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Posted by jane32 on 2015-04-01 23:39. 0 comments. 8 reads
I have a date for my replacement pm, it is 9th April, I will have an overnight stay in hospital, they are also going to review my leads while I am there, I know one lead is using extra power to work and I am being checked every 6 months. I am anxious as I didn't have a good experience last time, also it is the first time since my husband died that I have been in hospital, it is very hard adjusting to losing that one special person in your life, who was there to look after me as well. I have forgotten how long is it before I can drive after procedure. I am lucky I have family close by and a lovely cousin who is going to look after my crazy 4 month old puppy Meg. She has been my life saver but is a very busy little girl, keeping me fit. ...

Posted by trish on 2015-04-01 22:50. 1 comments. 8 reads
Could being between commercial LED lighting system and control panel of such cause interference of pacemaker causing it to pace unnecessarily ? Trish

Posted by trish on 2015-04-01 15:54. 1 comments. 10 reads
Just posted 2photos of my early spring garden. Last year this time I was unable to do much. What a deference a year makes. Now can work in garden full steam ahead. Hope some of you picked up YouTube site of my choir . Trish

Posted by trish on 2015-04-01 15:14. 0 comments. 6 reads
For those of you celebrating Holy Week, I am providing link to St Johns Church choir in which I sing soprano doing Louis Vierne Kyre eleison


Posted by Mogollon_Kid on 2015-04-01 09:47. 0 comments. 15 reads
Usually this is a low battery warning. It feels like your cell phone is on vibrate in your chest. Call your doctor and let them know. Often it is not something to visit the ER about since they would have no idea and proceed to do as many tests as they can bill your insurance for! But call your cardiologist ASAP and let them know that the battery is letting you know it's low.

That said, on occasion the vibration is an alert that the device needs attention.

Posted by Itsjustme on 2015-04-01 01:22. 10 comments. 171 reads
My MIL has an ICD for 2-3 yrs after a sudden cardiac arrest. She has suffered a shock at one time. She never seemed to have a driving restriction. My husband is very anxious about his mother driving with our children in the car in fear of her defibrillator shocking her and causing an accident. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I hate to put a restriction like this on grandma :( that would be quite a sting! She says she is okay to drive. But, gosh, if anything ever happened to my babies that I could have prevented I could never forgive myself! So of course I see my hubbies side too!

Can anyone offer me words of advice/wisdom/experience? What does happen if your defibrillator delivers a shock while you're behind the wheel?...

Posted by tk on 2015-04-01 00:51. 6 comments. 100 reads
It has been just under three weeks since I've had a pacer put in. I'm still adjusting. It's frustrating because I feel all these things that my regular Dr brushes off, and my cardiologist doesn't explain. I'm not sure if they are serious, or just part of the healing process. Maybe someone could help me understand if what I'm going through is "normal" like for instance - I am feeling light-headed and dizzy pretty often but I check heart rate with at home blood pressure heart rate detector and heart rate seems fine. My blood pressure is on the low but normal side. I have been diagnosed complete heart block and bradycardia. Idk much about all of this except that I am feeling pretty good some days and then totally exhausted others. The last fe...

Posted by abha on 2015-04-01 00:26. 2 comments. 60 reads
I am going for battery change for the first time, after 5 years. can someone tell about the latest ones in the market with good battery life and lesser failures? will a change of the pacemaker itself prolong battery life? I have a medtronic system fitted...

Posted by michelefromthemitten on 2015-03-31 23:02. 1 comments. 72 reads
I posted a photo of my pacemaker leads in the member gallery. I've had some recent trouble with arrythmia, so EP ordered a few tests. He noticed on my chest x-ray that one of my leads has made a loop due to some extra slack that was left at the time of implantation. He, and 3 other EP doctors, agree that the lead needs to be extracted. I am getting another opinion at Cleveland Clinic next month, but I wanted to post a picture on here in case anyone has any input. I want to avoid a lead extraction if at all possible. The leads are only 4 years old. The arrythmia seems to be due to paroxynmal av block, not the leads. We were able to look at the original chest X-ray and from the side it appears to loop, but it may have flipped. Any thoug...

Posted by WTF on 2015-03-31 21:21. 3 comments. 73 reads
I am having a hard time knowing that my SA node will decompensate more and more over time and my pacer will work more and more. When my own heart doesn't beat on its own will I still be alive? Its a weird thing to think about!?

A month ago my heart rate was in the 30-40, now I am in the 20s..


Posted by Peppo on 2015-03-31 18:32. 1 comments. 57 reads
I currently have two questions regarding 14 year old pacemaker. Shortly will require Atrial lead and Generator replacing and a lumber spine MRI, The pacemaker is not MRI compliant.
Since fitted in 2001, I have not had any problems, .Any advice / experience please. In UK found only one Heart Hospital who says can do.?

Posted by SoCal-TV on 2015-03-31 18:23. 2 comments. 54 reads
Can a St Jude PM be adjusted remotely by cell phone? If so can the user do this? I would like to increase the sensitivity of the accelerometer before cycling. It only paces me up to 75 BM, like a brisk walk. The rest comes from my natural heart, which only gets up to about 105 on a mountain bike. Tapping on the device doesn't do much.

Posted by Dianne on 2015-03-31 15:35. 3 comments. 79 reads
I have struggled over the past 5 years trying to get my pacemaker settings so that I can run effectively. My heart rate seems to go up very high and stay there even while on a slow run (lol they are all slow now). I have been training for a half marathon and doing everything everyone else does but seem to be unable to get my body to drop into a lower gear. Can someone tell me what the rate response settings for runners would be? Or suggestions?

Posted by rusty on 2015-03-31 14:53. 2 comments. 68 reads
OK, just got my dual chamber Boston Scientific K173 installed yesterday afternoon. Procedure took 1.5 hours with no problems.Home from hospital with a sore shoulder and neck. I have a sling to wear, but doc told me to not use it all the time. Could cause additional stiffness issues. Was amazed to see my pulse at 60 BPM vs my old 36 BPM.
I've always been a runner, so there will no doubt be some future adjustments in line for me. Hoping to walk on a treadmill in two weeks, after I see my heart doc. I work in the electrical industry and find myself in HV switchyards at least once a month. Had a good conversation with the BS tech rep after the surgery, and he assured me there would be no issue unless I arc weld or start hanging around arc...

Posted by beverly on 2015-03-31 14:18. 6 comments. 94 reads
I just now joined. My doctor told me a couple of months ago that sometime in my life I will need a pacemaker. Im 55 years old. My heart rate stays between mid 50's to mid 60's when im not walking or exercising. I was wondering what rate were some of the members of this forum at when they had to get a pacemaker. Im really wanting to put it off as long as I can but dont want to chance anything bad happening by waiting.

Posted by Claret on 2015-03-31 12:29. 3 comments. 118 reads

I have had my pacemaker fitted for 5 weeks now and I am very disappointed at how far it protrudes. I am unhappy because I feel it will affect me more than I had anticipated e.g. wearing a seat belt, carrying a backpack, playing sport, etc., as well as aesthetically.

I had my first follow up session today and explained my anxieties and have now been referred to the Consultant with a view to considering whether the pacemaker would be better placed below both the chest muscle layer and skin rather than just the skin, as it is now.

Does anyone have experience of having a pacemaker fitted below the chest muscle layer? And, if so, can you advise on the pro's and con's of each option?

I have not be...

Posted by irish_jessi on 2015-03-31 12:23. 4 comments. 131 reads
I've been doing this a long time. This going to the cardiologist thing. Since I was 12. I've got 7 surgeries and 3 units under my belt. I usually handle it pretty well. It doesn't normally scare me. Maybe it should, idk.

I have a combo unit. Pacer/Defib. My defibrillator keeps giving me little shocks. I've only gotten a couple of full-blown-know-you-on-your-ass shocks. So, I went to my pacer guy a few weeks ago and he checked me out. Made some adjustments and gave my printouts to my cardiologist. Average SVT rate 173, Average V-Tach rate 170. SVT runs of 3-5 or more. I have a lot of different arrhythmia's, but this is what my pacer guy was focused on at my interrogation.

My cardiologist's office called me last week an...

Posted by seenu302 on 2015-03-31 11:18. 5 comments. 90 reads
Ever since I had my surgery (4 months) I have these vivid dreams pretty much the whole night. My rate is set at 60 BPM. My natural rate before PM was low 30's. Did anyone experience this?

Posted by Grateful Heart on 2015-03-31 10:52. 0 comments. 20 reads

Thought this may be of interest to some. The Cleveland Clinic has live chats....this one is on Cardiomyopathy. If interested, you can register for a do not have to participate with questions if you choose not to....they can be very informative.

There are other subjects as well. Here is a link:

Grateful Heart

Posted by Eggnation on 2015-03-31 10:50. 5 comments. 98 reads
ok- very fit gym going guy.... had my day 10 visit post PM yesterday- everything is working ok but I think I will be paranoid about my leads dislodging forever. My MD told me a story of a guy at month 6 who went on a roller coaster and jerked back his arms and his leads came loose. Oh well....big questions;

1) Returning to the gym? Pull-ups, pushups, chest, shoulders....I guess I will start very slow with legs, isolated arms, etc....maybe at the month to 6 week mark. Any others out there who were/are avid gym goers?

2) I am still trying to figure out what happens between the leads and the PM- do they just get more supported better with muscle as it heals and then you can do more things...any science people out there? ...

Posted by curtisd on 2015-03-31 07:10. 2 comments. 66 reads
I just received a ICD implant and hoping to go back to work sometime in May. I am a haul truck driver in a mine just wondering if I can still go back to the same job.

Posted by tanapuff on 2015-03-30 22:06. 7 comments. 145 reads
Had a doctors appointment cancelled for this Friday in Arizona before we head back north to our home. The physician was called out of the country per family emergency. Their office wanted to set up new appointment for June, but with the weather heating up near high hundreds, this won't be possible.
My question is how often does one need to be interrogated. Feeling wonderful and l was interrogated in November when we arrived in Arizona. Is it necessary to be interrogated back home or can it wait until November when we return to Arizona? Appreciate your feed back.
Thanks, Tanapuff.

Posted by Busdriver on 2015-03-30 21:54. 4 comments. 121 reads
My doctor always has me do an EKG before he sees me. During the EKG, the nurse asked me if the lump on my chest was the pacemaker. I said yes and she pulled out this round object from the cart and placed it against the PM. I suddenly felt 'different', but not bad, and the lines on the EKG changed drastically. I asked her what the object was, and she said it was a magnet that shuts off the PM, so the doctor can see the differences. Now I know how close I have to get to a magnet before it affects me, as long as it isn't any bigger than the one I saw during that checkup. It also indicated I am paced 100% of the time. Not sure how I feel about that.

Posted by dmedcalf on 2015-03-30 21:09. 2 comments. 62 reads
I have had my pacemaker 3 months today. Before I got it I was a crossfitter for 3 years. I think it is time to get back to it. My worry is pulling the leads on different lifts. Does anyone know if the snatch and kipping pullups are out for me or can I do them without pulling anything. I know I will need to start out light but would like to at least get a 95 pound snatch again..also, what about overhead squats and handstand pushups? Not sure what i can and cannot do. Love my box just noone there has a pacemaker so noone knows how to answer my questions.

Posted by Shaun on 2015-03-30 18:11. 5 comments. 153 reads
I have a log burning stove and every now and again the glass in the door needs a good hard scrubbing to clean it. Because the door hinge is mounted on the right I can only scrub it using my left arm. However I've noticed that since my PM implant, whenever I scrub the glass hard I can feel my heart beating uncomfortably fast and a slight breathless sensation which lasts for several minutes after stopping. I workout extensively 4 times a week and so I'm pretty fit and I don't feel that the nominal effort needed to scrub the glass really warrants the increased heart rate / breathless sensation. It happens every time within 20 seconds or so of starting to clean the glass and I only noticed it since receiving my PM which is configured to click ...

Posted by cormac on 2015-03-30 17:23. 1 comments. 49 reads
Hi guys i no Im always on about welding but my coarse has started and we are nearly finished the gas welding part and will be moving onto tig and mig. we started to use the spot welder today and i think i felt a bit funny has anyone had a spot welder today moment?

Posted by candi on 2015-03-30 17:00. 3 comments. 76 reads
I go tomorrow for my checkup, wondering what I should ask? I have no idea about settings or how much I am pacing. My husband was told after my implant that I was now 100% dependent as I went into total block in surgery.
I have to have an ultrasound tomorrow as there is a lump at end of collar bone since implant and they want to check it.
Input welcome....:-)

Posted by GrandmaRose on 2015-03-30 15:46. 1 comments. 53 reads
Just had an ICD 'installed' the first of February, 2015. My left arm was slightly swollen and was causing me discomfort as well as my left neck and shoulder. Not as bad now, but will this be a permanent feeling? {I think with the restraints, feeling the 'pain' twice when medicine wore off, I may have pulled a muscle but not sure.}

Posted by trish on 2015-03-30 11:04. 6 comments. 153 reads
I too suffered from PTSD after events leading to pacemaker. Had sudden cardiac arrest resulting on horrid fall of ceramic tile. Cardiologist states that impact restarted my heart. SCA again of 22 seconds during implant . During that restart R ventricle was punctured by lead . Pericardial drain necessary with stay in CICU And these episodes were preceded by severe septic shock(antibiotic induced) 12 months before. I was unconscious 6 days in ICU with 4 more in stepdown, I am retired advance practice nurse but I did not realize PTSD could occur from physical shock until it hit me. Had tremendous startle reflex, agitation, severe anxiety. depression to point of feeling suicidal. I felt no one understood. Cardiologist never ment...

Posted by hankscorpio15201 on 2015-03-29 18:53. 4 comments. 210 reads
Hi All,

Love the website! Pretty soon I'll be going under to replace my current model ( Medtronic ) which entered VVI mode back on January 22nd. Since then, my heart has been pacing around 65 bpm and doesn't really deviate from that. This is going to be my 4th device and its not so much the device replacement that bothers me, its my one lead.

The two leads are currently 15 (replaced when I was 10) and 22 (implanted during my original procedure) years old. Since I've been in VVI mode for a little over 2 months, they want to replace the device this Friday.However, I received a call from my electrophysiologist last Friday basically saying he wasn't confident in the removal of 22 year old lead and I would most likely ne...

Posted by Mona on 2015-03-29 17:26. 6 comments. 132 reads
anyone else have problems with rapid heart beats after consuminb diet beverages with aspartame?

Posted by orensnanna on 2015-03-29 15:46. 2 comments. 82 reads
Ok Disney Fans! I am going to Disney World in 20 days. I have been reading threads trying to find out for sure what rides to avoid with my pacemaker. It's a Versa DR Pacemaker Model #VEDR01. I keep reading different information. Has anyone been to Disney and ridden any of these rides and experienced any problems? Tomorrowland Speedway, Thunder Mountain Railroad, or The Great Movie Ride. Also any of the parades? Thanks for the information!

Posted by donr on 2015-03-29 15:14. 0 comments. 112 reads
This is for Peanut40 & SLC.

I missed this comment when it came around the first time. I'm surprised that no one took the opportunity to address it.

The answer is a definite & resounding YES!!!! Anything as traumatic as an SCA/SCD or a significant life threatening event can & will change you. Others - like wives/husbands - will notice changes more than the person going through the event. Sometimes the changes are subtle, sometimes very dramatic. We think & hear of it mostly in soldiers coming home from a war - popularized in today's culture as PTSD. It's always been there, just never characterized as a laundry list of symptoms & after-effects.

I have a friend who had a CABG for the large descending c...

Posted by HeartZapCJ on 2015-03-29 12:12. 5 comments. 129 reads
I just had my pacemaker put in this past Thursday, March 26th. I do feel I have more energy but I am afraid I may have overdone it. My husband has taken me for some walks and now I feel a little light-headed. Is that a normal feeling? Do any of you have any advice for how I should pace my recovery?

Posted by Nick.k(uk) on 2015-03-29 09:23. 4 comments. 131 reads
The Tom Tom site says consult your GP before using the Cardio GPS device if, like us , you have a pacemaker fitted.

Is this them just covering there backs or is there an issue?

I understood it worked via a light sensor which I cannot see being a problem and am pretty sure my GP will not have a clue. (Although she has been brilliant in every other way.)

I've just asked for one as a birthday present and am wondering?

Thanks nick

Posted by Peanut40 on 2015-03-29 08:55. 2 comments. 91 reads
Thanks to my co-workers and EMTs for there work on me on 02/09/2015 for saving my life not once but twice. But this sternum and rib pain is almost unbearable at times.Have even called off work twice because I couldnt move when I got up in the morning. Granted I do seem to over to it at work, but just doing my job. Heard it could take up to a year for the pain to go away, Any truth to that ?

Posted by Nick.k(uk) on 2015-03-29 06:40. 1 comments. 93 reads
Hi, my pace maker and I are running the London Marathon coming up from Devon.
Unfortunately due to late planning am having to camp at Lea Valley (Edmonton? Near the indoor running track)

THe journey to the Blackheath start by public transports includes 2-3 buses 2 trains and 2-3 walks. Given that I am a countryphile this is somewhat daunting.

Is there anywhere I can drive too on the Sunday morning, and park (a small camper van) from where I can have an easier, more direct journey to Blackheath.

It;s not the trains/buses that are the concern but walking and getting lost…anxious.

Thanks Nick

Posted by Mia929 on 2015-03-28 22:18. 5 comments. 129 reads
Good Evening:

I have a pacemaker implanted since January 23rd 2015. I would like to know if a x310 John Deere Tractor would cause any interference to my pacemaker.

Thank You!

Posted by lizs101 on 2015-03-28 21:00. 3 comments. 109 reads
I had a pacemaker implanted on February 24 and am doing pretty well adjusting. I started having a strange pain last night and don't know if it is normal or not. It feels like an electric shock at the pacemaker site. It is quick and a very quick sharp pain. It has been happening repeatedly since early last evening and is starting to frighten me.

Has anyone else had this type of pain? Is it normal and I just need to wait it out?


Posted by NiceNiecey on 2015-03-28 19:23. 3 comments. 73 reads
Thanks for the responses to my post about getting jolted 4 times even though I don't have a defibrillator. (I know: it's crazy!). DONR I sent you a private message for help.

Anyway, my general physician is arranging a second opinion with an EP in a large city nearby. I love my cardiologist (not the interrogation person) but best I can tell he is not an EP. I learned here (Tracey?) that all EPs are cardiologists but not all cardiologists are EPs. Thanks again to all who responded and I will let you know how if it's the a nerve or something else.

Posted by VJS on 2015-03-28 15:43. 3 comments. 161 reads
Thank you all for responding and sharing your stories. For those of you who have not read my previous posts I am a 29 year old diagnosed with bradycardia secondary to sinus node dysfunction. I look forward to reading your posts each day but I have a question that's been wearing on my mind... I'm not sure I understand why I can wake up feeling "normal", go about my business and a few hours later I start slowly feeling terrible, especially an hour or two after exercise. Why does it progress so dramatically? Why isn't it a constant? I'm worried and want to be CERTAIN that this IS my heart before I were to go through with a surgery. I've never lost consciousness but I've felt faint at times and severe fatigue.
Before having a pm put in h...

Posted by donna_26 on 2015-03-28 13:20. 4 comments. 171 reads
Hi all I have been wearing a watch for about a week now and not been feeling well don't no weather it has anything to do with having pm in or not could any one tell me I feel tired all the time and very sick no engery and no motivation Al I Ment to wear a watch on my left arm or not can it cause my pm to not work as it should please help I have taken my watch of an going to see what happens

Posted by suzip on 2015-03-28 12:15. 2 comments. 102 reads
I have had pacemaker 3 weeks now and am having a bit of trouble...I keep having hot flush type feelings and fluttering in I have felt sick on and off and spent most the day in bed..not good. Has anyone else felt like this?

Posted by rolson on 2015-03-28 01:29. 2 comments. 118 reads
So, at my check up 2 days ago my doctor said I have long qt syndrome. I now need to be careful of what meds I take, even over the counter meds. This was never mentioned before, and I had many "normal" EKG. I am very confused. Did I always have this and now it is worse or its it new and from my meds. I do take flecainide, only 50 mg the times a day. Anyone know about this? Thanks in advance.

Posted by govols123 on 2015-03-28 00:09. 1 comments. 55 reads
I had tricuspid heart valve repair back in November 2014. Was in Mobitz I 2nd degree block with bradycardia before surgery. Had aflutter after surgery that was ablated back in January. However, I have developed complete 3rd degree heart block since; resting pulse in mid/high 40's. I feel crappy but otherwise have no symptoms except for feeling irregular heartbeat when I go to bed at night. Looks like I'm getting a dual chamber pacemaker in a couple of weeks. Because of the tricuspid valve repair, they will run ventricle lead through coronary sinus instead of through the tricuspid valve. I've got an otherwise healthy heart and have read where you can live a normal life span with a pacemaker. Any advice?

Posted by trapper99 on 2015-03-27 13:21. 4 comments. 239 reads
I am a 62 year old male and had a dual lead PM installed 3.5 weeks ago. It was tough going the first few days, but things got considerably better, with no issues. I went for my 3 week check with the EP at about 2.5 weeks , as he was going to be out of the office.
At that time he said it is his practice to turn on Rate Response, which he did. From that point on, I started getting these odd sensations in my chest. It almost felt like I was getting this odd beat, almost in my throat. It happened 15 or 20 times a day. I called the Doctor and he said give it a few more days to see if it goes away, but I could tell he was skeptical that the rate response had caused any change or problem. As he instructed, I gave it time, but ...

Posted by susiebear on 2015-03-27 10:09. 5 comments. 184 reads
Hi all, i am worried about my battery life. I went in December and was told I had 11 months remaining and to come back in March. I have just been and now am told there is less than 3 months and that's all it says so could be a few weeks left. He is putting me forward for replacement and i should hear soon. I'm scared it will run out while I'm driving?? I was told on here a few months ago that it goes on default mode of 40 beats but surely if it went from say 90 to 40 whole driving it would make me dizzy. I can't understand why it's dropped so quick this has never happened before. Has anyone any advice? I would appreciate it, thanks

Posted by Motown61 on 2015-03-27 09:51. 1 comments. 109 reads
I just wanted to thank you all for being here. The discussions here have helped me to feel "more normal" with my heart condition. One quick question, has anybody had their blood pressure start to slowly drop and then drop 20 digits? I started noticing the readings slowley dropping with exercise and recently dropped way down I was averaging 130/90 now it's 115 over 75 and I have called my doctor to review my meds (maybe I can cut back on doses) I really noticed it this week when I got home from work and was relaxing and felt light headed, so I check BP.


Posted by rusty on 2015-03-27 09:35. 9 comments. 146 reads
Hi all,
Joined 5 minutes ago....I'm a 62 year old male who has been running now for 27 years. 22 marathons, multiple biathlons and road racing through out the north east. I was diagnosed with atrial flutter and sinus bradycardia. Doc always told me I may need a pacemaker sometime in the future. The future is this Monday. Was wondering if any other runners wear a heart monitor post pacemaker installation. I'll drill the doctor on the subject, but I've always respected the advice from fellow runners.

Posted by EricBros on 2015-03-26 19:19. 3 comments. 201 reads
I do not have one, but my doctor's want to put one in me.

This is my history:
I'm 54 years old.
I had "successful" Mitol Valve surgery in late September, 2014. I had no symptoms at all before the surgery. I ran 4 miles the day before the surgery. My heart was getting worse, so I allowed the surgery. At the time my Ejection Fraction was less than 45%, but a portion was going back the wrong way through the Mitrol Valve.

I still have no symptoms after surgery. However, now, my Ejection Fraction is less than 35%, so now they want to put an ICD in me.

Since I am still active, Run / Jog, Bike and Workout I want to know, not so much how it acts (yes I am worried about that as well), but how it loo...

Posted by natlat on 2015-03-26 17:27. 4 comments. 117 reads
So I had my yearly Echo and no events this year. In short, last year in March and April I experienced fainting episode while running and sustained vtach. I got an Icd and also on Sotalol 40 mg 2x per day. I continue to run and workout, not doing heavy mileage nor high intensity. I feel great. Docs say I can now come off the meds! I am interested in anyone else on here who has successfully come off meds, but are runners and athletes who still workout and have an ICD. Hope to hear from you! I have not yet come off the meds...

Posted by NiceNiecey on 2015-03-26 17:15. 7 comments. 219 reads
Crazy! Last night in bed I got jolted in the heart. But I don't have a defibrillator. Laying on my left side trying to fall asleep and I jerked and gasped then 2 sec later again and 2 seconds after that got it a third time. No pain just a jolt enough to make me jerk and gasp each time. Afterward it kept feeling like it would happen again - sort of like hiccups might come back after they had stopped. I fell asleep eventually and had one more jolt about an hour later and half the intensity. Went to cardio and my device is fine. Read them Donr's suggestion from the search menu about mono pacing something and they cut me off and said I was bi which I knew but whatever. They said my device is perfect and I've had zero arrhythmias and nothing i...

Posted by battery-operated on 2015-03-26 16:48. 1 comments. 128 reads
I joined this club about five minutes ago. I am the proud owner of a CRT-D since 2007. My life after my widow-maker heart attacks and the other three, which they did not give a fancy name to, followed by a guinea pig surgery that magically saved my life. I received my CRT-D before my open heart deal. After being sent home on meds and this device it seemed like my defibber went off every time I turned around. One time it started at home so after calling an ambulance it continued zapping me every 3 minutes or so until after I left the first ER and was helicoptered to a bigger hospital. I now have panic attacks from that episode and a few more. I thought it might help to talk to someone else like me because I feel so alone's cr...

Posted by Cspot on 2015-03-26 15:37. 2 comments. 93 reads
Hey, everyone. Two weeks out from pm implantation and I am feeling better than I did in the six months before I got it. Of course, the plumber has me scheduled for an echo and a stress test in the next week, so my sedentary ass is dragging out to walk every day. Don't hate. My job is so physically demanding that my body took short term leave when my heart did. Back to the grind in a couple more weeks. Dealing with all the paperwork involved with insurance, std and fml has me frustrated but on the plus side, my color is fantastic and all the curse words I intend to spew fade away when my heart rate wont get as excited as my brain does. Of course, this means that my nickname at work may no longer be Queen B****, but Bionic B*****. I ...

Posted by VJS on 2015-03-26 14:45. 1 comments. 68 reads
Hello All,
I was looking for a referral for a second opinion from an electrophysiologist about having a single lead pacemaker implanted for the first time secondary to symptomatic sinus bradycardia. Any Doctors or Hospitals in the NY, NJ, PA area would be greatly appreciated. I have been seen by cardiologists at UPenn and at Shore Heart Group in NJ.

If you would like more information about my situation I made a post yesterday under the username VJSaraceno about being a young athelete with bradycardia.

Thank you for reading this post!

Posted by TippyToes on 2015-03-26 13:11. 4 comments. 119 reads
About a hour ago my Merlin started beeping, so I reset it and it did a check. This is the first time this has every happened was just wondering if anyone else had theirs to do this and why!

Posted by ibhavn on 2015-03-26 12:46. 4 comments. 118 reads
My procedure went well yesterday. I received a medtronic revo. They said it's set for a minimum rate of 60 but it's pacing faster as it anticipates premature atrial contractions. I can't feel it pacing. In some pain but it's not bad and being well controlled with meds. Only issue is that my blood sugar keeps dropping too low. I'm a diabetic although I've not needed meds since gastric bypass surgery last November. Has anyone had low blood sugar issues after implant?

Posted by Pookie on 2015-03-26 02:13. 3 comments. 88 reads
Hi Don,

I just wanted to let you know that I sent you a regular email.


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I swim, scuba, garden, hike, climb, workout, play with the kids, play tennis, baseball, basket ball and rollerblade with mine with no problem.

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