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Posted by trapper99 on 2015-03-27 13:21. 1 comments. 51 reads
I am a 62 year old male and had a dual lead PM installed 3.5 weeks ago. It was tough going the first few days, but things got considerably better, with no issues. I went for my 3 week check with the EP at about 2.5 weeks , as he was going to be out of the office.
At that time he said it is his practice to turn on Rate Response, which he did. From that point on, I started getting these odd sensations in my chest. It almost felt like I was getting this odd beat, almost in my throat. It happened 15 or 20 times a day. I called the Doctor and he said give it a few more days to see if it goes away, but I could tell he was skeptical that the rate response had caused any change or problem. As he instructed, I gave it time, but ...

Posted by susiebear on 2015-03-27 10:09. 2 comments. 43 reads
Hi all, i am worried about my battery life. I went in December and was told I had 11 months remaining and to come back in March. I have just been and now am told there is less than 3 months and that's all it says so could be a few weeks left. He is putting me forward for replacement and i should hear soon. I'm scared it will run out while I'm driving?? I was told on here a few months ago that it goes on default mode of 40 beats but surely if it went from say 90 to 40 whole driving it would make me dizzy. I can't understand why it's dropped so quick this has never happened before. Has anyone any advice? I would appreciate it, thanks

Posted by Motown61 on 2015-03-27 09:51. 1 comments. 42 reads
I just wanted to thank you all for being here. The discussions here have helped me to feel "more normal" with my heart condition. One quick question, has anybody had their blood pressure start to slowly drop and then drop 20 digits? I started noticing the readings slowley dropping with exercise and recently dropped way down I was averaging 130/90 now it's 115 over 75 and I have called my doctor to review my meds (maybe I can cut back on doses) I really noticed it this week when I got home from work and was relaxing and felt light headed, so I check BP.


Posted by rusty on 2015-03-27 09:35. 5 comments. 36 reads
Hi all,
Joined 5 minutes ago....I'm a 62 year old male who has been running now for 27 years. 22 marathons, multiple biathlons and road racing through out the north east. I was diagnosed with atrial flutter and sinus bradycardia. Doc always told me I may need a pacemaker sometime in the future. The future is this Monday. Was wondering if any other runners wear a heart monitor post pacemaker installation. I'll drill the doctor on the subject, but I've always respected the advice from fellow runners.

Posted by Darse on 2015-03-26 20:49. 5 comments. 69 reads
I got my biotronik entovis Dr-t today. I have hiccups, but feel pretty good. Though I am still feeling the meds they gave me. I got to watch it pacing on the heart monitor in recovery which was neat. I go home tomorrow. I very much recall the procedure, never heard the word "oops" so it is looking good!!

Posted by EricBros on 2015-03-26 19:19. 2 comments. 90 reads
I do not have one, but my doctor's want to put one in me.

This is my history:
I'm 54 years old.
I had "successful" Mitol Valve surgery in late September, 2014. I had no symptoms at all before the surgery. I ran 4 miles the day before the surgery. My heart was getting worse, so I allowed the surgery. At the time my Ejection Fraction was less than 45%, but a portion was going back the wrong way through the Mitrol Valve.

I still have no symptoms after surgery. However, now, my Ejection Fraction is less than 35%, so now they want to put an ICD in me.

Since I am still active, Run / Jog, Bike and Workout I want to know, not so much how it acts (yes I am worried about that as well), but how it loo...

Posted by natlat on 2015-03-26 17:27. 4 comments. 66 reads
So I had my yearly Echo and no events this year. In short, last year in March and April I experienced fainting episode while running and sustained vtach. I got an Icd and also on Sotalol 40 mg 2x per day. I continue to run and workout, not doing heavy mileage nor high intensity. I feel great. Docs say I can now come off the meds! I am interested in anyone else on here who has successfully come off meds, but are runners and athletes who still workout and have an ICD. Hope to hear from you! I have not yet come off the meds...

Posted by NiceNiecey on 2015-03-26 17:15. 5 comments. 126 reads
Crazy! Last night in bed I got jolted in the heart. But I don't have a defibrillator. Laying on my left side trying to fall asleep and I jerked and gasped then 2 sec later again and 2 seconds after that got it a third time. No pain just a jolt enough to make me jerk and gasp each time. Afterward it kept feeling like it would happen again - sort of like hiccups might come back after they had stopped. I fell asleep eventually and had one more jolt about an hour later and half the intensity. Went to cardio and my device is fine. Read them Donr's suggestion from the search menu about mono pacing something and they cut me off and said I was bi which I knew but whatever. They said my device is perfect and I've had zero arrhythmias and nothing i...

Posted by battery-operated on 2015-03-26 16:48. 1 comments. 60 reads
I joined this club about five minutes ago. I am the proud owner of a CRT-D since 2007. My life after my widow-maker heart attacks and the other three, which they did not give a fancy name to, followed by a guinea pig surgery that magically saved my life. I received my CRT-D before my open heart deal. After being sent home on meds and this device it seemed like my defibber went off every time I turned around. One time it started at home so after calling an ambulance it continued zapping me every 3 minutes or so until after I left the first ER and was helicoptered to a bigger hospital. I now have panic attacks from that episode and a few more. I thought it might help to talk to someone else like me because I feel so alone's cr...

Posted by Cspot on 2015-03-26 15:37. 2 comments. 52 reads
Hey, everyone. Two weeks out from pm implantation and I am feeling better than I did in the six months before I got it. Of course, the plumber has me scheduled for an echo and a stress test in the next week, so my sedentary ass is dragging out to walk every day. Don't hate. My job is so physically demanding that my body took short term leave when my heart did. Back to the grind in a couple more weeks. Dealing with all the paperwork involved with insurance, std and fml has me frustrated but on the plus side, my color is fantastic and all the curse words I intend to spew fade away when my heart rate wont get as excited as my brain does. Of course, this means that my nickname at work may no longer be Queen B****, but Bionic B*****. I ...

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