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Posted by TJ319 on 2014-07-24 14:41. 2 comments. 27 reads
Has anyone had trouble at high altitudes? I spent 4 days in Colorado at 9600 feet. 4 days later I am still experiencing some racing of my heart.

Posted by AnneSalvio on 2014-07-24 13:34. 2 comments. 39 reads
I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience....after eating a healthy meal - my heart/pacemaker seems to be working harder. I feel more tired. Is that normal?

Posted by jeansheart on 2014-07-24 12:47. 0 comments. 8 reads
I had a pacemaker implanted and have yet to see a bill. I have a ma-pd plan. I suppose it will come at the end of the month. I was sure I was well and problem free with my heart after having three ablations, countless cardioversions etc. Talk about an expensive heart. So i chose the ma-pd plan. I know if I had the plan F for medicare supplements that I would not have to pay anything else but the premium. So am now trying to decide if there are anymore heart surprises waiting for me and whether to switch to a plan F during AEP 10/15-12/7 this year. It might be worth it not to worry.

Posted by culver001 on 2014-07-24 11:50. 7 comments. 56 reads
Hello all I had my PM installed in Nov 2013. I am a 49 year old healthy women. I have went back to most of my activities. I do boxing workouts on a heavy bag. Does anyone else do this type of activity? I have been experiencing tightness around my PM. Its not overall chest tightness, like muscle soreness, its a tightness around the PM feels almost like its being wrapped up or choked.
Is this still part of the healing process? I am still in shock that I have this PM and feel when I call my cardio office they can't really answer since most of the patients I saw at the office were not in my age group or physical fit relm. I almost feel like I am wasting their time and bugging them with questions.
SO I am bugging you all and...

Posted by kmom on 2014-07-24 11:11. 3 comments. 50 reads
Ok so I've had my PM since early April and have been doing ok much better than before. At the last interrogation they raised my upper limit so I could exercise( because is start exercising and everything would be great until it got to about 125 the all of a sudden I'd be out of breath and struggling so much that I had to stop) long story. Since then I haven't felt as good and get short of breath just doing normal things walking climbing stairs etc going to have them switch settings back when I see them again in aug but the other day I've noticed something new dizziness especially bending over or if I tilt my head back got really dizzy in the shower when I bent down to wash and shave legs and other times I've bent down. Could this be simply...

Posted by momhead4 on 2014-07-24 11:05. 2 comments. 34 reads
Well, I am at 13 post PM...sure have learned a lot since this all started!...thanks to all who post and help us all through this process...and it is a process!!....someone who commented on one of my posts asked me to repost a week later...feeling much better!...have more energy and don't get as tired as in that first week....anxiety and pounding chest are better; not completely gone...did a 45 minute walk this morning at a brisk pace and felt good!!...the reality check for me was my first post-op device visit...I am pacing at 73% so really am no longer questioning whether or not this needed to be done...I am wondering if anyone has experienced digestive/gastro problems in these first few weeks?....finding I am really constipated and gassy ...

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-07-24 11:05. 0 comments. 7 reads
I am tired of buying separate free weights. Can anyone recommend either Weider speed weight dumbbell or Bowflex Selectech dumbbells (these are interchangeable weights) ?

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-07-24 11:00. 3 comments. 17 reads
I am going to PT for groin and hip (not surgery, just injury). The PT told me misalignment, so stretching. One stretch is lying down, take big exercise ball in hands and stretch overhead and back. I notice that it is uncomfortable and its tight in the pacemaker. Does anyone have this problem with tightness ? I notice with my 2nd pacemaker more tightness because its smaller.

Posted by wjs1954 on 2014-07-24 10:56. 0 comments. 7 reads
Just a quick update

I think it is working great HR looks like it did before PM while running, went up to 158 at the end of the race. was up and down about 30 BPM during running. Took about 2-3 minutes to climb to 130 than the first hill hit 153 normal for me. Prior to the adjustment last week 150 was it.

Also prior to adjustment just could not get my pace/Running speed (not that i am at all fast) but could not run anything near what i should be able to do even untrained. last night was able to do about 1.5 minutes per mile faster than before adjustment. Like i said still not fast and will never be or really want to be any more.. But was able to feel like i can run again :>)...

Posted by IAN MC on 2014-07-24 04:30. 4 comments. 38 reads

If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhoea...does that mean that one enjoys it?


Posted by PacedICD on 2014-07-24 02:14. 4 comments. 70 reads
Hello my name is Alex. I have posted here in quite sometime but it feels like a good time. I'm 23 and I was recently with my 9th pacemaker/defibrillator and it hasn't gotten easier. On top of chronic pain from implant scars on my right and left my depression hasn't really improved and has only gotten worse sine my grandmother who also had a pacemaker/defibrillator and my same condition passed away several weeks ago. Her heart is a.decent look into the future of myself which is bleak especially since I presented with the condition much earlier. I also deal with severe chronic pain that I take prescribed narcotics for that only take the edge off. Surgery, lidocain, steroid injects all had no effect on the scar tissue that pains me on m...

Posted by heather1723 on 2014-07-24 00:33. 1 comments. 32 reads
Is it possible for the pacemaker to make it's way to pushing through the skin and making it painful to the touch? This has been happening for about 3 months now and is very painful to the touch. I've had it since June 2010.

Posted by capecod on 2014-07-23 19:38. 4 comments. 59 reads
hi all
i am anxiously waiting to have my first echo after crt-d was done in april. i hope the procedure has improved my ejection fraction which was 10-15 as well as improved mitral valve regurgitation which was severe.
would be in interested in hearing about echo test results of others on this site. fingers crossed. thanks

Posted by jonhendry on 2014-07-23 19:07. 5 comments. 96 reads

My father received a pacemaker last Friday. Today he's in the ER due to a fall, and hooked up to a monitor that keeps giving a bradycardia alarm, for heart rates under 40 bpm.

Do hospital monitors get confused by pacemakers and report a lower-than-actual heart rate? Or is it possible that the HR is correct and his pacemaker leads were dislodged by that fall?



Posted by issikkulboy on 2014-07-23 18:39. 7 comments. 125 reads
I am having a Pacemaker implanted on August 8th 2014 and I am trying to decide what Brand to choose from the two that the Hospital where I will have the procedure done works with; Boston Scientific and Medtronic. Can anyone provide me with information on which one is a better quality device? Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide.

Posted by deeheart on 2014-07-23 18:22. 3 comments. 66 reads
Hi there all,
I'm a restless sleeper and will raise my arms above my head throughout the night while tossing and turning. I'm still wearing the sling at night just in case I do this--afraid I may do some damage. Does anyone know when to ditch the sling and how long until it's actually OK to lift your arm over your head? I've heard normal range of motion is fine after 4 weeks but it's best to wait 6-8 weeks for other movements. BTW I'm 5 1/2 weeks since PM surgery (and still counting).

Also, any info. known about using a heating pad and if so how close can it be to the PM?

Just some random questions.....Thanks!

Posted by MegLindsay on 2014-07-23 17:43. 0 comments. 54 reads
Hello Everyone

I posted back on this site in 2011 and since then I have been reading other peoples posts. Thank you everyone who took the time to read my story and comment. I really appreciate it.

I have been reading lots of comments recently from people who are getting a pacemaker for the first time. Although I am lucky enough to never have to come to terms with my pacemaker, I want to be able to help anyone who is having some anxieties about their first implant.

In every situation there are two ways of looking at it, positively and negatively. On down days it is very easy to look at your pacemaker as an 'obstacle'. Then I have to remember, it keeps me alive! Would I want a small slightly annoying bump or ...

Posted by gleesue on 2014-07-23 17:01. 3 comments. 61 reads
Need some input. A couple weeks ago I found a bruise right by my PM on the lower left side. Just happened to have an appointment with my EP, PM interrogation, stress echo, etc. Did 15 minutes and 18 degrees on the stress test and everything looked great.

My EP made no big deal about the bruise and said the PM is so strong it could take a bullet.

Now I have even a bigger bruise and tenderness. I discovered something in common. They appeared after we had spent time at our summer home. I jet skied and kayaked on both occasions.

When I jet ski I go hard and jump waves and turn hard. When I kayak I go as hard as I can for about an hour.

Do you think one or both of these are the cause? Could it be cau...

Posted by kwkonk43 on 2014-07-23 11:17. 7 comments. 106 reads
It's been 5 days since I had my PM implanted...recovery has been painful and slow. Reacted to pain medication in hospital so pain management has been limited.
I was surprised by the amount of bad brusing to my left breast.

Is this common for women after pm implantation.


Posted by azviking on 2014-07-23 11:14. 8 comments. 86 reads
79 yrs, pm 8 weeks ago; Walk daily, yoga and golf - twice weekly.

Would a monitor be helpful? How?

What numbers are important?

Most valuable to those who bike or work out?

Some posts say the pm will adjust to your body in time.

Some say the monitor output was used to change the pm settings.


Posted by emilpacemaker on 2014-07-23 10:42. 2 comments. 50 reads
Hi im 28 y/o got my pm on april this year.. I dont know if I realy
need my pm in my body I cant imagine what happen to my life or inside on my blood preasure always become abnormal 140/100 or sometimes 140/90.. I feel fear to move excersise like what happen to me like this my heart beating fast when im enjoying ride to my bike! The doctors findings to me is bradycardia thats why theythey install the dualchamber pm in my chest... If I knew what feelings with pacemaker I really really deny to have it..! Any one same expirience like this im here on philipines ty

Posted by AngrySparrow1 on 2014-07-22 21:11. 5 comments. 221 reads
Recently while trying to entertain myself while waiting to see my doctor I picked up a really lame magazine, supposedly aimed for Nurse want to be, you know one of the slick paper propaganda rags. This one seemed to feature "Store Front" private nursing schools (no mention of being accredited). Anyway, I was looking though it to keep from falling asleep. I notice a blip about a cardiac study from Portland, Oregon. I took a quick look at the four paragraphs contained in the article, the gist was that MEN who have a Sudden Cardiac Death, usually had some warning signals shortly before their heart stopped. Well that drew my attention, because almost all of us state that we did not have any warning. That sums up the article.


Posted by Roys on 2014-07-22 20:49. 3 comments. 96 reads
My doctor would like me to start taking Warfarin, and suggested that I get a machine to check my INR at home. Has anybody got one, and if so what is the accuracy? to that of a laboratory check, and do you still need a pathology check as well?
Cheers Roy

Posted by ben1 on 2014-07-22 18:19. 4 comments. 83 reads
Hi all have finally got a date for my pm being fitted had my pre op today going in on 1st August! Has anyone got any advice for after starting to get nervous all getting bit real? Cheers Ben

Posted by Yorkshirelass on 2014-07-22 18:06. 2 comments. 114 reads
Would like some help, reassurance and info please. My 87 yr old mother in law has had a pacemaker for 12 years. Changed 2 yrs ago for a new one. Don't know what type or why she originally had it. For 3 months she's been collapsing at any time with no warning. Also she can be just sitting or lying down and gets a dizzy feeling in her head which can last a few seconds to minutes and come and go for hours. This is happening every day and night. At the same time as she gets these dizzy spells her pulse rate can go down to 20 or so and this has been verified by paramedics and emergency nurse practitioner. The last time she had to have atropine to speed it up. Before all this she was extremely fit and healthy. Now shes lost a stone in...

Posted by langleyger on 2014-07-22 13:45. 8 comments. 164 reads
Anyone know how long you should have to wait for results,from a Holter monitor?
I waited 3 weeks,then they called and told me I needed a pacemaker.
My heartbeat was down as low as 26bpm. when sleeping.
I had a complete block.
I feel that is too long to wait.

Posted by josjos on 2014-07-22 12:37. 4 comments. 93 reads
good morning,
I am new to this PM. 7 days post op. Doing fairly well. But woke up this morning with my shoulder and all around my PM extremely achy. I took 2 ibuprofen but didn't make much difference. I really don't care for prescription pain killers. Does anyone have any advice how to make this more comfortable?( I love this site, people seem very nice and helpful.) thanks.

Posted by terrylong on 2014-07-22 10:51. 2 comments. 84 reads
Hi everybody,
I recently had my regular PM checkup. The technician advised that for the last 2 months my atrium has been beating at 3 times the rate of my ventricle. the rhythm is absolutely regular. I have had no symptoms.
My GP has put me on 20mg of Xarelto (rivaroxaban) to thin my blood instead of aspirin which I've been taking for years. This would increase my chances of having a stroke by about 2% per year.
My consultant says I have 2 options:-
No symptoms (that's me) continue with the blood thinner.
Or with symptoms they could try ablation.The success rate of this treatment is apparently 50-60%.

Anyone with similar experience out there.
What is going on.
Apppreciate any comments anyone ma...

Posted by magic on 2014-07-22 03:11. 1 comments. 104 reads
Hi every one my name is chante i had my pm & differentiator march this year i am so pissed off about it i went to hospital with a sore leg spent 3 weeks in intensive care i live in Australia and again not happy about this

Posted by Alamb2 on 2014-07-22 02:16. 1 comments. 73 reads
I have had a St Jude Accent 2210 PM since 2009 for sinus bradycardia. About two years ago the Ventricle Lead was determined to be faulty (exposed sheath) and causing a number of problems so it was turned off since the Atrial lead was keeping my heart rate up just fine. Since then I have had other problems with sensitivity sensors making my heart race when I just bend over to pick something up, positional stabbing/burning pain (pain goes away after slow, careful repositioning of my sleeping position, and HR going lower than the set rate of 65 BPM. The sensor was turned off, so it only kept the HR from dropping below 65 BPM but does nothing when I need it to beat faster (running). Exhausting. Now I noticed the HR occasionally going bel...

Posted by sandras on 2014-07-21 22:48. 3 comments. 72 reads
Hi. Today I had a mammogram. It's been 3 months since I got the ICD. I was very nervous about any pain I might feel if the machine hit or squeezed the ICD. Besides the usual awkwardness of the situation, it went well. There was no contact with the device or the scar. I wanted to share my experience with the hope that I can help someone not waste so much time as I did worrying. I hope it helps.

Posted by NiceNiecey on 2014-07-21 21:34. 11 comments. 250 reads
I have seen conflicting posts regarding the travel experiences of our members and whether showing our PM card is necessary at airports. Most have never been asked to show it but I have.

My husband and I just returned from a business trip to Israel on Friday. (We got out just before the ground assault began.) Just like the last time we were there (in May), I told security that I had a PM. Once again, they summoned a supervisor and he asked me for my PM card. He also asked me my name and when I had the device implanted. All of this is on the card, of course, so he was testing me. He also asked me if I was carrying any weapons or explosives, to which I chuckled. I do NOT look like the type and he knew that. No pat down after the ...

Posted by kulpinchina on 2014-07-21 19:31. 3 comments. 118 reads
I'm 37 years old. I have had my pacemaker since i was 31. Recently i've been struggling with SA node tach as well as junctional rhythms. I have a heart rate that varies constantly, and is irregular, this has caused me to have a very significant decrease in activity tolerance, and a long list of "feeling crappy" side effects. I'm struggling to perform my work duties as a physical therapist and to care for my 4 young kids. So far treatment has been a failed trial of beta blockers bc my baseline bp is already too low, and now a trial of a med to raise my bp in hopes to settle my rhythms down and decrease my orthostatic symptoms. I'm very frustrated at my poor activity tolerance and how this is affecting my functional ability. Walking f...

Posted by megsam on 2014-07-21 19:04. 8 comments. 175 reads
I got my pacemaker 11 days ago. What did the rest of you do for exercise after you got yours and how soon after the surgery did you do it? I just had a weird phone call from the cardiologist's nurse, repeating stuff I already knew, and I mentioned that I was going to walk on a treadmill but hadn't done it yet. She said maybe I shouldn't because what if I fell on it, and grabbed onto something, thereby reaching my left arm up higher than I should. I said, but if I walked on a sidewalk and I fell, my pacemaker/incision could be damaged and wouldn't that be worse? I probably should have simply said that I have never ever fallen on the treadmill. So then I asked her, OK what do you normally recommend people do for exercise after a PM? She just...

Posted by donna_26 on 2014-07-21 18:38. 3 comments. 64 reads
Woke up feeling a aking shoulder and pacermaker herting around it had it in for over a year now can this be normal . it is sore has anyone else experienced this ?

Posted by cb on 2014-07-21 16:17. 4 comments. 94 reads
I have a 2 lead St Jude for 18 mos, for 3rd degree heart block. I take no medicines. Last March, after an emotional hit, I went to the ER and was told I was having premature atrial contractions. They gave me some nice (but only 10!) anti anxiety pills and sent me home. But I am feeling that way again....HR is 83 (am programmed 55 low rate) while laying in bed...and I FEEL the very strong contractions...not good. I don't have any reason to feel upset now. Do any of you have PAC? What do you do to stop it? I am feeling wrung out and unhappy about this and will appreciate any input.
(BTW, the trip to the ER cost big bucks and thus I do not wish to do that again)

Posted by TPMan on 2014-07-21 16:10. 4 comments. 87 reads
Hey All
I am 4 weeks post op, PM installed (don't know if installed is quite the correct way to put it) I am flying this week for first time and will post the experience if any are interested. Will be interested to see if it adds to the hassle or not.


Posted by liteppie on 2014-07-21 09:05. 4 comments. 95 reads
I have a Medtronic model SEDR01 pacemaker that was placed in 2011. Can I use a gas operated chain saw?

Posted by Lifeisgood on 2014-07-21 02:20. 8 comments. 292 reads
Please don't judge me crazy, but I've been wondering what will happen when my body is ready to die. Will the pacemaker keep on ticking and will this expand the amount of time it would take to die - waiting for the liver to give, up, the lungs, the bladder, etc? so that instead of dying, your body just hung in there! Would they remove the pacemaker when all signs of life are depleted? I asked my doctor this and he actually ran out of the office and told me I was freaking him out! and he did not reply! Seems to me the heart (if you are not having a heart attack) will continue to be nued to palpitate and keep pace if the computer pacemaker is in good condition. I hope I made myself clear. Thanks

Posted by Dillon8986 on 2014-07-20 23:00. 1 comments. 131 reads
Sorry this is quite long but I am new to this group!! I appreciate any feedback!!! Here's my story....

Feb 2011 got flu. Have been a little over weight and went to doc to try to loose weight and did EKG. Found issues and sent me to cardiologist. Doc did angiogram and said it caused non-ischemic Cardiomyopathy, and a LBBB. Didn't know until 3 months later. no blockages but confirmed other issues. Said had CHF with an EF of 20%, after surgery reevaluated was 40% and doc said that would be the best I will get. I also have sleep apnea, and asthma (mild), Chf Nyha Class II, and IBS.

Put me on:
metoprolol succinate 50 mg XL (toperol)
fUROsemide 80 mg (initially now with a take two as needed)
losartan 1...

Posted by jane32 on 2014-07-20 22:39. 0 comments. 38 reads
booked for this Thursday, I have had one before about 3 years ago but I am still a little nervous about it.

Posted by rfassett on 2014-07-20 20:50. 9 comments. 173 reads
I have not been around for awhile because there has been ssoooo much going on in my life and I have not had any issues with my PM (implanted last October). Although I did find that getting through my extremely busy season became in doubt toward the end. I was not sure if I was going to make it. But I did. Not sure if I can do it again. But to my reason for posting, I told my wife last night that I have do my pacemaker transmission on Tuesday. The "my pacemaker" part gave me pause. I am still, after 9 months, still in a non-believing state of mind at times. Not always, and not even most of the time. But sometimes. To all of you veterans out there: does that feeling EVER go away?

Posted by @Heartthrob on 2014-07-20 20:32. 4 comments. 95 reads
Tomorrow marks 4 weeks post op. When am I going to feel like my old self again.? I cleaned 3 vacation condos, with help, and was exhausted when I got home. I used to be able to do this s
and more before PM.

Posted by harlemflash on 2014-07-20 13:46. 2 comments. 108 reads
I am having my pm switched out next Tuesday due to the battery expiring (not me) The Dr. said he is going to be putting an additional lead which dictates that I stay in the hospital overnight. Dr. says additional lead will increase my energy level. Any Thoughts on this?

Posted by BIG on 2014-07-20 12:21. 1 comments. 87 reads
I got may PM changed out how long before i can run and start lifting weights again?

Posted by scarheart on 2014-07-20 10:55. 3 comments. 122 reads

I have had Ablation 1 year now and had a PM installed 6 days after that. The surgery was not successful so I have had to take medications and it seems like I have been having to take more due to symptoms I have been experiencing at night when I am wanting to go to sleep.

I am on Sotalol 120mg in the morning and on Sotalol 80mg at night. For the last 3-4 months I have chosen to take in the evening 120mgs of Diltiazem HCL as well to help me with a heart beat that is irregular and will not let me sleep.

My PM has not indicated that the irregular heart beat is fact it does not seem to be picking up this rhythm at all. Mean while I have talked with my Dr's Nurse and she and my Dr. has no ...

Posted by mom0f6 on 2014-07-20 09:07. 4 comments. 125 reads
Hello everyone!! It has been a while since I have stopped by, but I wanted to say Hello :) I have been doing well, to a point and I have been doing whatever I wanted. The PM has not really affected my lifestyle, although there are still a few twinks that need to be worked out.
So, on that note, I do have a question.. I have the Biotronik Evia Dr-t implanted 10/29/14. When I go over bumps/potholes, dips etc in the road, my HR goes to 150 in less than the blink of an eye. When I do anything that should make my HR go up, I get very short of breath/breathing heavy. I currently have a magnet to record these events and will go back to the pacer clinic next week. She said I am not the only patient at this point that feels this, there are a h...

Posted by cnelson on 2014-07-20 02:22. 2 comments. 141 reads
I received my first pacemaker (Medtornics) April 1, 2014. Everything went along very well for about 3 weeks, then the incision began to drain - it had looked as if it was healing very well -- the site was red, warm to touch and as the days went by drained more and more frequently - drainage was clear red orange in color. They gave me antibiotics for weeks and it continued to open and drain till the opening was about the size of a pencil eraser and the pacer was visible. May 30 they removed it and left me without a pacer for 2 weeks to heal up. Then a Boston Scientific unit was implanted on the right side on June 13. This has healed completely and seems OK to date.

The original incision (left side) continues to drain sligh...

Posted by irisheyes317 on 2014-07-20 00:53. 7 comments. 209 reads
Hi! 'Had my Medtronic ICD implanted 3 1/2 yrs ago & was told battery life would be about 7-8 yrs.All was fine at my last check up 6 mo. ago & was told i had at least another 5 ys with it. So Ive been hearing a beeping sound every morning at 10:23. I've been going crazy trying to find out where its coming from! Lifting up cushions, thinking its a lost cell phone,, checking laundry baskets, searching under the bed, etc. Then I get a call from my E.P.'s office that my battery needs changed, since they do the phone monotoring thingy I argued w/ them that they were wrong & sent them my own test via phone. Again, the results were that my battery needs changed. Then it hit me... the beeping I heard is coming from me!!!! FREAKY!! So Im scheduled f...

Posted by sandras on 2014-07-19 22:29. 2 comments. 56 reads
Hi everyone. I found this site back in April, right before I had an ICD implanted because of congestive heart failure. I was so afraid and started searching for information. That is how I found this site. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. Even though this is my first post, I come to this site daily. I have learned so much and so many of my fears, concerns, and symptoms have been discussed here that I have been able to accept my situation and move forward. Once again, Thank you so much.

Posted by Rog on 2014-07-19 20:48. 4 comments. 100 reads
Been a while since I posted. Around dinner time tonight I had this aching around Crt-d. It was almost like angina but in the area around pm. Wondered if anybody else had anything like this? I've had this one for just about a year and an ICD since 2009 and never had anything like this! Any suggestions?

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-07-19 19:18. 8 comments. 117 reads
I just got a dvd Beginner Yoga. Is there any moves you do not do with a pacemaker ?

Posted by ohnonothimagain on 2014-07-19 09:01. 6 comments. 174 reads
I've this has been posted elsewhere-I apologize. It's been about 18 months since my Surgery, and for the past 3-4 months the pain in my chest/left shoulder has been getting worse and worse. The pacemaker actually still "flops around" in my chest, and the wires or something protrudes from the pacemaker site. I get sick to my stomach at the seeing/feeling the pacemaker moving around and the wires protruding..I'm in constant pain, and wondered if anyone else has had the same experience. Thanks

Posted by Fiki on 2014-07-19 05:34. 1 comments. 72 reads
Been a long time since i visited this place. The place that gave me a lot of good advice and quite a few laughs. I made a lot of changes to my life. For starters i lost 28 pounds and since then i have been feeling better than ever. I started working out ,eating a healthy diet and just enjoying life. I just finished my sophomore year of college and im starting to enjoy this beautiful summer.. Well thats all just wanted to drop in and say hi . Cheers to everyone ! Regards from Croatia ! :)

Posted by daisydunn on 2014-07-19 01:08. 6 comments. 159 reads
So I'm due for my annual mammogram and had an ICD implanted 2 months ago. I'm concerned about the placement of my MP in relation to all the squishing that occurs during a mammogram. I talked to a mammogram tech and she said oh nothing to worry about, we 'workaround' pacemakers all the time without problems.
So any experience to share, words of advice?

Posted by WillieG on 2014-07-18 21:44. 7 comments. 280 reads
Hi! I have had my pacemaker for 4 weeks now. I am 61, very active and my only symptom was a thud in my chest when biking up steep hills. The EP study showed 2nd degree heart block. During the EP study, they paced my atrium to "physiological rates" ( which I assume are around 200 bpm) and decided I had Mobitz II and put in a pacemaker while I was drugged from the study. It seems to me that it could have waited as I could never get my heart rate as high as when they paced it, and I would have been willing to give up the steep hills rather than be stuck with a pacemaker the rest of my life. I was very sore for about 2 weeks and dread the thought of having a new one every 7 years. I feel anxious and depressed as I really don't understan...

Posted by stannita on 2014-07-17 23:27. 12 comments. 401 reads
Hi all,
I just need some guidance. Received my first bill for the pacer and all of the visits/testing, etc. I have Aetna Medicare HMO and up to this point never had a problem paying for a treatment, surgery, visit, etc.
The bill shows $364.40 as total billed with insurance paying $159.40. I am to pay $205.00. Since I am supposed to go in and have pacer checked/office visit 4x/year, I will be paying over $800 in cash.
Is this normal? Do I have to be checked so often? So far, with the last checkup, I am feeling pretty good. Can I do with 1-2x/year checkup? What do I do if the MD insists on more checks?
Thanks for any info, from a budget used/all her life, Nita

Posted by BStanding56 on 2014-07-17 20:11. 2 comments. 173 reads
I had suffered heart failure from 2008 after a bad dose of Flue, my Doctor had treated me for Asthma for 8 months, I had a dry cough and felt dreadful, Once diagnosed the Nhs could not have been better, I had a number of cardioversions, 2 Ablations and so many visits to A&e too much to count, my heart was working at 20% apparently the normal heart works at 54%. 2 years ago I started collapsing without warning, I was offered another ablation or a Pacemaker, I opted for a pacemaker, I was given a three lead last June, since I have not suffered any Af and today I was told my heart is classed as normal and has healed, I am posting this to hopefully give hope, I was very symptomatic and felt very unsure of my future and wondered if I had one! B...

Posted by wjs1954 on 2014-07-17 17:44. 7 comments. 273 reads
I had RR turned on about 5 weeks ago. The Rep recommended it because i was being paced at I think 84% of the time at min which was set at 60. i was fine for walking, hiking, and biking. However as soon as I ran my HR went to 150 and stayed 150 was/is max pace setting. Pace had no effect, after 3 training run called the cardiologist office was told DO NOT RUN. they set up a appointment with the Medtronic rep and put me on the treadmill hooked me up stress test with EKG/HR/the works. The Medtronic Rep did a PM interrogation at the same time. I also had my garmin HR Monitor on. as the treadmill started all looked fine i kept telling them crank it up i need to be running for you to see what i am talking about. Finally got them to push the spe...

Posted by Cabg Patch on 2014-07-17 15:21. 4 comments. 283 reads
I survived. As you can tell, my voice is several octaves higher, but that was planned part of the gender relocation surgery. No Ian, you still can't have a date.

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday, for sure. I was my usual charming self earlier this week when finalizing details with the surgeon's staff. They asked a million questions, one of which - what I was having done, and well, you guys know me I had to smart off and tell her a sex change. She shot back an equally flippant response about unless I had my head up my derriere they would be a long way from there.

Anyway, when I got to the clinic and checked in yesterday they were all smirking. Had me sign a bunch of disclaimers and placed a surgical ID on my wris...

Posted by @Heartthrob on 2014-07-17 14:41. 4 comments. 140 reads
When I get up in the morning I barely feel my PM but after doing a few things it feels like heaviness at the site. Normal?

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-07-17 14:23. 1 comments. 111 reads
I have been lifting free weights, but just want to be sure I have the correct form. Is there a website that is good to show proper form. I want to get the best out of my weight workout. I only lift 5 or 6 pounds. Going to increase soon.

Posted by issikkulboy on 2014-07-17 13:45. 1 comments. 91 reads
This year I underwent Mitral valve repair. Was done in March and although the repair was successful my heart conduction system was permanently damaged. This now requires that I undergo Pacemaker device implant permanently. Has anyone heard or have information regarding this type of issues caused by Mitral valve repair. I know that it could happen if the valve is replaced with a mechanical one but not sure if it's possible on repairs. My heart other than the valve issue was very healthy and my ejection fraction was 63% prior to my surgery. It's now at 25%.
Appreciate any feedback on this.

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-07-17 13:07. 1 comments. 105 reads
I am going to the docs Monday, but has anyone had a groin pull ? Not sure how I got it, but even fast pace walking bothers it. Any tips to help heal faster. Its preventing me from exercise.

Posted by Brenda Price on 2014-07-17 13:05. 0 comments. 64 reads
Anyone have problems with elevated calcium levels while on Diovan. My ca. has been all over the place for about 3yrs

Posted by momhead4 on 2014-07-17 11:17. 2 comments. 210 reads
I keep hearing beta blockers....I am a fit, active 70 yr old female...6 days out from PM implant...implant for low heart is strong and my cholesterol, etc numbers are great...not on any meds other than 10mg of Lisinopril a day and 1 baby aspirin....but, the electrophysiologist said the cardiologist had mentioned putting me on a beta blocker....have no idea why but wondering how others feel about them....once you start are you on them for life??...really, really don't want to do meds....any thoughts/ideas/experiences welcomed....thank you!

Posted by momhead4 on 2014-07-17 11:11. 6 comments. 155 reads
Hi...I am 6 days out from having a PM implanted....I am an active, fit 70 yr old female...slowly realizing that getting back to where I was and feeling good is going to take time...anyway, my goal the first few weeks is to walk, like I have done for wondering, how people use/deal with the ear buds and iPod???....walking for me without music just isn't fun!...any suggestions welcomed...thanks in glad I found this sight!

Posted by natlat on 2014-07-17 10:11. 5 comments. 162 reads
I am much slower than I was due to the beta blockers. Is it possible to get a little faster on beta blockers? What used to be 9 min miles is now 10:40-11:30 min miles. Granted I am happy to be running again, but the betas definitely suck the life from you. I am hoping my doctor will tweek the dosage slightly. I do need to be on them due to a sustained vtach which I experienced. Anyone else chime in on beta blocker experiences?

Posted by AndyT on 2014-07-17 05:45. 2 comments. 155 reads
Morning folks, my name is Andrew and I'm a long time lurker and newbie here. This site has been fantastic with gaining information, now I'm looking for some insight.
Folks, I wonder if I can ask a couple of questions to the group?
I have a fairly complicated cardiac history which started (four years ago) with an episode of SVT caused by Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome which I knew I had and never caused an issue, this pathway was ablated and following this I’ve had three ablations for Atrial Fibrillation and two for Atrial Tachycardia. I tend not to tolerate high BPM and end up with LVF which on at least two occasions has resulted in other organ failure issues (Liver/Kidney – now fully resolved). As I was becoming more and more...

Posted by stormynw on 2014-07-17 02:04. 3 comments. 164 reads
Have many of you had to deal with pericarditis? After my implant 8 1/2 weeks ago I've been to the E.R. 4 or 5 times now with painful breathing and a painful chest. After the first three visits (all 4-5+ hours) with NO answers other than the 3rd time they did a CT scan to rule out a blood clot in my lungs and came back and said well you don't have a blood clot and I was like… What about the pain? and the ER Dr. said well you have pain medication and I told him I wasn't looking for pain medication which obviously wasn't helping anyway being as they had administered some while I was there with no relief. I wanted some answers. At that point I mad a 2 hour plus 35 min ferry ride to Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle where they diagnosed peri...

Posted by stormynw on 2014-07-17 01:48. 4 comments. 156 reads
Hey All ~ I have a question… I have only gone shooting a couple of times but did have fun shooting at targets with a rifle and a shotgun my question is… I am right handed but chose to have the pacemaker implanted on my right side because I drive a LOT and didn't want the seatbelt irritating it and also I tend to sleep on my left but wouldn't you know since the surgery now I sleep a lot on the right too. Anyway is it possible to shoot a gun with the but on the opposite side? Someone told me you can't have the butt on the same side as the pacemaker. It's not like I would do it a lot but… Just wondered. Thanks

Posted by barnet38 on 2014-07-17 00:25. 5 comments. 129 reads

I am 32 and have congenital complete heart block. My first PM was implanted in 1998 and it was replaced in 2007. After my last telephonic transmission, I was told that I have 9-35 months battery life remaining and that replacement will likely occur closer to 9 months than 35.

Can anyone tell me how much notice you had before your replacement surgery? Neither my husband or I can remember how much notice I received last time, and I have been thinking about it a lot lately.

Thanks for your help! Let me know if you need more info.


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