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Posted by ReadingFC on 2014-09-30 19:51. 0 comments. 12 reads
On the 28th December this year, I was picked up by the ambulance service after fainting in the street. To be honest I had been feeling unwell for about 6 months, but the doc could find nothing wrong. It all came to a head that day, 30 mins later I was in the operating room have a PM, and a couple of hours earlier I was shopping but feeling the normal unwell.

That afternoon in the hospital ward, I though normal life was all over for me. Heart problems at 45 years old having been really fit an active all my life, now I was thinking about a life of taking it easy.

Things had not been right for about 6 months, I kept feeling weird, could not concentrate in the collage class I was attending any more, panicking all the time...

Posted by Smokie on 2014-09-30 18:13. 2 comments. 32 reads
Hi,Can anyone give me any advice on tooth extraction. I am having two teeth extracted tomorrow. I have read about having antibiotics before the procedure but wondered if that was for every one who has a pacemaker. I had my pm fitted 7months ago for brady/tachy/af.

I would appreciate anyones thoughts on this.

Thanks Lis.

Posted by saslas on 2014-09-30 17:37. 2 comments. 39 reads
Hi everyone!!'

My name is Brenda Davis and I just received my PM about 2 wks. ago. So glad to find this site. I had to have a PM because of a fast heartbeat. Told I had A-Fib. I got a little scared a few days ago when I felt my heart was beginning to race, but became normal again in just a few seconds, so I assume the PM is working to make it normal. Going to have my first checkup since having it put in and assume I will find everything ok, at least that is what I am praying for. I was just wondering how soon after implantation can you shower without worrying about the area getting wet. And any other advice you can give me would be so appreciated. Like I said, am so glad to find this site as this is all so new to me!!! ...

Posted by campusstar on 2014-09-30 15:52. 1 comments. 22 reads
thanks for the advice. Am here because in Jan 03/14 I went to hospital with a EF of 11 went up to 23 then 31 up to 35 right on the line for icd had mugga went down to 31 now told need CRT-D at the time in Jan my partner decided to leave me and I been dealing with this cardiomyopathy alone

Posted by KeelyLatterner on 2014-09-30 14:05. 2 comments. 53 reads

I am quite nervous about my first pacemaker check up today. It has been approximately 6 weeks since my dual chamber MRI safe pacemaker was put in. I'm diagnosed with genetic Long QT and was suffering with bradycardia and asystole - over 5 second pauses.
I have felt a difference with the pacemaker, but I also feel some unusual sensations since the implant that I didn't feel before. For example, sometimes my heart really thumps! I don't know if that's how a normal heart beat should feel and I have just been so used to a slow and silent one.... I also often feel what I can only describe as a small bubble bursting. Like you blew a bubble with chewing gum and then it popped. It doesn't hurt or is painful, but I have just...

Posted by campusstar on 2014-09-30 13:09. 2 comments. 43 reads
am new on this site just found out am getting a CRT-D in two days. I am scared to death the stress is killing me. Any thoughts for me to use to try to calm down.

Posted by ERER on 2014-09-29 22:54. 2 comments. 116 reads
I'm on my 3rd pacemaker in almost 20 years and am always mindful to ask questions if I don't understand something during pacemaker interrogations but one thing I've noticed on the printout is "no episodes." What exactly does that mean? I did ask once and the technician said cardiac episodes, but what constitutes a cardiac episode on a pacemaker?

Posted by Pacey_23 on 2014-09-29 22:28. 14 comments. 208 reads
I just had a pacemaker put in today, and did not expect it to hurt THIS MUCH!! I can't sleep, or find any comfortable position - my whole left arm and shoulder feels completely frozen up and any movement is agony. It's less than 24 hours since they've done the procedure, so obviously it's really recent, and I am taking the recommended painkillers but it's just not achieving anything. Is this sort of pain normal? How long can I expect it to last? And does anyone have any tips for dealing with the pain/ getting comfortable?

Cheers :-)

Posted by lbdina on 2014-09-29 15:45. 3 comments. 85 reads
Hi. I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a PM for Bradycardia, SSS and Dysautonomia. My mother needed a PM, and now my daughter (30 years old) is having symptoms that are eerily similar to my episodes (intense nausea, light-headedness, syncope, flushed or drenching sweats, etc). Just like me, she never vomits, so it isn't food poisoning or stomach flu. With her, it only happens a few times per year, which is also similar to me. Perhaps it is a genetic predisposition that runs in the family.

I'd like her to see a good EP who can help her diagnose her situation. Can anyone recommend an EP in Tacoma, WA or Gig Harbor, WA?

Thanks a lot.


Posted by Parrothead57 on 2014-09-29 15:29. 5 comments. 126 reads
I know this topic has been addressed many times here but I wanted to share a recent experience. My wife had to go in for an MRI. She has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheel chair a majority of the time. She can walk with help but we knew she’d need help getting on the table. I let the technicians know that I wanted to help but I have a pacemaker. They would not allow me in the room with the machine, even with it turned off. I made the off comment that my PM wasn’t an MRI safe model. The technician said that as far as they were concerned, there was no such thing as an MRI safe pacemaker. We are in Austin Texas, the technician told me the nearest location that would accept an MRI safe pacemaker was in Houston, about 160 miles away...

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