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Posted by ryansmom on 2014-10-31 14:36. 3 comments. 58 reads
Haven't been on this sight for awhile, but decided to drop back in. A couple yr. ago my then 15yr old son Ryan had to have emergency surgery because of a defected Boston Scientific pacemaker, that was a horrible scare, of course Ryan came through it better then mom. Today he had his battery checked and it's saying a year or less, so here we go again! Sure wish this got easier but it doesn't I'm already stressing . Ryan just turned 17 on 10-10-14 but to me he's my baby. He had to have 5 open heart surgeries by the time he was 2, and received his PM at 15mn. think I'd be use to this by now, they told us this PM would only last 2-3 years due to the leads have slipped and need to be re-positioned which they will do this upcoming change, cou...

Posted by stannita on 2014-10-31 11:01. 0 comments. 15 reads
just curious about why the ventricle is now pacing when it has not to this point?
my atrium has reduced pacing now, I think because most of the hot weather is gone and my body works better in cooler weather.
does this make sense?
best of health to all

Posted by Alamb2 on 2014-10-31 10:17. 2 comments. 31 reads
This is my second pacemaker in 5 years (dual chamber, intramuscular) and I am about 2 months post op with new leads and new pm. # 2 was also placed intramuscular.

Yesterday while crawling into bed, left elbow bracing me as I turned off the light, the PM popped thru the muscle at the left side like a hernia! Freaked out, I shoved it back in. Obviously I am going to tell my doc, but has anyone experienced this ?

Posted by natlat on 2014-10-31 09:28. 1 comments. 39 reads
So I had my medication (Sotalol) reduced to 40mg 2x per day, at 80 mg, I felt lethargic. I run and walk my dog. I have an ICD for a sustained vtach and have an abnormal EKG, with low R Wave Progression and diffuse inverted T waves. I remain undiagnosed, and docs believe it could have been viral.

Anyone in similar circumstances and do well on lower doses of meds or no meds at all?


Posted by Tinkergirl on 2014-10-31 08:56. 7 comments. 74 reads
Good morning and Happy Halloween!! Question, I can now start to slowly lift my left arm over my hear, but now my arm does not want cooperate with I only wore the sling for 5 days so it is not that I have not used my arm, but I have been very careful to not raise it too high as my leads fell twice before I even left the hospital(3 surgeries in 2 days). So I am not sure if down deep inside I am not letting it raise up. It feels real tight from my incision over my shoulder to my shoulder blade and then under my left arm when I try to raise it over my shoulder.

Does anyone have any exercise suggestions to stretch those muscles and when do you think it will be ok to go get a massage? I am 4 weeks out from getting my PM.

Posted by trish on 2014-10-30 23:53. 0 comments. 18 reads
I just recently started to have strong slow PVCs, last has series or very slow trigemini PVCs This attack lasted about 20 minutes with no normal beat felt. Very unnerving. Saw cardiologist today and yes they were recorded. However, doc said I was OK and no treatment. I live in dread of another long series of these thumping pounding beats, Do any of you have long series of PVCs. And how do you cope ? Thanks, Trisha

Posted by NormaLou on 2014-10-30 22:54. 1 comments. 65 reads
I had my first PM implant in 2010 and after three years the battery died. They told me it was defective. I had PM replaced in 2013, about a year ago. Every since the first PM implant I can hear a "squishing" or "crunching" sound in my left ear. My EP dismisses my concerns about this saying it is just blood flow I'm hearing.

Has anyone here every heard of this. I never had this before the PM. And it is annoying and a bit concerning.


Posted by Od41 on 2014-10-30 21:58. 3 comments. 94 reads
My husband had a pacemaker fitted three weeks ago for total heart block. He is at this moment in hospital having tests for his onset of breathlessness and heartburn-like pain since having the PM fitted. So far all tests have resulted as all ok ((blood chest ct scan PM check etc). They don't know what is wrong but this forum is full,of people with same complaint so what is going on. The doctors are behaving like they have never seen this before and I am worried about further unecessary intrusive tests being done on him. Has anyone found out yet what the problem is.

Posted by Breeze on 2014-10-30 21:31. 1 comments. 49 reads
I have had my PM a couple weeks, I have been feeling a snapping type feeling in it. What's up with that?

Posted by mytrose43 on 2014-10-30 21:28. 0 comments. 35 reads
Hi all I hope everyone is doing good ,well it is that time to get a new pacemaker I have had mine for 9 years so i guess i did pretty good I have a medtronic enrythum my Dr said i will be getty a st jude one this time I asked if it would be MRI safe he said no but that it was the wires I have that are not safe not so much the pacemaker and he said he does not want to change wires since they are still good is there any difference that i will notice with a st jude verses a medtronic not sure what model yet .I am scheduled for nov 10th little nervouse since i got a infection the first time around and my scare completly opened up and left a hossible scar my Dr said he will fix the scar so hoping for the best,I have another question last thursd...

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