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Posted by Gotrhythm on 2014-07-31 14:50. 2 comments. 19 reads
Looking over the last interrogation report, I can find a setting of 65 bpm, which is my base rate. But I can't find an upper setting.

I have SSS and that's all. No block. No fib. I suspect (but have no hard data) that I have occasional, short-lived tachycardia episodes. My PM is St.Jude Accent DR 2110.

Is it possible that no upper range is set, or do I just not know where to look?

Posted by GC27 on 2014-07-31 13:25. 1 comments. 9 reads

I hope everyone is doing good. I was wondering if Boxing excersice is okay. I am not talking about going head to head with someone, just the excersice like, punching- bag, jumping jacks and all that other good stuff.

Posted by wjs1954 on 2014-07-31 13:00. 2 comments. 25 reads
well I guess the adjustment not right YET..

I hate to admit it but 4 dizzy spells last 2 weeks I was not going to say anything, was a little sick late last week I thought it was that.. But now I think not..
Called the cardiologist they want to get me in and reset to same as before.. That is going to happen.. I could not run as it was before I AM A RUNNER with a pacemaker. Not someone with a pacemaker that runs!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have them turn RR off I would rather feel a bit sluggest and be paced at 60 80% of the time than not be able to run..Will have to see how they feel about that......

Posted by rogertoday on 2014-07-31 01:18. 5 comments. 126 reads
So my pulse rate is in the low 40's and it worries me! I thought that my pulse rate would be more normal I just moved and do not have a new cardiologist yet. it just seems to me that a pulse rate of 44 is low for someone with a pace maker?

Anyone have a similar situation??

Posted by enterprisesmd on 2014-07-31 00:39. 4 comments. 49 reads
Got my PM two days ago. Been reading this ant that . All info I can find. Thru most of the info I have read it states it is ok to use electrical weedeaters and edgers and such. But highly dont recommend mowers, gas chainsaws, or other gas machinery. Has anyone else read or know if this is true. Since my job is a Grounds keeper it is real important to me. I dont meet with my Dr for another three weeks. anyone got a comment

Posted by billylittle on 2014-07-30 22:00. 8 comments. 102 reads
I went for a pacemaker checkup two weeks ago. The cardiologist eyes got real big and he said you are going back to see the EP. (Well over 1000 high rate episodes with it set at 160bpm).
So my wife and I go to see my EP this morning, and he says that it is not Afib this time, rather he is thinking it is ventricular tachycardia basically all the time. He set a date to remove my single lead Medtronic Sensia SR, and replace it with a dual lead Medtronic Advisa MRI pacer and more ablation. This will be my fourth ablation in a year and a half. What are your thoughts on this?

Posted by boysmom on 2014-07-30 21:27. 4 comments. 68 reads
Is coming back tomorrow. Hoping it goes better then last time. Feeling much better than 3 weeks ago so I think I am ready for the battle this time!! I have also been seeing a counselor which, although I was skeptical, has really helped.

Posted by CincyGirl on 2014-07-30 21:14. 3 comments. 49 reads
I saw my EP today for my annual checkup. My current CRT has 10 - 13 months of battery life remaining (Medtronics). He wants me to check back in 9 months to see what the battery life is. He is concerned that because of my age (49) I will go through a lot of battery changes. I'm on my 2nd CRT. Got 4 years out of the 1st one. Thought I would have this one changed this month but they say it may last another year. He is considering changing my CRT from Medtronics to a Boston CRT which he says has a longer battery life. He said there are lots of strides in the industry so that may change. Just wondering if anyone else has a "Boston" model CRT and if they have had any problems. Any info would be appreciated.

Posted by @Heartthrob on 2014-07-30 16:13. 5 comments. 80 reads
I am 5 weeks post op and woke up yesterday with ton of energy.
Starting to feel like my old self again. Then after I got out of the shower this morning I noticed an Indention running about middle of pacemaker set, top yo bottom. I have an area with a small scab on the incision site snd Indention runs close to it. Strange!! I do not feel bad. Anyone else had something like this? Going to Dr in the morning. Texted him a picture and he said nothing to worry about but idk if it is normal!

Posted by Dee224 on 2014-07-30 15:32. 4 comments. 76 reads
I had a Medtronic Revo Surescan pacemaker implanted in Feb due to sudden onset of complete heart block which resulted in heart rate of 35 and lower. Echocardiogram and complete monitoring for 4 days in hospital showed no signs of any other issues. Yesterday cardiologist told me he wants to do stress test because PM readout show I have had a couple episodes of VT (one at 3 in the am). They will have to do a nuclear stress test because I have knee issues preventing me from doing a treadmill. He did not seem to worried, and the test is not until Sept. Should I be worried? My dad had electrical issues in his heart (tachycardia) and died of a heart attack so I am very concerned.

Also, I have had adjustments made to settings alread...

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