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Posted by Music on 2015-07-03 20:09. 1 comments. 8 reads
Hubby still doing ok after almost 2 yrs now. Meds taken include 12 per day, although some are more than once a day. Amiodarone twice a day. Guess he needs it along with the cdr-t to prevent another cardiac arrest. He's 68 now. Tires easlly, had to give up work as a musician - nerve damage to hands prevents him playing piano. He 's lost 40 lbs & needs to lose more, but insulin no longer needed as he keeps his sugar under 100. A bit wobbly on the feet, but all in all, good. Has a bit of edema in legs & feet, but no fluid in lungs. I know CDRT's don't prevent heart attacks or keep lungs from having fluid, but we seem to be getting along ok with his fairly good attempts at being healthy! How is everyone else doing?

Posted by jane32 on 2015-07-03 19:18. 2 comments. 18 reads
Hi all,
I have not been feeling 100% since I had my pm untangled and a new lead put in, the procedure itself was no problem in fact I had a bit of a snooze during it. I have been feeling tired and short of breath at times. At my pm check last week they said I had been in afib for the last 6 weeks, at times I knew I was and at others I didn't. I know there are a lot of you out there who live with afib constantly so looking for some advice as to how I manage my life. I still go walking and out and about, but some days I have to have a day doing little. Best wishes to you all.

Posted by human-chip on 2015-07-03 18:33. 1 comments. 12 reads
hi, i am new to this site and i have had a ICD since 2013.
i got zapped august 2014 wow what a experience.

i am glad i found this site, i just google my question using keyword also and your guys seems to have the answer. so i thought give you guys a shout out.

i know this is NOT a Dating site ! ! ! But i seem to get a cold shoulder from some people or at least i think.

So i ask does anyone know of any dating / just hangout people sites are. I appreciate your feed back.

Posted by Dave H on 2015-07-03 16:46. 1 comments. 15 reads
I'm the owner of a Medtronic Viva XT CRT-D PM
A recent ECG by my EP. Can anyone put these numbers into laymans terms?
Ventricular rate: 98 / Atrial Rate: 98 / QRS Duration: 192
Q-T Interval: 192 / QTCINT: 559 / P Axis: 51
R Axis: -52 / T Axis: 114
DIAGNOSIS: DX:427.31 A-Fib
atrial sensed ventriculal paced complexes
Left axis deviation
Nonspecific intraventricular block

Abnormal ECG
When compared with ECG of 11-Mar 2015 13:56, Sinus rhythm has replaced Electronic ventricular pacemaker.

Thanks for any input!

Posted by Ronaldo on 2015-07-03 16:12. 0 comments. 1 reads
Not been on here for a good while now. Just wondered who is still on here who may remember me from a couple of years back. Anything happened in last few years of interest?

Posted by natjohn1 on 2015-07-03 10:18. 3 comments. 50 reads

I've been told by my cardiologist and EP that I need an ICD implanted. I've been reading a lot on this site to get my questions answered in addition to talking with nurses about the procedure. Some comments I've read here are to make sure the doctor has lots of experience. I'm seeing Dr. Beshai at Mayo Phoenix. He's nice enough, seems to know what he's doing. Does anyone have experience with Dr. Beshai, by any chance? Or, does anyone have an EP doctor they think is great in the Phoenix, AZ area? I also saw Dr. Cherakuri at Biltmore Cardiology for a second opinion. He seemed fine also. I figured I'd have the implant done at Mayo just because of the patient portal - it's so convenient to email nurses and see my test results.

Posted by Val60 on 2015-07-03 03:19. 1 comments. 65 reads

I am an English ex pat living in south west France which is where my Arrhythmia was discovered. I was wondering if there is anyone else here in a similar situation. Looking through these threads it seems everyone knows a lot about their conditions, whereas I have been given very little information. The doctors here will only speak French (although they ALL know some English) and my grip of the language is poor when it comes to medical terminology! For instance, I don't even know how many leads my PM has!

Posted by sooz on 2015-07-03 00:31. 3 comments. 55 reads
When to worry? My wound looks awful....redness spreading down into breast and for couple inches all the way around. No fever....wondering if reacting to the adhesive? Anyone sensitive to the adhesive closure? Just called the cardio floor at hospital and they said go to ER no later than morning if still like that. This is what I have been afraid of all along. Anyone else react like this? Thanks for replies. Hopefully soon you won't have to see posts from me!

Posted by Val60 on 2015-07-02 05:19. 4 comments. 75 reads
Hi. I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of exercise bikes with magnetic resistance and if they are safe to use with a PM. I bought one not realising it was magnetic but can't find any information on the manufacturer's site. I am a bit scared to use it now so any information would be greatly received.

Posted by golden_snitch on 2015-07-02 03:01. 0 comments. 22 reads
I have written a new blog post on ICDs and exercising, summarizing some of the research I have found on this topic. Hope it helps some patients to tackle their fears of getting shocked while training.

You can now also find me on Twitter:


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