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Posted by CC88 on 2015-10-08 17:11. 1 comments. 15 reads
I am going to be having a PM placed in a months time. I play in several bands (Guitar) and want to know if it will be safe to still go to rehearsal? My band rehearses in a small room with Amps surrounding the walls...I am hoping they will not interfere with my PM.
Anyone have an idea if this is ok? I dont want to give up jamming!
Any Musicians out there still doing the same ol' thing?

Posted by IAN MC on 2015-10-08 16:04. 1 comments. 19 reads
Some of you may have read that a Chinese scientist, Professor Tu Youyou , was this week awarded a Nobel prize for her work in the field of malaria treatment.

Congratulations to Professor Tu Youyou on winning this award

And for being the most confusing person to sing happy birthday to.



Posted by HealthReporter on 2015-10-08 14:39. 0 comments. 7 reads

I'm learning about wireless pacemakers for an upcoming U.S. News & World Report story. If you have a wireless device, I'd like to interview you for possible story inclusion. Please contact me within the next two days at if you're interested.

Lisa Esposito

Posted by Lisamaruna on 2015-10-08 12:32. 3 comments. 32 reads
Can you tell me your experience?

Posted by jwbarber on 2015-10-08 11:46. 1 comments. 21 reads
Going in the hospital to change my meds from amodorone to tikosyn is anyone on this med and is it very exspensive? I will be in the hospital for almost 3 days so they can monitor my heart.

Posted by capman on 2015-10-08 08:17. 2 comments. 36 reads
I've recently had multiple hits from my ICD. I'm stable now and alive. Great. Unfortunately I'm having a problem with panic attacks due to a feeling that it will fire again. The worst time is at night and I then find that my pulse is missing quite a few beats but still relatively strong and seldom more than 60. The question is, are the missed beats the cause of the panic attacks or the result of the panic attacks? Anyone with a similar experience?

Posted by laupek9 on 2015-10-08 05:45. 2 comments. 36 reads
I am about to have a pacemake (Metronic dual chamber ) very soon. I have chronic allergic conditions that cause runny nose and itchy throat. The more I talk my throat would become coarse and itchy. This condition gives rise to some coughing and sneezing. I am worried that the wires would be dislodged if I cough and sneeze too violent . Please advise.

Posted by vegigran on 2015-10-08 02:32. 4 comments. 94 reads
Why is it after having a pacemaker implant, the doctor continues having you take arythmia medication? I thought the pacemaker was suppose to keep the heart in rhythm.

Posted by Imjustsayin on 2015-10-08 01:39. 1 comments. 58 reads
Just saying hello to all , like a lot here from what ive read never thought id be a hybrid , but not having felt right for awhile and 2 weeks ago went to go out for my walk and couldnt make it up the hill in front of my house, felt like i was gonna pass out but then it cleared up so i continued with my walk , next day same thing so made doctors appt. and after blood pressure and pulse (39) i saw the nurse talking with my doctor and then i was given an ekg followed by doctors coming in telling me i was in what was called total heart block and an ambulance was on the way to take me to the hospital , so next day after manyyy tests a dual lead pacemaker was put in , im still trying to accept it , but i know without it i wouldnt be here to acce...

Posted by rjsully on 2015-10-08 01:12. 1 comments. 47 reads
Hello...I haven't posted in a while. It will be one year in November that I will have had my pacemaker. Overall, I feel it has really improved my quality of life. I am less tired and can do a lot of the things I used to do before my bradycardia got the best of me. I am a runner and have been trying for the past year to "get back into it". I used to run long distances, and even if I can't get back to that, I would like to be able to tolerate one hour of running. It seems I get to about 20 minutes or so of slow running (no hills, should be easy) and I am so winded I have to walk for a while. I do a lot of other physical activities that don't seem to cause this problem. Yoga for 75 minutes, gardening, all day business and I am fine. ...

Posted by SUPERSALE on 2015-10-08 00:08. 1 comments. 73 reads
From: Campbell RN, Cassie L
To: Jason ;
Sent: 10/7/2015 14:26:12

Hello sir,
I looked over your last check. Dr. Rowe wanted you to come back to see his nurse practioner in 6 months. We only use the Carelink monitor if a patient is going a full year before they are going to be checked. That is why you were not given dates this time. I checked and you are currently on the list for an appointment in January with Dr. Rowe's nurse practioner. They will also schedule a pacemaker check that same day. The appointment will be sent to you a little closer to Janaury. If you have an other questions please let me know.

Thank you.

i paying carelink monitor accto us...

Posted by Lisamaruna on 2015-10-07 23:52. 2 comments. 40 reads
So I went to the Ep specialist to get checked out since I am in so much pain.
I am now in a-fibb and have been for 5 days. This is 5 weeks post pacemaker.
They started me on Metropolol and xarelto. They said if my heart doesn't go back into its own rhythm I will have to do cardio version. I am so scared.
I had stopped taking Xanax last Thursday and had to take one today I think it helped a little my heart feels calmer.
My Ep specialist thinks for some reason I have fibromyalgia and my regular doc prescribed cymbalta. Yikes I feel like a Guinea pig.
He said my pacemaker is working fine and he suspects I have been in afibb before.

Posted by ROBO Pop on 2015-10-07 22:01. 1 comments. 82 reads
I'm sitting here day 3 of my CRT implant, feeling worse as time progresses. The nurses who were assigned responsibility for keeping me alive, in spite of their personal desires, both had nursing students with them. So, I feel really bad that the future of nursing will be tainted by my interaction with them.

Otherwise, I feel spectacular. Absolutely no pain or real guilt for that matter. Never had to take a single thing for pain, and I tell you, I looked in the mirror this morning and I look good, really good.

The days leading up to my overhaul were not conducive to belief things would go all that well, in fact were I superstitious I might have cancelled. First, they rescheduled and cancelled my procedure so many times...

Posted by Gotrhythm on 2015-10-07 15:45. 2 comments. 86 reads
I had always understood that SSS does not improve, so imagine my surprise yesterday, when I learned that my average pacemaker use which has been 98% for the last two years is now 82%.

The estimated battery life at last check was 6.8 years, and is now 9.9 years.

I asked the PE and he basically said, SSS doesn't improve usually, but sometimes it does. [shrug]

Because everything was so good, the PE was finally willing to approve upping my base from 65 to 70 bpm. With the increase, I feel better than I have felt in years. I felt more perky instantly and today everything, physical and mental feels easier. I feel like myself.

My cardiologist has started me on Ranexa for my brief but frequent angina ep...

Posted by Davish on 2015-10-07 14:54. 2 comments. 70 reads
Serial PVY281770H
Model A2DR01

Has non MRI LEAD
Model 383069

4 times in ER
Irregular heartrate.

Posted by hmartin on 2015-10-07 13:49. 1 comments. 47 reads
Hi I had a pacemaker fitted last year after passing out 3 times.
I had I tilt table test that confirmed I needed a pace maker.
Ever since I had it fitted I still get the same feeling I got before I passed out sick hot flush sweaty and a little confused it lasts about 2 or 3 mins then I feel better.
I often get it when I am running at the gym and have to stop for a short time until I recover and can carry on.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Thanks Haydn

Posted by athlete735516 on 2015-10-07 12:22. 4 comments. 94 reads
I have bradycardia with my resting heart rate normally in the 35-45 range with dips lower at night. My doctor told me that I might feel something after I get my pacemaker like my heart is racing all the time. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and what it would actually feel like once I have recovered from surgery?

Posted by athlete735516 on 2015-10-07 04:38. 3 comments. 137 reads
Hi. I am a 17 year old senior in highschool about to get my first pacemaker on. I am a varsity starter in football, basketball and baseball. I know I will have the two weeks recovery but I was wondering if anyone has had anything similar and if I will be able to play sports normally afterwards?

Posted by islandgirl on 2015-10-07 02:30. 0 comments. 64 reads
Today I went for my 6-month checkup following up on a Medtronic 2-lead pm for SSS. I've been having a lot of arrhythmias (have hereditary arrhythmias and multiple ablations). I have been transmitting with Carelink every 1-2 weeks. The EP (I've been going to him about 15 years) told me today I was having rates of svt of up to 240 for up to 5 min. That's why I've been feeling so poorly. I had it today in the office. I starting back on Norpace and he wants to schedule an ablation, saying my heart is out of sync. Right now my atrium is pacing at 97.8% and my ventricle at 2%. He said there is a risk of causing heart block with the ablation. Any advice. I am in my 50s, healthy and no other heart/health issues. My only med I'm taking i...

Posted by trish on 2015-10-06 21:36. 11 comments. 214 reads
My dentist insists that I take amoxicillin 200 mg before any dental procedure. I think that this is outdated. My cardiologist has never informed me of such . Opinions? Trish

Posted by vegigran on 2015-10-06 21:00. 3 comments. 69 reads
When I came out of surgery, my left arm and shoulder was hurting so bad, my upper left thigh was sore, I was black and blue from under my arm pit all the way to my waist including my rib cage. My throat feels like they had a tube down it as it feels bruised too. My pacer site was quiet swollen but remains sore and the swelling goes down a little each day. I have been icing it regularly. I am 78 and realize you don't recover as fast. It just seems that others have gone thru this with little difficulty.

Posted by MathTeacher on 2015-10-06 18:38. 4 comments. 113 reads

I've had my pacemaker since April and have not gone for a mammogram yet. The fear of someone ripping out one of my leads keeps haunting me. I need some reassurance from you ladies that have already had a mammo after your pacemaker implant.

Appreciate it!

Posted by LitLady on 2015-10-06 11:33. 4 comments. 132 reads
I've had my pacemaker for 1.5 years and since the beginning my sleep has been interrupted. I awake every 2 hours every night. My pacemaker has been adjusted several times and it working well otherwise. Have others had problems with sleep since pacemaker installation?

Also did a sleep study. One very brief episode of SA but dozens of leg movements throughout the night due to RLS and sciatica. I can't see that a CPap will help RLS and sciatica and thus improve my sleep. I now get very brief REM sleep. I don't know what to do. My husband of 49 years says I do not snore or gasp; I never wake up from same. Yes, there is a sleep problem but I don't think it is SA.

Any similar experiences or thoughts? Thanks to you all for y...

Posted by Lisamaruna on 2015-10-06 01:11. 10 comments. 243 reads
So last night someone answered to one of my posts and said I like to be in control. I didn't want to accept that comment but while I was thinking about it yes I think I do .
I am feeling really overwhelmed by this pacemaker although I am trying to hold in my feelings as to not have a panic attack or freak out as I try to hold myself together.
I hate the feeling that it is in my body and I can't rip it out. I have never liked being held down or tied down or trapped. This thing is making me feel this way and I a sad that even though the rational part of me knows I had no other choice. But then I think mabey it would have resolved it self or mabey I should have waited.
Am I crazy?

Posted by firejoe on 2015-10-06 00:29. 4 comments. 110 reads
If you are reading the Pacemaker postings odds are you have a new pacemaker. One of the things I've noticed over the pasr four years is that most of us are shocked that we need a pacemaker. Then we are helped by reading these postings and other club members. And then rates are adjusted and meds get right and the miracle of this little device makes our lives normal.

If you have a new pacemaker ask all the questions but take great comfort in knowing the future is good and the pacemaker will mostly just be forgotten.

Posted by kanike on 2015-10-05 22:41. 1 comments. 46 reads
In September of this year i had a icd implanted / everthing went ok till i started to recover from the implant / after the swelling went down it got very uncomfortable and fells like the implant on one corner is pressing on the arm muscle at times / i am thinking about having it repositioned but i am not to sure it would cure the problem / gaining a few pounds would probely help but not a good idea / from what i have read it is something you will get used to over a period of time / is this normal / i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem / dave

Posted by angelmandie on 2015-10-05 22:16. 2 comments. 89 reads
Hi. My name is Patti. I'm 55 years old and just had my pacemaker (not the leads) replaced on Friday. My surgeon told me no restrictions because I wasn't having the leads replaced. But I've had a lot of pain over the surgical area and occasional arm numbness. The pacer is on my right side. The dr acted as if it's the equivalent to having a splinter removed. My common sense says to go easy on my arm for a couple of weeks and pain is normal. Has anyone else had these issues with the pain and/or numbness?

Posted by marmite on 2015-10-05 21:46. 3 comments. 76 reads
I have had "sustained atrial tachycardia" listed on my PM read out at 3 separate appointments over a 10 month period.
My doctors have passed it off as "short-lived" and related to a low rate. (my settings during this period were on a low base rate of DDDR50-130, 20% hysteresis)
I didn't have any tachycardia before I was paced, and my pulse was regularly below 40 bpm (Average 24-49bpm pre-pacing).
Does this mean that the tachycardia has been induced by the pacemaker?
I'm really struggling to get answers that make sense.
Any help appreciated.

Posted by marmite on 2015-10-05 21:34. 2 comments. 62 reads
I've had some adjustments made to my pacing recently, which was set too low (base rate of 50bpm with a 20% hysteresis) for 10 months whilst I have been going through some attempts to reduce my pacing.
Since the adjustment was made (back up to 60bpm with a 10% hysteresis), I've had central chest discomfort and what I can only describe as a prickling feeling. I've been checked for heart attack (for the chest discomfort) and all OK, but I don't feel right.
I don't think it's pacing related, but it keeps coming on with stress. Does anyone have any experience of similar symptoms?
The hospital suggested acid reflux, but it's not that as there's no burning.

Posted by Sylvia1 on 2015-10-05 20:24. 6 comments. 103 reads
I posted a couple of weeks ago-after a device check my husband found out one of the leads of his ICD had a total break in it.He has just gone back to hospital today and been told that the other lead has possible fracture report said RV lead impedance -200 any insight as to what this means please.The first lead that broke is the LV one and today report says RV lead showing problems.He has had his icd for just over two years and everyone at hospital is totally surprised at this.He has been admitted and they plan to extract the leads and put new ones in.Is he just unlucky re breaks in two leads or has anyone else had this happen?Tks

Posted by 1Hawk1 on 2015-10-05 16:35. 2 comments. 122 reads
I am told I need a CRT pacemaker. I am wondering what pacemaker is best suited for me. I am a runner, I run 5 miles most every day and have run many full and 1/2 marathons. which brand and why?

Posted by trailerboats on 2015-10-05 13:46. 5 comments. 176 reads
Hi! I'm a 25 year old who has congenital heart block and underwent PPM. I've had my Medtronic dual chamber pacemaker for a week now. My doctor says I can't have extreme arm movements as of now because my body is still healing.
I feel like I've gained weight because of just sitting or sleeping around the house for a week. I'd love to exercise (dancing and work out videos or jogging) again but I'm too scared to move with strenuous activities.

I have a few questions:
1. How long til I can run or jog or dance after my surgery?
2. When can my wound be soaked with water (e.g full bath at least 30 minutes - haha sorry I take a long time to take a bath)
3. How long before I can do strenuous activities


Posted by MarvinTheMartian on 2015-10-05 13:37. 2 comments. 142 reads
Hello, all.

I had a pacemaker implanted at the end of July this year. I was told that it would fix my tachycardia. Long story short, the cardiologist didn't tell me what he was actually going to do and the pacemaker was only because he wanted to overmedicate me with beta blockers.

I saw another cardiologist, this one the head of cardiology at a teaching hospital. He agreed that the pacemaker was unnecessary in my case and recommended its removal. I had the surgery 2 weeks ago and the pacemaker is now gone.

Just thought I'd post the update. I'm still working towards a fix for tachycardia but I'm glad to have the removal of an implant that I don't need. I wish you all well!

Posted by tcasavant on 2015-10-05 12:58. 5 comments. 157 reads
Does anyone really know how much interference/damage this items mentioned above can damage our battery in the pacemaker?

I am teetering on removing these devices completely out of my world.

Posted by Lisamaruna on 2015-10-05 02:41. 1 comments. 104 reads
Did anyone here have Hyperemesis during pregnancy? I feel like my last pregnancy is what messed me up forever. That was 5 years ago. with my 6 year old I puked so much I was on promethazine and Benadryl and was on iv's . I had home healthcare then he was born and I got pregnant right away. It was bad too but at 6 months I stated having tachycardia and was on bed rest and 10 days after my 5 year old was born I had an ablation. That seemed to be ok but unsuccessful because again I stated having fast rates . My ep specialist has avoided another ablation due to my age and how dangerous it would be given I the area they woul have to ablate. I was off and on meds until I just stopped meds and dealt with the extra beats until now. Ep doc says he ...

Posted by Lisamaruna on 2015-10-05 02:29. 6 comments. 194 reads
Hello what is the cause of a slow heartrate? I have had 2 ablations so yes I have had heart rhythm problems . But is there a cause . Is there something or some health issue Doctors might miss?
I had one of my customers say to take slow mag 2 times a day and drink Gatorade and it would get rid of my heart palpitations.
Also I was told to soak my feet in magnesium oil daily for 30 minutes because all of this is related to low magnesium.
Help I am so comfused.

Posted by MelodyMarch on 2015-10-05 02:26. 1 comments. 85 reads
Just a quick, happy update as I approach my 2-year anniversary. Life has been good, and so much better battery powered than pre-battery powered.

For those that are in the middle of the decision making or healing process, know that it does get better. I barely know my sparky is there these days, I have no restrictions on activity except my motivation.

I am on yearly check-ins with the EP, and I get remote checked an additional twice per year.

Now, my next goal in the next year is to get some of the excess lard off my body.

I'll poke around from time to time, just to see if there are any musician questions I can occasionally help out with. Looks like I won't need replacement until about ...

Posted by Lisamaruna on 2015-10-05 02:18. 5 comments. 102 reads
Right where my pacemaker is I still have pain and my left arm and shoulder still hurts. It's getting better but very slowly. My ep's nurse said they do this on people in their 90's that don't complain of pain like me. Well I told her I am 42, chase after four kids and have a business so I'm not retired. She said that is more reason for me to heal faster because I am young.
I have been back to work for 2 weeks now. I don't lift but I do have to be active . My husband has been running the restaurant but we have been super short staffed so I kinda have to help out. Mabel too much too soon.
Feeling tired, stressed and frustrated not to mention I have PMS on top of it all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!
And to further vent my paper...

Posted by Lisamaruna on 2015-10-04 23:24. 4 comments. 152 reads
I am 5 weeks post op and they are saying Pacemaker is working great but I am having 47 extra beats an hour in the lower chamber. So they want me to take 25mg of metropolol twice a day. I dont want to be on meds. What should I do. Yes my heart bugs me and I can feel the palpitations. Hoping this will go away. I am still in pain .

Posted by candi on 2015-10-04 20:03. 4 comments. 96 reads
I had a heart cath done a month ago due to ongoing chest pain after my pacemaker implant. The cath showed no blockages so told to get stress under control.....
I am on Zoloft and it has helped a lot but still have chest pain at times. Also taking prilosec in case heartburn is part of it.
I assume I don't need to worry about the chest pain being my heart now???? Feeling abandoned by my heart Doc right now.😔

Posted by donsabi on 2015-10-04 12:51. 8 comments. 262 reads
About ten days ago I went for my first post PM checkup. I told the nurse practitioner I was more tired than before. She told me this was typical and it would take time to heal.
The following week I became more tired upon walking to the point I could not complete a grocery shopping trip. A week after this first checkup I was back but had a different nurse practitioner. This time she said I am having PCV's and PAVs and that was causing the tiredness. She prescribed 12.5mg Metoprolol. (I haven't try it yet). I also take Sotalol.
In January this year I was dx'ed with afib and put on Sotalol. In July I had a PM implant because of low heart rate. Two months later I have an irregular heart beat which I never had before. I see...

Posted by climber5 on 2015-10-04 11:12. 0 comments. 40 reads
HI there,
Just a note to let you know that I have set up a Facebook group specifically for climbers who have ICDs or pacemakers here: Its time we got together to share experiences ;-)


Posted by southerndixie62 on 2015-10-04 03:22. 3 comments. 213 reads
I ended up at the hospital last night. However our local hospital
is not really equipped to deal with any major issues with ICDs.
I started having strange severe pain that felt like a knife thru
my chest that lasted for about 10 secs yesterday morning. This happened off and on all day. I knew it didnt seem right, especially the metallic taste in my mouth. I tried to get in touch with my regular Dr. however the nurse never called me back.
At about 4:30, the pain,came back again with an intensity that i
didnt expect. It radiated between my shoulder blades and down my left arm. Ended up at ER because pain did not relent for over an hour and a half. The pain was so intense, the ER Dr gave me
Nitroglycerin, morphin...

Posted by Selwyn on 2015-10-03 23:14. 3 comments. 190 reads
I had an uncomfortable experience yesterday of receiving what should have been 8 Gy of radiotherapy ( DXT) for lymphoma, resulting in a tachycardia ( fast heart beat) of 120/min, paced, when my resting rate is 60 /min. My cancer is mid chest, at the back, and is cutaneous ( skin). The radiation ( X rays) directly affected my pacemaker causing me to paced at 120/min.

There is a study of 96 patients with a similar problem

I managed 60 seconds of a 5 minute planned therapy- the procedure as abandoned due to the increased heart rate. I plan to have a pacemaker check up in 49 hours, and otherwise feel well. Normally, I am very fit swimming 1 mile daily etc..


Posted by tanapuff on 2015-10-03 19:05. 1 comments. 95 reads
My EF has improved left ventrical 48% and right 53%.
I am so pleased but the Montana cardiologist thinks l can go off medications. I did stop Lisinopril as it made my throat thick with slime and a cough but am questioning the Carvedilo. I am only on the smallest dosage twice a day but feel like these drugs helped heal my heart. I would appreciate your thoughts, especially those with CRT-D 's. Thank you for your help.

Posted by JLK on 2015-10-03 18:10. 5 comments. 166 reads
Again, I have just begun learning about my condition, so advice, constructive or otherwise is welcomed. Last years physical showed me as healthy, other than needing to lose a few pounds. These past few months all the tests have come back great no cancer/diabetes/blockages etc.. I am truly blessed in some ways.
Dr says my low Ef is the reason I am to get the ICD.
Dr. Says it will not come up much more if at all maybe 1 or 2%.
I know everyone is different but From what I have been reading online and talking to people at the cardiac rehab. I see stories of EF improving. Dr says standard wait procedure is 3 months.
From what I have been told it used to be 9 months.

Do I get the ICD now or wait?
I don't hav...

Posted by oldearthworm on 2015-10-03 14:15. 9 comments. 155 reads
...anew as I am not 100% , and I am gaining weight ...158, 75 years and 5 ' 5" ... and two months post PM op .
last week on the exercise bicycle, I pedaled for 60 seconds before quitting ..
this week ..90 seconds .. its an Giant brand , using air resistance..
I detest exercising , I'd rather work , but work today burns calories NOT ..
This morn ... 172/60/60 .. this BP is too high ...

Posted by jsne on 2015-10-03 10:55. 3 comments. 91 reads
After my last visit to the consultant we discussed my ongoing problem with AVNRT. Had an ablation 16 years ago for the original problem which left me with a modified fast pathway.
For a few years things were fine then slowly I became more and more in tolerant to exercise then started getting arrhythmias. 2008 got the first of many treadmill tests and monitors etc...etc...
Finally end of last year got diagnosed with2:1 HB PM implanted in Feb 2015. 6 months of adjustments then one visit in August turned everything around. Was difficult because of my arrhythmias and damaged pathway.
Feeling so much better but still having the arrhythmia issues so have started on Verapamil SR240mg/day.
It has made the palpitations less fre...

Posted by Cynthiaian on 2015-10-03 09:47. 1 comments. 95 reads
Has anyone been told that they have a neurological/autoimmune condition or disease (MS, etc) that has led to a slow heart rate? I am going to a Neurologist next week and I am not sure what types of questions to ask. Thank you so much

Posted by Cynthiaian on 2015-10-03 09:46. 0 comments. 58 reads
Has anyone been told that they have a neurological/autoimmune condition or disease (MS, etc) that has led to a slow heart rate? I am going to a Neurologist next week and I am not sure what types of questions to ask. Thank you so much

Posted by 2229 on 2015-10-03 05:06. 10 comments. 309 reads
At the age of 16 i think pace maker lmplantation may be wrong wrong can it be proved and rectified.
Diognised for month long head reeling ,head ace and short breath

Posted by campusstar on 2015-10-02 20:37. 2 comments. 124 reads
Hey people I have a CRTD and am wanting to get a forearm tattoo is it dangerous or is it safe to do. I am just wondering if my meds might affect it. Later.

Posted by pauly on 2015-10-02 14:13. 5 comments. 165 reads

My cadio is suggesting me an "upgrade of my two wire pacemaker to a three wire defrib one

!/ in the uk I wont be able to drive for 6 months

2/also i am scared about the Removing out of the old
wires is it LA or GA operation

Any advice would be welcome


Posted by JLK on 2015-10-02 05:35. 7 comments. 253 reads
Hey everyone, my name is Joe.
I will be 50 this year, 2 kids and a beautiful wife.
In June of 2015, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Echo showed a estimated 15% EF. Heart cath - no blockages. No signs of diabetes.... Nothing.
It was determined mine was caused by a virus that severely weakened my heart.
I was placed in a zoll lifevest.. Yippee..
Started meds of coreg, spironolactone, lasix, potassium.
3 months later I have dropped nearly 50 lbs.(water weight) I am now at 185. Went thru several med dosage changes over the last 3 months. I just had my 2nd Echo done and ol sawbones informed me my EF is 20%. And that I need a single wire ICD implanted. Despite feeling good most of the time througho...

Posted by wired-in on 2015-10-02 01:50. 6 comments. 219 reads
I went in for my first follow up with pm rep
he checked out my pacemaker said the lead
are still hooked up good thank god then he
adjusted it a little bit and said I am still at 60
bpm then I saw the dr and she said everything
looked great, said I can use my treadmill maybe
fast walk no weights so that's good. But about one
hour later I started getting real dizzy and not felling
well at all shaky nervous hr locked in at 65 68 bpm bp seems ok .And I kind of feel that hollow feeling back in my
gut that I had before surgery I felt pretty good until
today I wonder if the pm rep did something wrong
I didn't do anything different today than I have since
my surgery didn't ...

Posted by GoodDog on 2015-10-02 00:10. 1 comments. 179 reads
Well, I was at the hospital today and completed my pre-admission testing for my PM generator replacement scheduled for next Tuesday. I came home and ran to the corner store when my wife called and said; "your doctor just cancelled your surgery". I said; "why"? She said that he gave my situation more thought and decided he would refer me to the Cleveland Clinic for lead extraction.
I have one capped lead in the ventricle and another that is 19 years old. I have one 29 year old lead in the atrium. There are no problems with my leads, but because of their age and the fact that if he finds a problem when doing the change-out he wouldn't put a third through the tricuspid valve. So instead of taking a chance, he referred me to the CC. Just ...

Posted by Zetha on 2015-10-01 16:13. 4 comments. 162 reads
I started driving yesterday, in my 4th week after PM. Although I was very nervous and I lacked some confidence, as soon as I got going I had no discomfort in my arm. I went on my way quite happily as previously.... it actually did me a world of good to do my own driving and my own shopping, coming home with some new clothes to wear, which ALWAYS gives a lady a boost!!!

Going out again today to meet my daughter-in-law for lunch..... so now I feel I might get back to my normal self as before, only with an extra gadget!!!

Posted by Tom77 on 2015-10-01 13:51. 8 comments. 164 reads
Are weakness and low blood pressure symptoms of and ICDs needing battery replacement?

Posted by Siito on 2015-10-01 11:44. 8 comments. 318 reads
Rich had a pacemaker put in yesterday immediately on arriving home he had a 1/2 cig we calmly had a heated discussion. 5 minutes later he had the other 1/2 out an upstairs window. We lit him to him hysterically screaming with tons of anger, swearing and completely blown away. We have supported this man for years with other addictions i am finally leaving and our daughter will not support anymore either. Feedback please.

Posted by dhusemann on 2015-10-01 04:56. 2 comments. 142 reads
do have a concern with the number responses with people saying their blood pressure elevates after a device install.

I take 40mg Benicar (an arb) daily
10 mg amlodipine calcium channel blocker Daily
25 mg CARVEDILOL beta blocker twice daily
100 mg HYDRALAZINE vaso diolater 3x daily
.3 mg clonidine patch central agonists
20 mg FUROSEMIDE diuretic every monday wed friday

this just to lower by blood pressure into the 130/80 to 150/95 range. stays closer to the high end, but there are times it just bottoms out. been as low as 70/40.

The high blood pressure is what caused my heart failure and kidney failure. so hoping a device doesn't the blood pressure more.


Posted by gralady on 2015-10-01 03:18. 6 comments. 251 reads
I'm a brand new member of the Pacemaker Club. Not sure just what to post or ask.

As of 9/25/15 I became the proud owner of my very own handy dandy dual chamber Biotronik pacemaker. I have SSS and was hoping this would regulate things. Before implantation my normal resting heartrate was around 40 or so. Now, with the device, it is at least 60 BUT I notice that if I move around even a to lay down in bed, my heart pounds very hard and from the meter on my pulse oximeter, very irregularly. My upper extremeties feel weak when I try to do anything like folding laundry. It was like that before the implantation. My angiogram showed no blockages needing surgery or stents. Am I expecting too much of this expensive pi...

Posted by justice on 2015-10-01 02:47. 2 comments. 149 reads
Had my pacemaker installed 1 year ago. Now my cardiologist diagnoses me with Cardiomyopathy.

Anyone have any experience with this?
Now very concerned.

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