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Posted by annie21 on 2014-12-20 14:33. 0 comments. 3 reads
Just wanted to say hello to all members, & to wish you all health & happiness in 2015

Posted by Grateful Heart on 2014-12-19 21:47. 1 comments. 49 reads

Good to see you back, you have been missed.

Hope all is well with you. We missed your calm, humorous explanations and words of wisdom.

Grateful Heart

Posted by Thumper88 on 2014-12-19 21:01. 1 comments. 92 reads
Hey everyone,

My situation is very complex, but I'm desperate for some feedback about what has been happening the last few days. Two days ago, I started having an influx of what I knew were PAC's. I've had them many times, as well as PVC's, but this is all new. I didn't think anyone could survive PAC storms like this. It is bizarre. First came a couple, then a few. Now, I have been having what I can only describe as "clusters." It feels like my heart is convulsing inside my chest for minutes straight. When I feel my pulse at the carotid, there are huge pauses, over and over and over. It doesn't seem like my heart is retaining any kind of sinus rhythm. It's just a bunch of disorganized fluttering. For literally minutes straight. ...

Posted by Cabg Patch on 2014-12-19 16:46. 6 comments. 103 reads
Seems the site is offline more often than not of late, what gives? Need a new pacer to keep the pulse going, or perhaps an ICD to bring it back to life?

Posted by alanstuart on 2014-12-19 08:26. 2 comments. 175 reads
i live in Bournemouth, England and in addition to 7 stents over the last 10 years I was told, following a 24 hour ECG check, that I needed a Pacemaker. I had no particular reason , that I knew of, for wanting a Pacemaker, but had one installed in mid January 2014
Within 2 months I started to feel giddy/ unsteady - almost as though I had a permanent hangover - (no such luck !!)
My Pacemaker was checked -no problem My blood pressure also checked - no problem. My ear balance mechanism treated via "Circ" tablets - no improvement. Lastly an MRI scan of my head to check on ears generally - no problem All of this taking up to October 2014
In October my Pacemaker was "downloaded" and indicated ( and I quote the Cardiologist...

Posted by Narda on 2014-12-19 07:06. 3 comments. 67 reads
I am 100% pacemaker dependent because of A/V node ablation. I am set at 70 bpm. It can go up into the 80's just walking from one room to the other and I get winded with very little exercise. Is this normal or am I being paced too fast? I would appreciate any answers. Thanks.

Posted by Littletree on 2014-12-19 06:11. 2 comments. 88 reads
I have a Sinus Node problem place in 2013. At first I was told I had a sinus node problem which I was doing fine walked couple miles a day and worked everything seemed great. However this happened and I have had 5 surgeries during this time (infection, lead problems.) Bycardia-now I am told I have complete heart block. No one in my family has ever had a heart problem. Drs keep saying I have a heart of a teenager but why did this happen?
On advice of nurse she said that I should go to another doctor closer to home and scheduled me appointment. Went to see him. Took 3 months to get in- Told him I have been having an issue of breathing. He sent me to lung doctor took 3 months to get in. Which told me I had to have a chest xray (fluid) ...

Posted by GinaR on 2014-12-19 05:45. 3 comments. 88 reads
Yesterday I twisted to put my seatbelt on and got a sharp stabbing pain in my chest and arm. Hurt for about 2 minutes and then subsided for a couple minutes and then kept coming back. Over the next hour I had periodic pain and then pain and tingling down my arm and then numbness followed. During the next few hours was having very frequent palpitations and so when I got home I put my sling on and went to bed to try and not move it too much. Just woke up and have a lot of soreness in neck , sholder, arm, back shoulder blade and chest. If I move too much I have sharp pain. Is this just pulled muscles or did I do damage and should I get checked out?

Posted by Tgirl1977 on 2014-12-18 23:36. 4 comments. 67 reads
Today is my 1st year having my pacemaker. Dec 18, 2013 was my install day. I have made it through the 1st year and hope to see many more. It was a rocky road for me, but I can see things getting better. I haven't been posting anything on the site for a while, but I have been reading some posts. Well, take care pacemaker club members. I am so thankful for this site.

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-12-18 21:35. 4 comments. 76 reads
I got a new treadmill and some programs required a chest strap heart monitor. Does any use this with their pacemaker ? The programs are used to target your heart rate.

Posted by Bigheart1 on 2014-12-18 18:51. 4 comments. 76 reads
Hi All. I just had a BIV with ICD implanted for a LBBB and dilated cardiomyopathy I have had since 2000. MY EF had recently dropped from 40 to 30 over the past year. So the pacer was recommended to try and rid of the dysynchrony from my LBBB (with the BiV) in hopes of improving my heart function in time. Is there a standard time post surgery that an echo is done?
I was thinking 6 months post op but I don't know. My doc says it's more important how I feel. I agree but I was told this surgery was to improve my heart function. So I'm a bit confused. Thanks for any insight!

Posted by sunshinewishes on 2014-12-18 16:59. 6 comments. 147 reads
With respect for all beliefs, it is the time of year when hearts traditionally dance to songs of faith, love, generosity and hope. For those of us with heart issues, we often fail to really feel the joy we felt before. We write we are thankful to be alive, and we are grateful for our devices. However, in between our words are often tears that cry out .........BUT this is so much harder than I expected. No one understands. Will I ever be the same? Why do I now have an insatiable need to physically prove myself? The joy I felt before, I am not really feeling it. I am trying, BUT. Joy IS still to be had. It is just lost between the lines of BUT. Can you get it back? You can by believing the following ........It is not easy, but I...

Posted by Cabg Patch on 2014-12-18 13:01. 6 comments. 142 reads
I know there are a number of members who've gotten a jolt from their device, ICD, CRT and PM alike, that didn't show up on our data collected by the unit. The doctors attribute it to a phenomenon they call Phantom Shocks. Just like using the term "Therapy" for the big one, I find their terminology inadequate. Below are some suggestions for a name to replace the term phantom shock. Please let us know which you like most sort of an informal vote.

Dry Run
Silent Impact
Silent Alarm
Phantom Menace
Ghost Buster
Nuclear Waste
Delusion Conclusion
Thankless Thump
Dream Breaker
Juiceless jolt
Taser Test
Ghost Goose
Delusional Dupe
Illusion Pollution

Posted by gordy on 2014-12-18 08:43. 4 comments. 104 reads
hi all I had my pm interrogated yesterday and las night my pulse suddenly shot up to 179 was very scared as this has never happened before x

Posted by L2 on 2014-12-18 06:58. 7 comments. 172 reads
I have a pacer and have had nothing but issues. 5 surgeries-leads coming off and infections. Now I have changed Dr. for second time due to trouble breathing and no one would listen. I found out that they turned off the rate response at previous office visit interogating pacer. (previous Dr.) This new Dr. had them turn it back on however for 6 month I had trouble breathing. Now going to a lung Dr. also but during this 6 month breathing problems and fluid building up. Cannot seem to get the fluid to leave. Would like to no if it is possible that it may go away now taking 40 mg of to different fluid pills. This cannot be good. Has any one had this problem and is there hope that I might get better?

Posted by kim123 on 2014-12-18 06:53. 6 comments. 123 reads
Mu husband had a pacemaker fitted a year ago, diagnosed with 2nddegree heart block 34 pulse. Just been for his check up, was told that his signal was only getting through to the bottom of his heart 20%, so this is why he needs a pm, so he is using it 80% of the time, as he is an anxious person but also wants to know everything about it, he wants to know if he would be dead without the pm, on his notes it says not pacemaker dependant, he is confused, or is it about quality of your life

Posted by JoFosqk226 on 2014-12-17 21:06. 2 comments. 124 reads
Hey everyone! I am 26 years old with long q-t syndrome and have an ICD. Since I gave birth to my daughter 3 months ago, I have been having awful flutters and palpitations. So much so, that my defibrillator has fired on me a few times. I have been put on verapamil and will be getting an ablation in February. My questions to you all are:
1) Have you had an ablation? Can you tell me about your experiences? What the procedure was like, how long, pain level and recovery time?
2) Has anyone taken Verapamil before? Has it successfully lowered your heart rate and made you feel better? Can you exercise? I tend to have low blood pressure normally, so this medicine is making me dizzy and hard to perform my job on a daily basis. I just start...

Posted by zonka1965 on 2014-12-17 20:25. 3 comments. 171 reads
My history is that I had my first pacemaker implanted in 1991. In 1994 I had a lead break and it was decided to leave the old wires and push through new wires if they would fit. They did fit and the wires were pushed through leaving the old wires. In 2000 I had a battery change and in 2006 I became sick and was found to have an infection and had endocarditis on my heart valves so all of the first set of wires had to be removed along with the second set to give me a chance at recovering from the infection. My surgery was at U of C Hospitals in Chicago. I survived that surgery and had another pacemaker implanted in 2006 and in 2013 I had a battery change and in 2014 one of my leads broke. I went back to U of C Hospitals to have the wir...

Posted by Reisha on 2014-12-17 20:22. 4 comments. 161 reads
Hi All
I am new to my pacemaker, having it put in last Wednsday. It's been a long hard road here. For the past year and a half I've been just falling to the ground. I was diagnosed with seizures and put on medication after medication. I had horrible reactions to each and continued to have falls. Was finally admitted to Barrows Neurological for brain mapping, and after 8 days of near torture - strapped to a padded bed, flashing lights and sleep deprivation: 36 awake/4 sleep/48 awake to induce seizures, it was determined that wasn't the problem. Maybe a cardiac conduction issue. Had a monitor implanted in Nov 14 and within 2 weeks had alerts showing my heart stopping for up to 40 seconds at a time. In for a pacemaker. I am now havin...

Posted by KarenLF on 2014-12-17 18:42. 2 comments. 42 reads
Hello again!

Haven't been on here for a wee while. I keep getting pain in my left side at my pacemaker site, but more so in my left hand. Exercise seems to make it work.

Do you think I should see about it. Don't want to waste peoples time :-(

Posted by chanellasvegas on 2014-12-17 14:36. 1 comments. 50 reads
Hi All,

My pacemaker was inserted on my right side instead of left, as I have persistent left superior vena cava, in June of 2013. Within the last 6 months or so, my right arm has been swelling and achy. Initially I had an ultrasound that was negative, however, I was put on blood thinners for 3 months anyway. This has recently occurred again. Again, I had a negative ultrasound and negative CT angiogram, so I've been told blood clots are officially ruled out, although I had d-dimer test results that were close to 1400. (apparently normal is in the 300 range?) No one seems to have any idea what is causing the swelling. There is really no pain, aside from just achiness that feels like a massage is needed, and no numbness or t...

Posted by susanny on 2014-12-17 13:57. 3 comments. 86 reads
I'm at 4 weeks with new PM after aortic valve surgery and still am experiencing some discomfort where the PM was implanted. Feels generally uncomfortable but not really painful. I thought I'd feel better by now. I did have an initial checkup about a week after but won't see him again until the end of Jan. Is this normal?

Posted by mrdredge on 2014-12-17 12:51. 2 comments. 79 reads
Back in 2013 I helped my family load hay. Somehow I must have done allot as my lead broke and shorted out which made me feel like a car miss firing. I went to Emergency they could not find. Said I had anxiety however this was over them not figuring out what was wrong with me. Next day my cardiologist had me come in and while being interrogated they shook my unit, made me raise lover arms and while on monitor the lead shorted just as i thought.They replaced my lead left the exiting one there and replaced my ICD pacemaker defibrillator unit. Feeling great now walk allot 8000-10000 steps a day still slow in morning getting going and that is trying my patience. Very happy with ST Jude unit and team keeping my tuned up. Has anyone scuba...

Posted by fonikipatata on 2014-12-17 11:08. 3 comments. 117 reads
Hey guys i put pacemaker like 1 year ago and i go the gym 4-5 time in a week and i lift weights can you tell me please if its good to do that.. really i do that 2months and i dont fell anything in place near the pacemaker can you tell me your opinion for that!! (by the way im 18 years old) and sorry for my bad english! :)

Posted by tuckanow87 on 2014-12-17 07:43. 5 comments. 166 reads
I'm a very active person who works out 5 days a week and jogs. I was at the gym last week when I felt dizzy and fainted. I had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest luckily someone at the gym knew cpr and there was a defibrillator nearby. Drs have no idea what caused my heart to go into that lethal rhythm. They put in an icd yesterday and I'm in pain today. I've Made my depression worse by reading posts of ppl who said after the 6 weeks was up they couldn't go back to the gym. I know I should be thankful to be alive but I love working out. Drs assure me that I can resume normal activities after 6 Weeks, but now I'm not so sure

Posted by IAN MC on 2014-12-17 04:54. 9 comments. 240 reads
You pick up a hitchhiker... A beautiful girl. Suddenly she faints inside your car and
you take her to the hospital. Now that's stressful.

But at the hospital, they say she is pregnant and congratulate you that you're going to be a father.

You say that you are not the father, but the girl says you are. This is getting very stressful!

You request a DNA test to prove that you are not the father.

After the tests are completed, The doctor says the test shows you're infertile, And probably have been since birth.
You're extremely stressed but relieved.

On your way back home, you think about your 5 kids at home.

Now that really IS stressful !!

Posted by dbaumlv on 2014-12-16 23:08. 0 comments. 47 reads
Hello to everyone,
Does anyone have a biottronik defibrillator model Lumax 540 VR-T? If so I would like to shear my story with you....

Posted by dbaumlv on 2014-12-16 23:08. 0 comments. 23 reads
Hello to everyone,
Does anyone have a biottronik defibrillator model Lumax 540 VR-T? If so I would like to shear my story with you....

Posted by dbaumlv on 2014-12-16 21:18. 1 comments. 92 reads
Hello everyone, I am a 59 year old man and in march, 2011 I had a massaive heart attack. They said...They inplanted a Biotronik defib Lumax 540 vt-t and put me on meds and when I took my meds it would lower my blood pressure below 100/60 so we cut the meds back to nothing. 10 mounths later. I am in great shape work out everyday, eat healthy no stress and feeling good about life. Meet someone very toxic, (not blaming anyone) starting changing thing that I knew had to end. in two months of this energy I had a very crazy thing happen my fib went off and she said it look like I got struck by lighting. The doctor said thank God I had the fib or I wouldn't be here. My guestion is it possable that the fib could have went off by defaulf. blood pre...

Posted by Lizziemcb on 2014-12-16 21:12. 2 comments. 134 reads
My husband had a new Medtronic CRT-D (Viva) implanted in October of this year. At his first appointment is showed that there as 9 years on the battery, a week later.....8.9 years, three weeks later 7.3 years and now six weeks in it is showing 4.9 years left on the battery.

What the heck?? At this rate it will need to be replaced after just 3 months!! Has anyone heard of this happening? Should we be concerned? Has anyone had this happen?

Posted by revelation on 2014-12-16 21:01. 1 comments. 83 reads
Today I had my PM checked. I told him that I was getting short of breath climbing a flight of stairs --also getting light headed afterwards. He said that was a matter for my cardiologist. My heart has gotten stronger up ejection fraction 55% from 20% a few years ago. But I'm still short of breath in doing anything. They just look at me like---well too bad. I believe the doctors think it's all in your head since nothing shows up on any test that they run. They act like that you should be doing fine if your ejection fraction is up--and I think I should be also. But I still get very short of breath. I have cardiomyopathy, left bundle block, have had bypass surgery, and an MI. I'm trying to live up to their expectations. They act like tha...

Posted by Grete on 2014-12-16 16:54. 5 comments. 161 reads
Hi all, this is my second post. I have had my pacemaker 8 weeks suffering from AV Block 2nd grade. To date my pacemaker has been reset twice, first 60 bpm, after three weeks I developed arrhytmias, the cardiologist subsequently reset me to 70 and Rate Responsive and put me on bisoprolol (1.25 mg). As my arrhythmias continued my PC was reset to 60 bpm. For the last two weeks I have felt better, the arrhythmias have subsided but only while I am resting. As soon as I get up and move, my heart starts beating faster, I suffer from shortness of breath and get a tight feeling in my throat. While I feel well while I am resting, my heart starts racing as soon as I get up and walk around. As a result I feel increasingly less inclined to to walk l...

Posted by rachelnks on 2014-12-16 15:24. 3 comments. 135 reads
I've found plenty of articles re: safe usage in patients, but does anyone have any information on Individuals with pacemakers using the AED on person's? My career may as a Flight attendant is in question.

Thanks group!

Posted by 2bouvmom on 2014-12-16 13:05. 0 comments. 95 reads
Hello. I am a new member and my husband is the one with the pacemaker. Very brief history: Husband is 62 - works ft fairly good health aside from health issues. Heart issues in family. he has non ischemic cardiomyopathy. small anuerym being monitored. . history of PVC's appx 30%. had ablation in 2009 but PVCs returned. Ablation suggested as ejection fraction is around 33-35% and thought was this could improve it. Went to Cleveland clinic in September for another one. at some point conductivity compromised during procedure and ICD implanted with 2 leads. while in recovery - conductivity returned. while in hospital it seemed ablation had worked. But at f/up last month, dr said that pvcs came back again at 30% and he says now he "knows where...

Posted by golden_snitch on 2014-12-16 12:56. 5 comments. 136 reads
Very interesting study, and it's great that they are going to develop it even further:


Posted by jack0310 on 2014-12-16 11:01. 1 comments. 98 reads
I've had a pacemaker since I was 4 years old and have had the box and leads changed multiple times. I'm now 25 and will be going for a box change in a few months.

Since having this latest one implanted 4 years ago, I've had problems with my chest thumping like mad as if I've just been sprinting from an axe murderer, when in fact I've just brushed my teeth; then all of a sudden my heart will beat as it should and I won't be able to feel it.

Does anyone else get this? I also have a theory that my heart reacts over-zealously to adrenaline and that's why I struggle to sleep sometimes; some nights I get constant rushes of adrenaline in my solar plexus when in bed.

I also find myself overly-nervous when faced ...

Posted by Runningman50 on 2014-12-16 04:58. 1 comments. 76 reads
I had my pacemaker fitted yesterday late afternoon and was home within three hours. It was a bruising experience and I have swelling above the wound. Just been to doctor and he says that it is a reaction to something. I have anti histamine and antibiotics. Pain is not too bad.
Anyone else experience anything similar. Seeking reassurance.


Posted by beekeper on 2014-12-16 01:23. 1 comments. 84 reads
i just got my St. Jude ICD put in, been fighting it for a couple of months. they wanted to put it in back in Oct., but they couldn't schedule it so I've been wearing an external one (a life vest from Zoll)
I've been a welder most of my life and weld for a living now, so I've been burning up the internet. after talking to the medtronic customer service i was pretty much quoted what was on the internet pamplet, and it seemed to reference stick welding. almost all of my welding at work is T.I.G welding with the high frequency start. the high frequency is about 4 MHZ, (T.I.G. welders used to come with FCC certs in the old days) and i can shoot a 1" spark off my finger tips.
the most knowledgeable person that i talk...

Posted by scooter11 on 2014-12-15 20:00. 8 comments. 142 reads
hello my new friend,
to anyone that can help me out please how long do it take for the glue to fall off on his owntomorrow will be 1 month since I had my pacemaker.thanks in advance

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-12-15 16:20. 3 comments. 120 reads
I have a lot of hand weights. I am going up weights would like adjustable weights. Any recommendations ?

Posted by Mits on 2014-12-15 15:11. 9 comments. 244 reads
Hi everyone. I have AF and had a pacemaker implanted about 8 weeks ago at St. Thomas' Hospital in London. I was due to have an AV node ablation last Friday but cancelled my operation as I was too scared to follow through with it. Am struggling with the insertion of the pm without trying to come to terms with being 100% dependent on my battery. I don't think I can go through with the operation at the moment and have asked St. Thomas' to remove my pm. They refused at the time but asked me to go back to see them in January. I just feel I made a huge mistake and am struggling with my decision to have the pm inserted. I had just got over pneumonia when I had my procedure and in hindsight wish I had got over that before agreeing to my op. I am a...

Posted by jojobonnie on 2014-12-15 13:56. 3 comments. 125 reads
HI All,

Does any body have days when they just feel totally exhauated? I'm on my second pm now since Jan 2010

Posted by Adam_88 on 2014-12-15 13:14. 3 comments. 153 reads
Hi I'm 26 years old and had my pacemaker fitted in June. Had it fitted after my heart stopped beating twice within an hour. Have got used to having the pacemaker but because of my other condition which is Mild Muscular Dystrophy I am getting very tired. I haven't got a permanent job at the moment just working for an agency but with getting tried very easily I am starting to get down and feel depressed about what the future may hold. Can't really see myself getting any better. Thought I would share these thoughts on here as I don't really know where else to turn to.

Posted by scarlett6 on 2014-12-15 12:50. 1 comments. 73 reads
I have had a dual lead St. Jude pacemaker for 2 years now due to AV block, Mobitz, Type 2. This was placed in an emergency situation. Since it was implanted, I have had a real problem with symptoms from my autoimmune disorder (like Lupus) flaring up. Now my Electrophysiologist wants to replace this unit with a bi-ventricular model that is coated with Parylene, said to be good (hypoallergenic) for patients who suffer from allergies. A test kit was sent from the manufacturer with bits of parts made from the materials of the model he wants to use. It was difficult to tell if I had a reaction to the test kit. For one thing, the tape used to afix it to my arm, caused a lot of redness. The indention of the items left red spots, but then, I am no...

Posted by alexisbagel on 2014-12-15 10:49. 5 comments. 141 reads
Hi all. I have a St. Jude defibrillator. Implanted august 2008. It has never shocked me. I have long a t syndrome. I'm getting monthly checkups because the battery is low. But the clinic can't give me even a rough estimate of when it will be replaced. I guess I'm just frustrated and anxious, and looking for some guidance on how quickly you go from monthly checkups to a replacement. I know it's different for everyone. Thanks to those who respond.

Posted by Dwhite on 2014-12-15 08:52. 3 comments. 135 reads
Are pacemakers affected be playstation systems?

Posted by Jgreen on 2014-12-15 05:17. 2 comments. 78 reads
Do playstations (ps3 ps4 XBOX ) affect pacemakers?

Posted by tonylhoward on 2014-12-15 02:43. 6 comments. 150 reads
Hello to everyone. I am a new member my name is Tony. I posted a msg. Just a few mins ago but I forgot to ask if anyone is having crazy dreams after there pacer surgery because I sure am. I never dreamed before or maybe just didnt remember but now I am having some of the craziest dreams ever. My wife says I jerk and jump and talk in my sleep all night. Has anyone else experience d this. Also We are both so thankful to have found this site. Any surgery concerning your heart is really scary. But I have faith in the Lord and my doctor. I know everything will be ok but its nice to talk to others who are dealing with the same issues. May God Bless you all.

Posted by tonylhoward on 2014-12-15 02:19. 4 comments. 117 reads
I am a 57 year-old male. I have just joined. I had a dual lead St. Jude pacemaker put in on November 18, 2014. My heart rate was dropping to 30 while I slept and skipping beats and rarely got above 50. Had this most of my life but never had complications, only tired but assumed it was from working. I felt better almost immediately after surgery but it only lasted for about 2 weeks. I still have good days but also days when i feel like i did before the surgery. I have my second post - op visit in 2 1/2 weeks. Can anyone tell me if this is normal and if it gets better.

Posted by 7lives on 2014-12-14 19:03. 7 comments. 169 reads
I had surgery Monday 12/08/14. I knew it was in my future but I did not know it was so soon. I had a 2nd degree block. I was functioning ok with 45 bpm. I went for a cardiac surgical clearance for gall bladder surgery and I end up with a pacemaker 2 days from my visit to cardiologist.
I find myself unable to sleep because I can feel and hear my heart beats that to me they sound too mechanical.
I find myself edgy and with bad temper. Like with no patient for anything. I am worry for my husband that he is the direct target of my bad moods.
Has anyone has experience the same? How long it will last?
I am grateful I found this forum. Learning a lot from the other participants.
Thanks, Dori

Posted by Grateful Heart on 2014-12-14 17:50. 0 comments. 51 reads

I see your shout in the Shoutbox. I will talk to you if you like.

Ask your question or private message me if you want.

We are all here to help.

Grateful Heart

Posted by capecod on 2014-12-14 16:34. 8 comments. 192 reads
hi all
had crt-d 8 months ago. all has been well. have had a cold with coughing and sneezing and have felt some pinching around site. nervous about leads.
thanks for any info.

Posted by garsnig on 2014-12-14 12:23. 1 comments. 102 reads
Is the PM2210 effective when the major problem is Tachycardia rather than Bradycardia? I had a PM2210 implanted in Nov 2012 but the shortness of breath problem I have was not improved and I still experience a pulse rate of over 200 during exercise.

Posted by kirkmanmj on 2014-12-14 11:58. 3 comments. 124 reads
What does it feel like when the ICD uses anti tachycardia pacing (ATP) to break arrhythmia or tachycardia?????

Posted by grizzhew on 2014-12-14 08:34. 3 comments. 121 reads
I have had a pacemaker in for 10 years[1st and 2nd degree heart block, just lately I have been having bad bouts of irregular heart beats mainly after eating.i have been told not use beta blockers because they are not suitable .
does any body know a way round this problem of mine or is in the same predicament.
many thanks

Posted by peegee on 2014-12-14 06:04. 4 comments. 210 reads
I've had a pacemaker for over 4 years now and it's great but I wonder what effect it would have if I took up more strenuous exercise. Im 71 and out of condition although my weight is ok.

Posted by Ldn5950 on 2014-12-13 21:57. 9 comments. 297 reads
Hi, I just joined this group because my husband just had a pacemaker put in on Tuesday and we are having a hard time with dealing with the anxiety of the not knowing. My husband is 32 and is a middle school teacher who passed out at work on Monday and was rushed to the hospital with a low heart rate and we were told he had a right bundle branch block and would need a pacemaker. He has been very depressed and scared since surgery and feeling very lonley. Please any support or positive feedback would be nice he feels that this is rare for young people.

Posted by ella on 2014-12-13 21:04. 0 comments. 83 reads
Hi again Went to see EP and he try his hardest with Medtronic rep. to rhythm control both bottom part of heart said he couldn't do anything for top part which is in A fib 100% but felt he wants to take me off of Toprol XL 100mg 2xdaily and place me on Coreg 25mg he says that Coreg better then Toprol XL for A fib he also said that Coreg can take 6weeks to get use to not being tired? is any one using Coreg that was on Toprol XL I am on Xarelto 20mg Altace 5mg 2xdaily digoxin 0.125 and have been feeling good the Toprol XL 100mg 2xdaily has brought my EJ fraction to 45 which before the # lead placement was 18 (NOT GOOD) only take water pill 40 mg 1 weekly so I am not holding water. but the EP said the A fib is weakening other part of my he...

Posted by ella on 2014-12-13 21:04. 0 comments. 43 reads
Hi again Went to see EP and he try his hardest with Medtronic rep. to rhythm control both bottom part of heart said he couldn't do anything for top part which is in A fib 100% but felt he wants to take me off of Toprol XL 100mg 2xdaily and place me on Coreg 25mg he says that Coreg better then Toprol XL for A fib he also said that Coreg can take 6weeks to get use to not being tired? is any one using Coreg that was on Toprol XL I am on Xarelto 20mg Altace 5mg 2xdaily digoxin 0.125 and have been feeling good the Toprol XL 100mg 2xdaily has brought my EJ fraction to 45 which before the # lead placement was 18 (NOT GOOD) only take water pill 40 mg 1 weekly so I am not holding water. but the EP said the A fib is weakening other part of my he...

Posted by Dave H on 2014-12-13 13:54. 4 comments. 219 reads
Phone conversation with an EP nurse yesterday: Me: Lately, on the treadmill, I've noticed the max heart rate I can achieve (@ 3mph) is 115 - 120. In the not too distant past, I could get my HR up to 145. Do I need my PM adjusted to permit a higher HR? Nurse's answer: "No, since you are taking Metoprolol, that's what is keeping your pulse from climbing any higher." (BTW, I've been taking 50mg 2X daily Metoprolol, aka Lopressor, for 2 years now).
I'm suspicious of her answer-----I'm under the impression my pacemaker is what controls heart rate (I am pacing 100% since an A-V node ablation 2.5 years ago.)

Any thoughts?

Posted by Bmcnally73 on 2014-12-13 11:02. 7 comments. 127 reads
Hi, mydaughters got her pacemaker last year after surgery to repair her heart defects. Sheis 100 percent pacer dependent. How many of you have had your pacemaker since you where little?

Posted by scooter11 on 2014-12-13 03:53. 3 comments. 126 reads
Hello my new friends
My ? is will the wireless headphone around the neck efect my pacemaker-defeb?can anyone relate to that ?thanks in advance

Posted by ome on 2014-12-13 02:17. 1 comments. 77 reads
I've just join this group. So happy to see so many topics that I have in common. . Wish I had join when I first got my pm 9years ago.

Posted by Debbiebarker on 2014-12-13 01:33. 2 comments. 156 reads
bfohj I had my pm removed after 9 yrs. leaving the wires in. Has anyone else here had the removal surgery? I'm having more pain a tugging and burning pain a month after! More pain then when it was put in? Incision is fine?

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