diagnosed with NCS/VVS and had a PM installed twice both shoulders in the last two months. The first one he got a infection they tried to treat it but ultimately it had to be removed and then they put the new one in on right shoulder exactly 11 days ago. He is doing well today and feeling good and trying to recover and get back to a normal life. He has what we thought was VVS diagnosed as a young boy. The doctors always said he is young has a strong heart no issues keep him hydrated and he will most likely grow out of it. It seemed it was just fainting maybe around 10 times his entire life. Until this summer he hasn't had any episodes for nearly 7-8 years. This last one was different seemed to...

Posted by MathTeacher on 2015-07-29 17:29. 3 comments. 148 reads

I have a dual-lead pacemaker and was told I'd be back to work in a week. I quickly learned that no one in the surgeon's office has one, because a week would've been crazy. So, I'm asking those of you who've had an ablation, what is a realistic recovery time? The doctor's office is telling me I can be back to work in three days. I have Tachy/Brady (Sick Sinus Syndrome), so I'm having an ablation to fix the "tachy" part. I teach and need to be on my feet most of the day. Would appreciate a recovery time from some real people who've actually had one.

Posted by SettingPace on 2015-07-29 12:14. 2 comments. 81 reads
In a few hours I will be getting my first pacemaker inserted. I'm really nervous. I found this site this morning- I am so glad. Now I have a resource for my questions. I'm 42 and was diagnosed with CHF after my pregnancy.

Posted by LiveFreeOrDie on 2015-07-29 09:47. 7 comments. 104 reads
I had my pacemaker implanted on July 10, 2015. I did not have my followup until July 20, so other than changing the dressing, I did not shower until then. The steri-strips took a while to come off, but they finally did about two nights ago. I have never had any discharge or any problem whatever, but the area of the wound and surrounding is still very tender to touch.

Does this sound normal? I was wondering if the large amount of time the wound was covered (initially by the steri-strips and the dressing, then later by the steri-strips) could have prevented the skin from recovering as fast.



Posted by theravadaz on 2015-07-29 09:01. 0 comments. 92 reads
I would just like to run this by everyone, in case anyone has had a similar experience or is just interested.

About a 3 years ago, a year after a pace maker was inserted for heart block, I had alternating episodes of low blood pressure and maximum rate, and high pressure and minimum rate. This was after doing some strenuous work involving driving nails.

The electrophysiologist first said that it was "electromechanical dissociation", and later changed it to "under-sensing." In any case he shut off tracking from the atria and gave me a fixed rate. Another EP was critical and put me back on DDD settings, but eventually I received a vibratory alert that checked out to indicate a bad atrial lead. So he shut off the ba...

Posted by Chelva on 2015-07-29 00:21. 6 comments. 127 reads
I had a PPM pacemaker Mediotronic MRI Sure Scan (Dual lead pacer) inserted two weeks ago as I had been experiencing low heart rate (as low as 22). I am 59 years old, height 5 feet 11 inches and weigh about 164 lbs. The place where the pacemaker was inserted feels heavy and the incision point feels slightly sore especially after walks. Otherwise I feel much better - no more tiredness like before, dizziness, presynoscope and breathlessness. At times I have pain in the back between the shoulder blades (usually after exercise) which I also had before the procedure. Any feedback from members is appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Tattoo Man on 2015-07-28 20:51. 11 comments. 181 reads

.............this a little boast...

...TM the 7th Adidas Thunder Run, here in the UK....

So all you do is, 12 o'clock on Saturday get running ....a 10k / 6 mile circuit that takes in un-runnable hills,..brick strewn + mud slides and to top it off the challenge of the tree root forest stage full of major trips.

Yours truly did 5 X !0 Kilo laps.....OK Ive lost a big toenail and some have some blisters....BUT...

I am now in the Ultra Runner category, having covered more than Marathon distance in 24 hours....

Thunder Run is now one of the most challenging runs in the UK.....EPIC ..would describe it well..

So..Tattoo Man ran this in a gymslip,.. wi...

Posted by IAN MC on 2015-07-28 15:06. 8 comments. 180 reads
While the PM club was out of action my wife insisted that I decorate the house, mow the lawn, repair her car, tidy up the garage , catch up with paper-work, go shopping with her and even plumb in a new washing machine.

She asks if the PM site could be made to go out of action every other week ?

Please ignore her !


Posted by donsabi on 2015-07-28 14:57. 3 comments. 109 reads
On the 24th I had a PM implanted. So far no issues with the implant and the discomfort is what I expected. The worst part is that upon waking up in my room I began uncontrolled sneezing and massive amounts of mucus in my nose that came out the front as well as the back. I swallowed a large amount of the stuff and I think some went into my lungs. I asked to see a doctor but none ever came. I was told, "they're all busy saving lives." I was discharged the following day and thought I could take care of it myself. Wrong! I could not sleep because of the constant mucus, sneezing, and coughing. Monday My ENT worked me in. He prescribed Atrovent Nasal spray and that stopped the mucus flow but the side effect on my arthritic joints was o...

Posted by AVJim on 2015-07-28 12:57. 1 comments. 79 reads
It is 5 weeks since I have my PM for AV Block III.
About 20 times a day, I feel a brief sensation of maybe sort of a palpitation, along with a brief head-reset (hard to describe!).
The PM is set at 50 BM. Is it possible that it is this split second that it needs to gives it's jolt, that I feel this? In other words, can there be a small period between lack of signal, and the PM jumping in, that I feel a small "disturbance"?

Thanks all!!

Posted by tman on 2015-07-28 12:24. 6 comments. 83 reads

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