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Posted by Smokie on 2014-09-30 18:13. 1 comments. 9 reads
Hi,Can anyone give me any advice on tooth extraction. I am having two teeth extracted tomorrow. I have read about having antibiotics before the procedure but wondered if that was for every one who has a pacemaker. I had my pm fitted 7months ago for brady/tachy/af.

I would appreciate anyones thoughts on this.

Thanks Lis.

Posted by saslas on 2014-09-30 17:37. 1 comments. 20 reads
Hi everyone!!'

My name is Brenda Davis and I just received my PM about 2 wks. ago. So glad to find this site. I had to have a PM because of a fast heartbeat. Told I had A-Fib. I got a little scared a few days ago when I felt my heart was beginning to race, but became normal again in just a few seconds, so I assume the PM is working to make it normal. Going to have my first checkup since having it put in and assume I will find everything ok, at least that is what I am praying for. I was just wondering how soon after implantation can you shower without worrying about the area getting wet. And any other advice you can give me would be so appreciated. Like I said, am so glad to find this site as this is all so new to me!!! ...

Posted by campusstar on 2014-09-30 15:52. 0 comments. 11 reads
thanks for the advice. Am here because in Jan 03/14 I went to hospital with a EF of 11 went up to 23 then 31 up to 35 right on the line for icd had mugga went down to 31 now told need CRT-D at the time in Jan my partner decided to leave me and I been dealing with this cardiomyopathy alone

Posted by KeelyLatterner on 2014-09-30 14:05. 1 comments. 44 reads

I am quite nervous about my first pacemaker check up today. It has been approximately 6 weeks since my dual chamber MRI safe pacemaker was put in. I'm diagnosed with genetic Long QT and was suffering with bradycardia and asystole - over 5 second pauses.
I have felt a difference with the pacemaker, but I also feel some unusual sensations since the implant that I didn't feel before. For example, sometimes my heart really thumps! I don't know if that's how a normal heart beat should feel and I have just been so used to a slow and silent one.... I also often feel what I can only describe as a small bubble bursting. Like you blew a bubble with chewing gum and then it popped. It doesn't hurt or is painful, but I have just...

Posted by campusstar on 2014-09-30 13:09. 2 comments. 33 reads
am new on this site just found out am getting a CRT-D in two days. I am scared to death the stress is killing me. Any thoughts for me to use to try to calm down.

Posted by ERER on 2014-09-29 22:54. 2 comments. 110 reads
I'm on my 3rd pacemaker in almost 20 years and am always mindful to ask questions if I don't understand something during pacemaker interrogations but one thing I've noticed on the printout is "no episodes." What exactly does that mean? I did ask once and the technician said cardiac episodes, but what constitutes a cardiac episode on a pacemaker?

Posted by Pacey_23 on 2014-09-29 22:28. 13 comments. 183 reads
I just had a pacemaker put in today, and did not expect it to hurt THIS MUCH!! I can't sleep, or find any comfortable position - my whole left arm and shoulder feels completely frozen up and any movement is agony. It's less than 24 hours since they've done the procedure, so obviously it's really recent, and I am taking the recommended painkillers but it's just not achieving anything. Is this sort of pain normal? How long can I expect it to last? And does anyone have any tips for dealing with the pain/ getting comfortable?

Cheers :-)

Posted by lbdina on 2014-09-29 15:45. 3 comments. 81 reads
Hi. I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a PM for Bradycardia, SSS and Dysautonomia. My mother needed a PM, and now my daughter (30 years old) is having symptoms that are eerily similar to my episodes (intense nausea, light-headedness, syncope, flushed or drenching sweats, etc). Just like me, she never vomits, so it isn't food poisoning or stomach flu. With her, it only happens a few times per year, which is also similar to me. Perhaps it is a genetic predisposition that runs in the family.

I'd like her to see a good EP who can help her diagnose her situation. Can anyone recommend an EP in Tacoma, WA or Gig Harbor, WA?

Thanks a lot.


Posted by Parrothead57 on 2014-09-29 15:29. 5 comments. 123 reads
I know this topic has been addressed many times here but I wanted to share a recent experience. My wife had to go in for an MRI. She has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheel chair a majority of the time. She can walk with help but we knew she’d need help getting on the table. I let the technicians know that I wanted to help but I have a pacemaker. They would not allow me in the room with the machine, even with it turned off. I made the off comment that my PM wasn’t an MRI safe model. The technician said that as far as they were concerned, there was no such thing as an MRI safe pacemaker. We are in Austin Texas, the technician told me the nearest location that would accept an MRI safe pacemaker was in Houston, about 160 miles away...

Posted by chelsea_clio on 2014-09-29 14:48. 3 comments. 63 reads
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone was taking flecainide for their arrhythmia. I am taking 50 mg twice a day and I feel weird sensations in my chest when walking. Is a bit like my rate response kicking in too early and it only happened since I started the drug. I also feel very tired. Just wanted any comments on side effects from others on this drug.


Posted by NikkiScissorhands on 2014-09-29 13:33. 5 comments. 91 reads
Hello, I'm new to this site my name is Nikki and I'm 27. I was diagnosed with congenital third degree heart block December 2013 and bradycardia. I had a pacemaker implanted on August 21, 2014. A higher heart rate is completely new to me. I was use to my heart rate being in the high 30's mid 40's. Before my surgery I had heart palpitations on a daily basis, after the implant I haven't had any. Until today. I woke with a sinking feeling, like something bad was going to happen, I can't shake it. Then the palpitations started. Are palpitations after a PM implant normal? Is it okay? Should I be concerned? Each time I have a palpitation my stomach gets that going down a roller coaster feeling.

Posted by TraceyE on 2014-09-29 11:03. 7 comments. 131 reads

Posted by Gellia3 on 2014-09-29 11:02. 5 comments. 64 reads
Today is a happy day for me. I am celebrating 39 years with a PM. Without it, I wouldn't have had those extra 39 years to celebrate. Thank you, Pacemaker. I have loved, and am still loving, my life!

Most gratefully,

Posted by belle on 2014-09-29 10:59. 0 comments. 87 reads

Posted by wjs1954 on 2014-09-29 08:55. 3 comments. 47 reads
Well i started and finished my first and for today i say last century. little warm on the east cost yestreday, not that it would had made me feel any better. Link to activity below, messed up the Garmin at the start didn't record data for first 17 miles..
PS still think my HR does not go up where it should other on the ride were much higher especially on the climbs.

Posted by belle on 2014-09-29 06:57. 2 comments. 82 reads
One of the messages was just like mine lbb, chf from a virus, the big diff is my EF was only 10 per cent. I believe the person said her EF was 35. 35 is not so bad. I don't drink or smoke, watch my salt. Try to watch my weight. I am 55 yrs old. Oh at the beg of this journey 8 yrs ago, I was scared stiff. My regular cardio sent me to a Colimbia Pres to see a de who specializes in heRt transplants. I was given a test like an MRI which took an hour to see if my heart was viable. I told this dr I just wanted to take the meds, have bi vent put in and put the rest in god hands. My regular cardio does not believe in giving echo unless you have symptoms. I had to go for another operation and had togetane ho for. Clearance. My dr walked ...

Posted by boysmom on 2014-09-29 05:54. 7 comments. 75 reads
Yesterday I complete the insane inflatable 5k!!! Took 40 minute. There were 11 inflatable obstacles within the 5k course. 4 months since I had my pm and while I am very sunburned and sore, I feel fantastic!!!! I never did a 5K. I proved to myself and so many others that the PM has made me better and I can do anything I set my mind to. YEA ME!!! I wonder what I will do next?

Posted by mehr on 2014-09-29 03:45. 4 comments. 92 reads
Hi I have a dual chamber metronics pacemaker since 2005 . now my doc is recommending biotroniks. I have has a very good experience with metronics device no issues whatsoever. please give me you feedback on which company pacemakers are better, should i switch to biotroniks.

Posted by mrsb on 2014-09-29 00:11. 2 comments. 72 reads
I have a pacemaker, about 5 weeks in, my Dr ordered a echo cardiogram and a calcium score..I have read that its not safe with a pacemaker? Does anyone know?? I'm concerned

Posted by pinksquirrel on 2014-09-28 23:58. 3 comments. 65 reads
I've had my DD Pacemaker for almost a year now and most od the time I really forget I have it until this morning. Yesterday I was using a cultivator with a battery pack. I'm left handed and of course the pm was implanted on the left side. Totally forgot about the warnings that are in the book. When I woke this morning I felt bad and I took my BP and Pulse thinking that I may be in A-fib. Nope but my pulse registered 47 and my pm is set at 70.Humm I got a cup of tea took it again and my pulse was 154 the atrial setting is 130. So I guess my pm is out of whack. Everything has settled down now. Could it have been my using the battery operated cultivator causing EMI?

Posted by my4turtles on 2014-09-28 23:29. 0 comments. 24 reads
I'm getting my 3 rd pacemaker in 4 days a BIV pacemaker.. This is my 3rd since 2011.. I got a 2nd after a infection after a lead replacement ... Any ways I know the BIV sends little shocks, im curios can you tell when this happens.

Posted by keylymepie on 2014-09-28 21:47. 2 comments. 46 reads
I just got my first pacemaker on Thursday. It is a Biotronik with CLS. I can feel what I think is the CLS sensor kick in 10-20x per day. It feels like when they were testing my ventricular lead yet I'm not supposed to be pacing from the ventricle at all. I was totally awake without sedation when they implanted it so I was able to feel everything.

So during my low BP times (which is when the CLS SHOULD kick in) I feel that my heart is racing and beating powerfully and irregularly. It usually races up to 120-150 bpm at those times. My settings are 80 minimum 160 maximum. Is this normal to feel that? I have the pacemaker for vasovagal syncope, sudden drops in HR and symptomatic bradycardia episodes to the 30's mid-day.

Posted by Alrajhi on 2014-09-28 21:24. 4 comments. 122 reads
hi all,

its my 3d year on pacemaker and I'm 34.

last weekend i had dinner with a whole bottle of wine and the next day i felt my heart was different beating a lot harder and early beats is making me crazy .

im not comfortable and i think i messed up any one dealt with such a thing before ?

Posted by islandboy on 2014-09-28 19:38. 2 comments. 84 reads
Had a Medtronic for over a year now but I continue to get ectopic heartbeats. However the Medtronic has kept me chugging in spite of them. I suspect it has helped prevent a fib, but I'd like other pacemaker people to give me their experiences with their pacemakers and arrhythmia.

Posted by joelcr3 on 2014-09-28 19:08. 4 comments. 102 reads
Im just about a week after installation. drivin for a few days. The sholder belt of the seatbelt in my car naturally goes across the chest over the heart and over the PM. I try to move the seat and try not to have it on it. What is the easiest way to avoid a problem if I stop short?

Posted by kirkmanmj on 2014-09-28 19:06. 1 comments. 35 reads
I had an epicardial ablation done 3 weeks ago. I also had a 2 lead pacemaker implanted 3 days later. My heart is being paced at 70 beats per minute to control ventricular tachycardia.

I have had a sensation that can be described as a mild burning sensation around the heart area, followed by a mild rush of adrenaline. Most of the time it only lasts 30 seconds or so, except for last night when I had wave after wave of this for about on hour.

I don't know if this is just the heart healing or is the ventricular tachycardia coming back and this is just the pacemaker trying to pace me out of v-tach and back into rhythm.

Anyone had similar experience with a pacemaker?????

Thanks in advance for any th...

Posted by tex on 2014-09-28 15:00. 6 comments. 124 reads
I'm into the 6th month after insertion and my scar is still tender and itchy...any suggestions?

Posted by lcwr on 2014-09-28 13:34. 3 comments. 76 reads
Hi - my son has a pacemaker and he used to be in the marching band - he played percussion instruments so he used to wear the harnesses that carry the mallets (xylophones), bass drums, snare drums. Does anyone know of any harnesses that can be used that won't rest on the pacemaker area? or is his "percussion" marching band days over!!

Any info or any website you can point me to would be greatly appreciated!!!


Posted by michellekport on 2014-09-28 07:42. 5 comments. 122 reads
Hello All,

My name is Michelle, I'm 26 years old and have restrictive cardiomyopathy and a pacemaker. I recieved my dual lead medtronic pacemaker in 2009. I found out a couple years or so ago that one of my leads isn't workig properly and because of that it is draining the PM battery quicker than it normally would. They aren't sure why, but they are guessing that there is too much scar tissue around the lead causing it to work harder than it should. If it continues to decline at a continuous rate I will need to replace my PM in 2-3 years. I am 100% paced so I get my leads checked every 2-3 months.
I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with a lead? And, if they had, did they have problems with the new l...

Posted by lray on 2014-09-27 19:10. 3 comments. 140 reads
I had my pacemaker installed Sept. 10, 2014. My electric heart fraction was 35 percent which caused me to have CHF and bracardia. I was told if I did not have pacemaker installed I might live a year, A cardio psychologist installed it and I also have a cardiologist who seem to be very optimistic about improvement, I am a 58 year old female.
I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THERE IS ANYONE else THAT HAS LEFT BUNDLE BRANCH BLOCK THAT CAUSED THEM TO have SUCH A L LOW HEART FRACTION. The Doctors also wanted to install a defibilator but my insurance would not approve unless it dropped another percent.

Posted by on 2014-09-27 17:27. 7 comments. 253 reads
Hi all, I am new to this just 4 weeks in with my pacemaker and I need a haircut badly. I look like an old sea hag. I have had a hairdresser tell me she wouldn't do it because it may interfere with the pacemaker. Is it safe to get a haircut? thanks for your help.

Posted by GingerVa on 2014-09-27 16:41. 7 comments. 164 reads
I got my pacemaker about 3 1/2 weeks ago and started a walking routine. 2 day after surgery about 1/3 of a mile, not far. Over the course of a week I got up to a mile and have been walking 1-2 miles a day. Since my goal is to run a 5 k race I decided to walk that distance today. I'm 60 and pretty fit but I am completely exhausted, could hardly make it home. It is how I felt before the pacemaker when I would walk a mile.
I'm pretty bummed out. I thought it was going to be a cake walk.
Is this normal? Maybe stick with 1-2 miles a little longer?

Posted by annie21 on 2014-09-27 14:50. 3 comments. 85 reads
Hi, just returned from my holiday to 8 countries no problems at air ports etc just showed my PM card. Hope this helps any member who is thinking of traveling

Posted by vbpoppy18 on 2014-09-27 13:44. 1 comments. 72 reads
Everything I have read online has said that alternators will cause a pacemaker to slow it's pacing until it is removed from the alternator. But is it possible for an alternator to make the pacemaker speed up and stay sped up permanently?!?!

Posted by kmom on 2014-09-27 11:38. 5 comments. 210 reads
I've been doing fairly good since my pm but still dragging at times. last time I went in in Aug for check up they turned down the rate response a little to see if it would help so far haven't noticed much difference. but lately I've been short of breath more and having a lot of palpatations at night although my rate ISN'T really high. I do have spikes in the low 100's and 90's --I have afib but dr. said it was only about less than 1% of time. and am on medications for that incl. anticoagulant (Pradaxa) i'm just wondering if i'm going into a-fib more often now or if it could be something else. don't get my wrong I do feel much better with PM (SSS) but I hate this "dragging" I didn't feel like that at first. what could they have possibly don...

Posted by ravindermalhotra on 2014-09-27 09:38. 1 comments. 102 reads
since a pace maker is to be implanted for my son's heart who is 22 years old , thus , please let me know which pace maker should or is the best one available in India and it's warranty / guarantee period .

Will an implant of pace maker would make the right ventricle work properly after the implant.

How would my son come to know about expiry of the pace maker and how it's working would be monitored

please help me in all aspects of implant of a pace maker.

ravinder malhotra.

Posted by SMITTY on 2014-09-27 01:24. 17 comments. 426 reads
Did you ever stop and think about when you may have lived long enough. Below is what one of the Obamcare experts had to say on the subject.

"Obamacare architect Dr. Zeke Emanuel explained on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" why he believed 75 years was long enough for a person to live, saying that's about the time health began to decline." His words, not mine.

"I picked 75, when you think about the combination of physical decline, the rise of Alzheimer's, the loss of creativity."

As for me, I hit the 85 marker in May, 2014. If, I even think of this subject I just ask for at least one more day to try to get finished some of the "stuff" I have started and not completed.

Posted by vbpoppy18 on 2014-09-27 00:42. 4 comments. 261 reads
How strong of a magnet is needed to make the pacemaker enter magnet mode? Are we talking like ice box magnets or what?

Posted by Jacatak on 2014-09-27 00:32. 4 comments. 117 reads

I received my pacemaker (Medtronics dual chamber) 9/9/2014 after two syncope episodes. One in February 2014 while driving (no injuries/damage) and the other the beginning of September. After the most recent fainting I was sent to ER and then admitted to hospital. After several tests it was determined my hearts electrical system was not working properly. I initially went through the "why me" stage and some tears. I am coping and adjusting. I have had my two week device check and fortunately no complications.

I am glad I found the pacemakers club. The doctors and other staff have been okay about answering my questions and giving me information but it is so much better when you get information and advice from indiv...

Posted by natandhop on 2014-09-26 20:36. 9 comments. 222 reads
Hey yall,
i have a meniscus tear on my left knee. Having a PM prohibits the use of a MRI, so we did an X-ray and I'll see those on Monday. Doctor wants to scope my knee because of my pain and other symptoms point to a moderate tear. When I rest, it feels much better. When I wear a knew brace and compression sock, it feels better. So, I'm thinking maybe I don't need to do the scope.

What do you think?

Posted by Skyking on 2014-09-26 14:05. 0 comments. 53 reads
Got an LVAD last month and STILL have my ICD.

Posted by bluebowtye on 2014-09-26 12:36. 5 comments. 179 reads
Hey Everyone,

I sent my 2nd remote transmission a few days ago and yesterday I received a letter saying everything was normal and when my next appointment was, that's it.

I called my Dr.'s office to request a copy of my actual report and they told me I had to go through the "Medical Record Release Dept". I called them and they told me I had to fax a form to them stating I wanted a copy of my report. I asked if they could please put a note on my file to just send them automatically every time and they told me no. They said my signature on the form would be good for a year but I still had to call them each time because they had no idea when my remote transmissions were scheduled.

I understand all...

Posted by Louie70 on 2014-09-26 11:27. 3 comments. 150 reads
Hi everyone. I have been lurking here for a few months learning a whole bunch from all of you. Thank you very much. I am a male, almost 70 ( in a couple weeks). In May 2011 I had my first heart attack with 2 stents installed. I had shortness of breath before the attack and it continued afterwards. All pulmonary tests showed no problems of significance. In the fall of 2013 I went to an integrative cardiologist because of this. An echo showed I had left bundle branch block and ejection fraction of 25-30%. He treated me with meds and supplements but I showed no improvement and my breathing got worse. In June of this year at the gym doing chin ups I thought I had another heart attack and spent 2 days in the hospital. All tests and a hea...

Posted by joelcr3 on 2014-09-26 10:08. 2 comments. 153 reads
Here is my story:
I'm 71. I had a Biotronik Evia DE-T 2 lead PM put in 4 days ago. 11 years ago I took a stress test and ended up with 1 stent. 6 years ago I had heart failure ( filled with water swollen and gained alot of weight) I got over everything pretty fast. Retired 15 years ago but have a pretty active life. 8 days ago. I got dizzy a few times but it went away. The next morning I took my BP and found it was ok 120/60 but my HR was just 32. did it again and then anoher machine but it was still 32. Called my cardiologist at 6:30 in the morning and he called back fast and said go to ER he wold meet me there. They almost immediately connected me to an external pacemaker but didn't turn it on and sent me to the ICU. The cardiologi...

Posted by Scotty on 2014-09-26 00:36. 3 comments. 170 reads
Hi, I am new to this club and a bit nervous. I grew up with atrial tachycardia and at age 49 was told by a cardiologist that they could fix it. I had a cardiac ablation done and after the surgery and feeling not well, was told to go home and see if it resolves. I ended up having to have a pacemaker because my good electrical was damaged during the procedure. A different doctor implanted the pacemaker on my right side, which was never explained why to me. I am right handed and own a dog grooming shop, so my work is very physical. I had my battery replaced once 3yrs ago as an emergency, and it has migrated over to my arm. My cardiologist referred me back to the last surgeon to see if it should be moved and he said if it bothers me that much...

Posted by Scotty on 2014-09-26 00:35. 1 comments. 59 reads
Hi, I am new to this club and a bit nervous. I grew up with atrial tachycardia and at age 49 was told by a cardiologist that they could fix it. I had a cardiac ablation done and after the surgery and feeling not well, was told to go home and see if it resolves. I ended up having to have a pacemaker because my good electrical was damaged during the procedure. A different doctor implanted the pacemaker on my right side, which was never explained why to me. I am right handed and own a dog grooming shop, so my work is very physical. I had my battery replaced once 3yrs ago as an emergency, and it has migrated over to my arm. My cardiologist referred me back to the last surgeon to see if it should be moved and he said if it bothers me that much...

Posted by LisB on 2014-09-25 23:01. 2 comments. 132 reads
I will try to make this post as coherent as possible, but I'm afraid I don't have all of the details. I have a pacemaker for total heart block, but this post is not about me. I took my friend to her appointment for a colonoscopy, but before the procedure, they noticed her heart rate was over 150 and going up and down rapidly. They kept her in the hospital. This is day 2 and she had an echo test that looks at the heart and nothing was conclusive. We heard anecdotal stories that very many people have trouble with their hearts while prepping for a colonoscopy. Tomorrow they want to give her a stress test and perhaps shock the heart back into a regular sinus rhythm. Does anyone have any info about these things and what she can expect and just ...

Posted by Martha on 2014-09-25 22:10. 6 comments. 158 reads
I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor......I will be getting the first mammogram since having my pacemaker implanted in March this year....My question is whether I will have any problem with getting a mammogram since I have a pacemaker, since I believe the pacemaker is metal? I'd like to hear from someone who gets mammograms. Thanks!

Posted by PaulFromSydney2 on 2014-09-25 21:55. 10 comments. 227 reads
Haven't posted in a while as everything going great. Exercise almost every day. Feeling good. Forget that I have a PM.
I do have a question though (admittedly feel guilty asking given so many people on this site are doing it tough and this is trivial!)

At my last check up I had my upper HR changed to allow it to get to 160bpm (from max 130). Alas I can't get my HR anywhere near this.
When running it sits / maxes between 120 and 130. Admittedly not sprinting but still at a reasonable 5min 40sec per km pace. I have even done some hill training and it peaks at 130.
I have read that you should have a peak HR at around 220 - age (for males). For me this would be 167.

My question is what is normal. How does ...

Posted by SallyStar on 2014-09-25 20:12. 0 comments. 33 reads
Thanks for your answers regarding my Merlin. I called my hospital and they told me they were receiving my information, and that everything was OK.
Thanks again for your postings.

Posted by njp on 2014-09-25 19:16. 9 comments. 186 reads
I am a first-timer here. I hope that I'm posting my question within the right group.

Although I am new to Pacemakers and/or ICD's, I am not new to heart issues. I have undergone three (3) Open-Heart Surgeries and I have two mechanical heart valves.

My issues began at the age of 24; I am now 63 years old and very fortunate to be alive!

After my last OHS in 2006, I started having A-fib issues and they have progressively gotten worse. My cardiologist is now thinking of implanting a Pacemaker.

Trouble is, I live in New Mexico and my doctor is in Houston, TX (THI). I am scheduled to fly on the 26th of Oct, have the Holter-Monitor put on Monday, the 27th and then meet with the doc...

Posted by vbpoppy18 on 2014-09-25 15:37. 6 comments. 174 reads
I am turning 21 in less than a week. I had a pacemaker implanted in 2012 when I was 18. I vowed to myself that I would not let this define me as the "guy with a pacemakeer". I went to my follow up check and sent in a reading at the 3 month mark. Then I lost insurance for a while and then got too busy! I now work at oreilly auto parts and they don't know that I have a pacemaker. Lately, It seems as if my heart is racing! I live 5 hours from my pacemaker doctor and am a student so I cannot just drop everything and make a trip! I am going to a primary care doctor. I hope he will set me up with a doctor that is a lot closer to me! But my question is how easy is it to switch doctors like that???

Posted by Cynthia56 on 2014-09-25 12:18. 1 comments. 152 reads
Hi everyone. I'm new on this forum and would appreciate getting to know others who have pacemakers and learning from some of your experiences. I had a pacemaker installed in March of this year. It was sent at 60 bpm. I am exhausted all of the time. Have any of you every heard of someone having their bpm's increased to help with exhaustion? I would appreciate

Posted by AngelaD on 2014-09-25 11:54. 8 comments. 237 reads
During a pre-medical, 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with a low heart rate (mid 30 bpm). My heart also paused for 4.9 seconds. I was not aware I had a problem as I was quite active and the consensus at the time was to leave any treatment until I felt symptoms, and then to have a pacemaker fitted.
Fast forward to present time, and again during a yearly medical, the doctor became concerned about how low my heart rate was, and said I must be in denial if I wasn't experiencing any symptoms. I was then 'bluelighted' to hospital.
I have read some of the posts and have noted that lots of pacemaker patients have said "how do you know what symptoms to look for if you are used to how you feel" - hope this makes sense.
I then started to ...

Posted by ballydhanoa on 2014-09-25 11:51. 2 comments. 74 reads
hello friends, i am male 20. here is my question in 2008 during my TPI(temperary PM) implanting my vt leads to cardiac arrest after ^2 mint my heart return to normal operation. after that i received my permanent PM which is Dual chamber DDDR medtronic PM. after that i have no symtops of loss of cosequence my question is that is there chances of sudden cardiac arrest again in my life ? because my pm is not CRD type it is DDR mode any sugestions i am patient of complete heart block. is there any chances of cardiac arrest in future?

Posted by KAG on 2014-09-25 11:45. 2 comments. 152 reads
Up until this week I've not come across any security scanners. I used to travel a lot for work, pre-PM but since I've retired (just cause I could, nothing to do with PM) I've been able to avoid the hassles of airline travel.

Monday I had jury duty and when I went to the court building it looked like airport security. So being a bit rusty in the drill I put my bag in the tray and proceeded to walk through the scanner. BEEP. I told them I had a PM and that could be the cause, but forgot I didn't take the coins out of my pocket. So went back emptied pockets. The security guy held up a wand and asked if I wanted to do it that way, but I said no this was an experiment to see what if anything happens with my PM. He got a funny ...

Posted by Grateful Heart on 2014-09-25 11:15. 0 comments. 40 reads

The American Heart Association has a new interactive guide for understanding and living with AFib.

You have to copy and paste the link:

Grateful Heart

Posted by MonicaNYC on 2014-09-24 20:48. 4 comments. 138 reads
Just over two months from my pacemaker surgery, and I have a new goal. Determined to be my doctors first pacemaker patient to run any type of marathon, 1/2 or otherwise. Granted I have an unfair advantage over the competition, being in my 40s and on average decades younger, but it's good to have goals :) Several runs down (albeit slow as molasses to stay within my doctors HR guidelines), still feeling good. First hurdle in sight, 5 mile Turkey Trot!

Posted by Nanabanana on 2014-09-24 18:29. 4 comments. 144 reads
Is there going to be a problem if I have a wound VAC about 3" form my pacemaker?

Posted by ballydhanoa on 2014-09-24 12:59. 1 comments. 122 reads
hello friends i am new here. i have question that using phone will effect battery life of PM ? i use phone for 5,6 hours daily. using phone without sim card will not affect PM? how phone effect PM? i always make 6inch difference b/w PM and mobilephone

Posted by cabbie on 2014-09-24 12:34. 2 comments. 156 reads
So I am seven weeks post implantation with my first CRT-D. I've really had trouble sleeping since day one, as I can't get into a comfortable position with my CRT-D. I also notice that since about the first month I've been having episodes of shortness of breath, but not as bad as I used to have pre-implant. I also still get tired walking fairly short distances but not as much as I used to. I try to be reasonable and tell myself I am still adjusting to the CRT-D.

What worries me is that my EP found PVCs on interrogation last Monday. We hadn't noted any during the three previous interrogations we had done. He turned on the trigger mode and advised me to increase my carvedilol dose. I only recall one ECG pre-implant where I had ...

Posted by Marshy430 on 2014-09-24 06:12. 2 comments. 165 reads
Hi I'm new to this I am in the britsh army and I had a heartbeat of 22 beats per minute I fainted twice and i had to have a duel chamber pacemaker put in now I'm getting pap 10 and now I'm getting kicked out the army

Posted by crgrandma on 2014-09-23 22:44. 0 comments. 73 reads
Glad aim not alone. I got mine July 2014 after a 3XByPass. Today I still get a lot of Pain in the Pacemaker immediate area up into the Shoulder, down into breast area. Everybody thinks I'm nuts. Glad I found this group

Posted by ReadingFC on 2014-09-23 19:43. 4 comments. 263 reads
I had my PM fitter on new years day this year after fainting a couple of times and the doctor finding I had irregular heart rate.

I have PM which will pace /match upto 120 bpm. Any higher it does not continue to keep up. I have forgotten the tecky term for this.

I am going on a plane for the first time since, and am I so scared of flyer, but I have to go. I used to drink loads and go to sleep, but now with the warfarine I cant do that.

I would think I can get to 120 bpm just by thinking about getting on a plane. I will be able to cope with it, I think after being rushed into the hospital for a PM, I could probably cope with anything now.

What can i expect to happen if I go over 120 if I get in a ...

Posted by eva_rb on 2014-09-23 17:04. 1 comments. 131 reads
Since my last few appointments, (around the last year while my resting bpm has been 55) i have noticed that when i do physical activity, even something as small as a brisk walk (even when it's cold) can lead me to get quite hot and sweat (not a lot but more than i would expect) even though i don't get physically tired from it and i was wondering if this could be something to do with the sensitivity of my pacemaker. for example maybe if it is a bit too sensitive then i could be getting the same chemicals and volume of sweat as a normal person would expect when exerting themselves much more because my heart rate is fooling the rest of my body into thinking i am. i have also noticed that if i am talking while i walk i sometimes get slightly ...

Posted by Cprice on 2014-09-23 16:32. 4 comments. 158 reads
Does anyone know if it's safe to work in a nuclear power plant if you have a icd or pacemaker fitted???

Posted by lhogue on 2014-09-23 13:13. 7 comments. 167 reads
I've read a few posts that people are having problems with their HR monitors. I was just thinking that I needed a new strap. I've only had my PM in for two weeks (getting staples removed today). My pm is set for 50 and will help me reach 140. I don't seem to go over 70 on a 4 mile walk. Today it dropped to 38 but it's not supposed to go below 50. Anyone else have problems with it not picking up your rate? Second question. How long do I have to wait before I get to start exercising? I'd like to cycle soon.
Thanks for any feedback!

Posted by PeteFindlay on 2014-09-23 09:08. 5 comments. 209 reads
They seem to crop up quite a lot, but a search hasn't quite found what I'm looking for.

Medtronic E-M interference guidance suggests 6 inch distance maintained between the tattoo gun and the PM itself. I have also seen that many people have had tattoos much closer - even directly over - their PM.

My question - have any of our inked community who have tattoos close to the device ever personally experienced any interference from the tattoo machinery? (As opposed to anecdotal or internet horror stories)


Posted by marypryce on 2014-09-23 08:56. 2 comments. 110 reads
Hello everybody
Im 65 with Id dilated cardiomyopath diagnosed in2010 on optimum meds. In last 6 months I have got to feel increasingly awful and I asked if a pacemaker would help anyway they did some more tests and my EF was low and last Friday the NHS gave me a Meditronic viva Quad. How soon will I start to feel any better as this is a last ditch stand,between me and having to give up work. I need to carry on but if this does not improve things i will not be able to.
Very bruised and sore but don't feel any different still v tired and lethargic able to walk a little further but no miraculous improvement. What can I expect???

Posted by becky1958 on 2014-09-23 00:23. 8 comments. 157 reads
Hi everyone! I am so glad to have found this site! I am 56 and had my pacemaker unit put in 10 days ago. I go Wednesday to my first checkup to have staples removed. My pacemaker site is very sore under the bandage( I can only imagine what it looks like) My question is , does it hurt to have the staples removed?

Posted by maile.ogden on 2014-09-23 00:14. 1 comments. 123 reads
I just received an emergency pacemaker last month. I can tell when it takes control and paces It hurts and about 10 minutes later I feel light headed. Is this normal?

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