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Posted by Queen16 on 2016-05-28 15:52. 0 comments. 0 reads
Hi Everyone,
I am fairly new here and have been learning a lot. I had a dual lead pacemaker implanted a week ago. I have been feeling great since the surgery and was up and about walking. I did not realize how badly I felt until I started feeling good with the PM.

I have been walking since day 2 post op and my pacemaker has gone up to 125 BPM and I have not felt any pre-PM symptoms. Today I challenged myself and went spinning, everything was going great then at 130 BPM I blocked I got all those nasty incompetence symptoms bringing my HR down to 67. Stayed there until I caught my breath. Am now worried could my leads have dislodged? At discharge, I asked the cardiologist what the settings were on my pacemaker and he said tha...

Posted by Pinecone on 2016-05-28 03:53. 1 comments. 27 reads
I am curious to know if anyone out there has had their pacemaker removed prior to the generator change date? My single lead (RV lead) pacemaker was inserted in Feb 2016 for pre-syncopal events caused by intermittent 3rd degree AV block (3 sec and 6 sec pauses). If there comes a time when I am not paced ever again (i.e. no more pauses), I wonder if my EP doctor would consider removing the pacemaker? How long a time without pauses would be considered a reason to remove the pacemaker? Has anyone out there have this experience?

Posted by luckylouise08 on 2016-05-27 22:11. 1 comments. 41 reads
Hi all, i'm going for a second opinion on some recent holter monitor results. I got told I had Wenckebach episodes at night and that shouldn't be an issue if I don't have symptoms. Well I do have dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue, chest pains, headaches and lots of unexplained medical issues. I go to the gym a lot but my heartrate has always been disturbingly high even after not going too mad...and I must stress that I am not overweight or unfit and I try to eat healthily. I am concerned as the person giving my results said he cannot explain why my heartrate was 'very high' during exercise on the results and he also mistakenly believed my day not exercising on the results was an exercise day as my heart was 'very high' heartrate,...

Posted by Czechmate on 2016-05-27 18:26. 3 comments. 93 reads
Hello, I'm a 45 yo male who's completed several long distance and ultra running events. I've seen several cardiologists and gone through all the standard tests. I have a resting heart rate of 30-35. My symptoms are dizziness from time to time and the inability for my heart rate to climb during exercise or racing. I did some tempo training the other day and my heart rate never passed 120. I can still race, but becoming more slow and difficult as heart just won't go like it use to. Showing signs of exercise intolerance. I become more symptomatic on days I don't exercise. Strange, but exercise seems to kick start my heart for the day. If I don't exercise I become tired and heart palpitates more when lying down. A couple years ago th...

Posted by christy99 on 2016-05-27 17:08. 1 comments. 100 reads
Hi, is there anything I can do about my recent nightmare box change? put simply I know things can sometimes go wrong but what happened to me has (never happened before) my doc's words.

After removing the box the doc was unable to remove the screw from the lead which resulted in me having to have another one put in the whole thing took 3 hours with me wide awake I can only describe it as some kind of torture, I'm still traumatised a week later... any help is appreciated thanks.

I'm in UK.

Posted by Poppy59 on 2016-05-27 11:45. 4 comments. 148 reads
My pacemaker was inserted 6 weeks ago. All was healing well until a couple of weeks ago (just after my 4 week technician check) when I noticed a small, blackish area on the left hand side of my scar. Four days ago, after a shower, I noticed the scar was weeping slightly from a small hole that had appeared in the blackish area (the discharge was slight and transparent). I have since been to see my GP and have been put on two types of antibiotics for 7 days. My GP doesn't know why this has happened.
Has this happened to anyone else? Could this be an indication that my pacemaker is infected?
I would appreciate feedback if this has happened to you.
Thank you.

Posted by AndyT on 2016-05-27 07:19. 1 comments. 46 reads
Hello folks, my last post here was almost two years ago when I was looking for some information concerning AV Node Ablations which it looked like at the time was my next course of action.

I’m hoping there are some new users here that have had this procedure or can point me in the direction of some advice…..or reassurance!

I have a fairly complicated cardiac history which started in 2009 with an episode of SVT caused by Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome which I knew I had and had never caused an issue, for whatever reason I ignored this assuming the SVT would stop as they always did, however it didn’t and I ended up with an emergency WPW Ablation as I had developed a Cardiomyopathy and LVF. This pathway was ablated a...

Posted by blassen81 on 2016-05-27 00:42. 3 comments. 111 reads
Hello all,
I just joined looking for support. As I get a lot of loving support from my wife and family, I wanted to talk to people who have a pace maker and how life is like with it. I am 35 years old and just had my pace maker implanted Monday May 23rd. I have a long history of heart problems all the way from birth. I was diagnosed with a-fib in 2002 and have had 5 ablations to try to correct it. The more I had, the less it held. The last ablation only held for 4 months. So after a long discussion with my EP we decided it was time for a pacemaker. Now I am having a hard time coping. I can constantly feel my heart beating and it's very uncomfortable. As far as I know I am still in a-fib but I don't really feel it, which is good, b...

Posted by MattJ on 2016-05-26 20:50. 5 comments. 140 reads
Hi Everyone,

Just signed up today and thought I'd introduce myself. My Name is Matt and I live in the UK, I am 30 years old and have always been very fit and active, I have been doing HIIT, Crossfit and Muay Thai kickboxing for as long as I can remember and for years played Rugby also. Mid way through December just gone I had what I would describe as a possible chest infection, symptoms were shortness of breath, tiredness with what felt like a congested chest feeling when breathing, this cleared up 90% then at the end of February it came back only this time a lot worse, I went to the GP who did the general checks etc, he said clinically I was fine, after two more weeks of living with these symptoms of tiredness, shortness of br...

Posted by christy99 on 2016-05-26 20:03. 2 comments. 115 reads
Hi everyone, newbie here. Just had first box change a week ago and just my luck things went wrong... has anyone else heard of this happening. After removing the box the surgeon was unable to release the screw from the lead he tried for an hour then called for another surgeon to try he also failed to release it, I was freaking out by this time but they had no choice but to leave it in cap it off and insert another lead. Afterwards I was told this had never happened before which was no consolation I am still heavily bruised and left feeling a bit dizzy from time to time not sure if this should have worn off by now a bit scared to go out as legs feel a bit rubbery still, any thoughts appreciated thanks.

Posted by gleesue on 2016-05-26 15:45. 1 comments. 84 reads
Happy with my PM since August 2012, but flutter is really getting to me. I had gone 15 months without a cardioversion (good for me). Now I have had to get cardioverted April 3 and then again May 10. I'ts not holding this time. I'm back in my flutter. It seems I have developed my own special arrhythmia as I can be in one with a pulse of 60. They are calling it a subtle arrhythmia.

I've been on Flecainide lately and now they have added Verapamil. EP even said the combo could get me back in sinus, maybe. No more cardioversion for now. The EP has said that I may not be a candidate for another ablation because of all the work that has been done already, Maze procedure and 4 other ablations. However, he talked to the surgeon, who cam...

Posted by GreenHorn on 2016-05-26 14:14. 3 comments. 118 reads
What does EP stand for? Having difficulty finding an EP to interrogate my pacemaker. Just got it yesterday. My understanding was that it was not interrogated after it was installed. It was part of my discharge instructions to have this done in 7-10 days. The earliest date I could get is 17 days from implant. Should I look for another cardiologist who has an EP (?) in house, or do these EP's have their own practices?


Truly a GreenHorn

Posted by Heartfelt on 2016-05-26 13:08. 5 comments. 131 reads
Hello. I am still learning the topic. My cardiologist told me he will implant a dual camera pm. I am trying to understand why I can't just have the leads on one side and I am also concerned that having the dual chamber puts me at greater risk. Can anyone address this in simple terms? Thank you.

Posted by Xxmikexx on 2016-05-26 02:11. 0 comments. 32 reads
Hi all, just curious if anyone taking lysine/proline or/and following the Linis Pualing advice on cardio matters? Im going on year 2 with my pacemaker and want to start these supplements. Anyone have words of wisdom?

Posted by aj on 2016-05-26 02:00. 1 comments. 51 reads
I am an run maniac exactly 6 weeks after implantation of my (buddy) pacemaker. The doctor told me to wait 8 full weeks before I start vigorous running. During my first 2 week follow up my limit was .5 miles walking slowly. My condition was slow and pausing heart rate resulting in collapse and trips to the ER. With the pacemaker I no longer feel light headed and my heart rate is around 60+. I am 65+ and ran at 6:45 and did 400 repeats at 1:30. Will I return to that Rate with the pacemaker? Looking for some encouragement and insight! Looking for the fountain of youth.

Posted by aj on 2016-05-26 01:58. 0 comments. 36 reads
I am an run maniac exactly 6 weeks after implantation of my (buddy) pacemaker. The doctor told me to wait 8 full weeks before I start vigorous running. During my first 2 week follow up my limit was .5 miles walking slowly. My condition was slow and pausing heart rate resulting in collapse and trips to the ER. With the pacemaker I no longer feel light headed and my heart rate is around 60+. I am 65+ and ran at 6:45 and did 400 repeats at 1:30. Will I return to that Rate with the pacemaker? Looking for some encouragement and insight!

Posted by on 2016-05-26 00:15. 3 comments. 86 reads
I recently had a pacemaker put in. 2 weeks ago... Now it seems blood isn't getting to my head. Now I have to have a chemical stress test. Is this safe with a pacemaker?

Posted by missourimorning on 2016-05-25 21:10. 0 comments. 69 reads
I'm a 65 year old female. I have a history of syncope and was diagnosed with AV block, I received my pacer on the last day of January. After a couple of weeks of recuperation I was able to resume my normal active life. However, I was reviewing my medical records online and I noticed that I now exhibit "Pacemaker Syndrome." Can someone enlighten me?

Posted by oldadventurer on 2016-05-25 19:35. 3 comments. 73 reads
I read recently about a researcher who was proposing a new way of attaching peacemaking leads which as I recall was not start in the ventricle. I was going to read it later, but can't find it. Any help?

Posted by AndieRae on 2016-05-25 02:05. 18 comments. 336 reads
I'm 26 and I have symptomatic bradycardia. After many tests my cardiologist informed me I am a pacemaker candidate and asked me what I wanted to do. I really wanted him to tell me what to do. I could go ahead with the surgery or I could have a checkup in 6 months to see if it would by some miracle "fix itself." I chose to wait, I mean what 26 year old would blurt out they wanted the pacemaker when given the two options. Obviously he felt it was safe to wait or he would not have given me that option. And of course to come back if symptoms worsened and we would go ahead with the surgery.

I had started exercising fairly regularly starting in February. By regularly I mean 5 days a week 30minutes -1hour of moderate walking with 2 mi...

Posted by Mona on 2016-05-25 00:57. 3 comments. 93 reads
I am quite thin and my Boston Scientific CRT-D is very prominent. In addition, it seems like there is something like another wire that comes out from the top of the device and is rather noticable under the skin of my upper chest. It seems to be a couple of inches long. Have noticed this before, but it seems to be a bit more prominent lately.Anyone else notice anything like this.


Posted by Jackw on 2016-05-24 20:58. 0 comments. 47 reads
Had my checkup yesterday. Tech changed parameters on my Biotronik Eluna. Could not get my rate over 120 when jogging. (I have sinus node disorder.) Now, CLS sensitivity upped to high and rate increased to 130. Went for a jog after work and felt great. Best I have felt after jogging in years.Increased CLS sensitivity should help when ski season arrives. Will probably have the rate increased to 140 when I have another check in November- just before ski season. Probably should have asked to increase rate to 140 yesterday, but my heart has been running at such low rates prior, I thought it would be better to take an incremental approach.

Posted by BreatheDucky on 2016-05-24 20:17. 2 comments. 112 reads
Hi all,
I don't really know how to start, it goes.
I have severe chronic pain that refuses to let me live my life.
I've tried so many things, with little results.
Meds, physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, rest, spinal injections, braces, decompression, name it.
I desperately want to try Cryotherapy. Buuut... Pacemaker.
Has anyone ever managed to make it happen?

Posted by joannlee7DD on 2016-05-24 19:29. 2 comments. 80 reads
My Nanostim leaderless pacemaker implanted June 2015. The projected 10 year battery life is now down to 5 remaining years. I hoped to outlive need for a new one but here we are. I'm highly annoyed. Anyone out there have similar experience??

Posted by Icuh8n on 2016-05-24 17:05. 3 comments. 93 reads
I had a cabgx3 25 months ago, pacemaker Feb.2016. Has anyone been doing crunches successfully without issues. Appreciate some feed back. Thanks.

Posted by coxy on 2016-05-24 14:49. 2 comments. 102 reads
Hi, I've had my Pacemaker for 3 months, and I'm now back on my elliptical cross trainer. However I'm a bit weary about using my chest pulse sensor.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by djohnston on 2016-05-24 04:51. 0 comments. 88 reads

SJM PM2210

Paradoxical Atrial Undersensing: Noise Rate Reversion or
Amplifier Ringing?
From The
Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, The Netherlands; and †MEDTRONIC Trading NL, B.V., Heerlen, The Netherlands
Paradoxical Atrial Undersensing. Atrial tachy-arrhythmias may give rise to mode switching or
noise rate reversion in dual-chamber pacemakers. In case of high amplitude of the atrial electrogram
during tachycardia, a paradoxical behavior of atrial sensitivity programming can be observed. Two patients

Posted by djohnston on 2016-05-24 03:59. 2 comments. 97 reads
I finally requested the print out reports on my SJM PM2210 and sure enough there were ALERTS which no one disclosed to me although I have been complaining of issues and even crashed my head on the concrete due to syncope.

Be your own best friend and be pro-active and report issues to the FDA, it is the only way that the issues will be resolved. The medical industry does not care about us - they care more about money!

Importance of pacemaker noise reversion as a potential mechanism of pacemaker-ICD interactions.
Glikson M1, Trusty JM, Grice SK, Hayes DL, Hammill SC, Stanton MS.
Author information
• 1Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Mayo Clinic,...

Posted by Jonne on 2016-05-23 21:47. 4 comments. 172 reads
My pacemaker was put in 2007. During my last checkup I was informed that I've got about a year and a half left of battery life left to go before it's replaced. I was wondering what signs or symptoms should I expect or to look for before it's replaced.

Posted by fjj17332 on 2016-05-23 13:55. 1 comments. 90 reads
had the three lead put in, the end of january. no problem at all and still doing well. i had to do it, but i am alive. anyone want to talk i can be reached at peace to all

Posted by Turk on 2016-05-23 09:13. 1 comments. 91 reads
Hi everyone,

Its been a long time since my last post.

Does any one know what moves old and orgaized thrombus from the heart all of a sudden with a perfect INR levels?

Thank you

Posted by Nehixson on 2016-05-23 05:58. 5 comments. 218 reads
Hi....I'm new to the group....I turn 51 tomorrow and have had my PM a year. Had a few complications (lead punctured my heart causing a rather significant pericardial effusion, a week later had to have pericardial window surgery, went into respiratory failure and a day later had a lung collapse) prior to all these issues, I was an avid runner (7 miles a day without batting an eye) but since my PM the most I've done is 4 miles and it absolutely kills me! My doctor said we'd do a treadmill test and make adjustments if necessary. I had that done a few days ago but it only lasted about 5 minutes, only saw the nurse who conducted it and never even pretended to run. I thought a tech from the PM company would be there to make any nessary adjustme...

Posted by djohnston on 2016-05-22 23:19. 5 comments. 171 reads
Consumers play an important public health role by reporting to the FDA unexpected side effects after using a medical product, or experiencing other problems with any products that the agency regulates.

Timely reporting enables the agency, if necessary, to promptly address the issue. There are a number of ways you can report problems to the agency, depending on the type of problem and product. When you submit a safety report through FDA’s Safety Reporting Portal, or any other way described below, you make a contribution to the safety of America's food supply and human medical products. The following tips and chart will help you make your report.

back to top

Tips for Reporting

1. Report what hap...

Posted by ldebaugh on 2016-05-22 21:45. 2 comments. 65 reads
My pacemaker specialist wants me to have either a watchman or lariat procedure on my left atrial appendage. It seems when ones heart expands it does so in a bulge. This bulge becomes an incubator for blood clots. I am intolerant of blood thinning meds so that is why he is recommending this. The two different procedures block off the bulge area thus reducing the potential for strokes.

I have also had a mitral valve repair which makes me ineligible for one and the intolerance makes me ineligible for the other. Anyone else overcome these issue?

Posted by djohnston on 2016-05-22 21:34. 0 comments. 86 reads
FDA online search:

Please report any and all incidents that you experience to the FDA - you may save someone's life.

Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience Database - (MAUDE)

MAUDE data represents reports of adverse events involving medical devices. The download data files consist of voluntary reports since June 1993, user facility reports since 1991, distributor reports since 1993, and manufacturer reports since August 1996. The searchable database data contains the last 10 year's data. MAUDE may not include reports made according to exemptions, variances, or alternative reporting requirements granted unde...

Posted by BeingPresent on 2016-05-22 21:21. 1 comments. 71 reads
I just had my ICD placed in my abdomen on Tuesday and have a few questions...
Because I am small boned, they felt it would be too irritating and hard to place, because of its size, near my collar bone. I am 54 and it doesn't seem to be a common thing anymore and wondered if anyone else has theirs placed like mine and how they feel when exercising, etc.?
Also, I am taking Savaysa for possibly just a month to prevent blood clots. Anyone on this drug? Any side effects?
Finally, I have a PFO and wondered if someone has had their pacemaker for years who also has one and is not on a blood thinner.
Thanks for a great place to learn and share!!!

Posted by connik on 2016-05-22 18:22. 0 comments. 67 reads
Hello !
My name is Ella and I just joined a couple of days ago. I got my CRT-D 10 (ten) days ago and it is ironic. You see I am a telemetry monitor technician and have been for over 8 years. I hook up patients on the heart floor and watch them for 12 hour shifts. I have a pacemaker. It should be interesting now seeing it from both as a technician and as a patient. So far I am taking one day at a time. I go back to the doctor on the 1st of June though I need to go deliver an "Able to Work" form to return this weekend.
Take care all !

Posted by pcuser on 2016-05-22 17:30. 2 comments. 126 reads
Can anyone give me information on Leadless Pacemakers.

Posted by karrtoon on 2016-05-22 07:25. 4 comments. 163 reads
im 37 got a double barrel icd on monday this is sunday so six days ago, was thinking its alright to start moving my arm but i see people talking about doing things 8 weeks later and having complications, i only have a few ideas, 1 is it ok for me to be using my arm already it doesnt hurt, 2 when is it ok to sleep on my side again...3 why is it everyonce in a while i feel my heart in my throat and it freaks me out a lil....4 should i still be hurting, i was sent home without a single pain pill. no meds other then heart meds.... and does anyone know how to get ahold of the st jude medical merlin@home they sent me a reciever that only hooks up to old phone lines, trying to figure out how i get the wifi or something going on................and...

Posted by Pm on 2016-05-22 03:15. 2 comments. 163 reads
Hi. Finally had a beautiful sunny day so I decided to plant a few flowers in my front garden. Bought 16, but after planting the 8th one I had to stop as my heart was busy "fluttering" and it lasted for a few hours. Am real worried about that. It wasn't so strenuous. Tiny flowers, long handled shovel and I really didn't dig, just kind of moved the earth around, bent over to sit the flower in the space and pushed earth around it to hold it straight. My husband had to finish the job for me. Had my first dual leads pm put in on March 14, so it's only been a bit over 8 weeks ago and I thought I'm finally okay. Did I do some damage? Is it too soon to do these types of things?

Posted by madison on 2016-05-21 17:17. 0 comments. 87 reads
I just found this website today. i feel like i found a million dollars. I had the testing for allergies through Eliza Act Labs. It was about 15 years ago when it was done. Silicone is the # 1 allergy that I have.In all that time I have never had a DR. agree with me about that finding. They just seem to go along with me< but not taking it seriously. There is silicone in almost every medication, make-up< hair products, and the list goes on and on! I feel so validated after seeing this site! I want to thank you very much for helping me and others out here that are fighting the fight!

Posted by pcuser on 2016-05-21 14:26. 8 comments. 291 reads
I am 66 year old female. Had a Medtronic PM May 2015. Doctors says Tread Mill OK but no upper body exercises that would pull leads out including no fishing. He gives no guidance on what I can do. My arms are getting and looking weaker. I have bow-flex at house that I am now only using for my legs. What upper body exercises can I do? and what type of Physical trainer do I seek? I live in Ft Lauderdale.

Posted by Vishnu on 2016-05-21 14:01. 2 comments. 149 reads
I have had a Medtronic dual chamber pacemaker for last 14 years which is due for a change. Never had any issues with it.

Due to rare arterial fibrillation my doc now wants to replace it with a St. Jude PM2240 Assurity.

I would appreciate feedback from those having experience with this device.


Posted by Hutchv40 on 2016-05-21 09:29. 4 comments. 137 reads
Hi. My 8 year old son had a pacemaker fitted at Alderhey hospital 4 years ago. He's expressed an interest recently in meeting some other kids with pacemakers. I just wondered if there are any parents on this site who'd like to meet up or chat. We are living in the Merseyside area of the UK. Kind regards Vanessa.

Posted by Xjx on 2016-05-21 06:25. 8 comments. 201 reads
I just had my surgery 4 days ago. I wore a sling for the first few days. I was wondering about the possibility of pulling the leads out. I slept without the sling on and woke up with tremendous pain in my shoulder. I don't know if I moved wrong in my sleep. But I was concerned about pulling the leads out.

Posted by Xjx on 2016-05-21 06:14. 2 comments. 118 reads
I just had my pacemaker surgery. It's only been a few days. But I often have to remind myself about the limited use and range of motion I can use my arm for. I was worried about my leads.. any help would be appreciated.

Posted by Jer on 2016-05-21 01:30. 4 comments. 144 reads
I recently installed an induction cooktop. Will it affect my pacemaker

Posted by on 2016-05-21 00:51. 2 comments. 89 reads
I have had my Biotonik pacemaker for 2 weeks. Pulse is fine. But Blood Pressure keeps going up and down. Anywhere from 94/61 to 134/ 75..Is there some other cause for this?

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