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Posted by maria61 on 2015-02-01 04:52. 0 comments. 1 reads
Hi all
My 17 yr old son had a PM fitted 2 years ago for bradycardia. It is his dream to follow a career in sound engineering. Having done some research this is a highly electrical/magnetic environment. Does anyone know if there is a reliable protective vest available on the market?? it would have to be something tailor made.
Many thanks

Posted by flutetooter on 2015-02-01 00:03. 1 comments. 18 reads
--Also just dropping by to say how thankful I am to have had my pacemaker put in a year ago. We had several lovely vacations, did gardening and hose remodeling and I had other abdominal surgeries in July - all with extra energy to spare. Right now I especially glad to have that energy boost because I am coping with a horrible fall my husband had on the ice on Jan. 6, landing on the back of his head with a subdural and subarachnoidal brain hemorrhage. After 3 1/2 wk. in intensive care and regular hospital care, he is now getting intensive physical training in a rehab center for lost weight and muscles, but seems mostly fine as to minimal, if any, memory loss. He is a runner and biker still at 78, and was in top shape. I would never hav...

Posted by ballydhanoa on 2015-01-31 22:38. 0 comments. 8 reads
hello friends i am 21 years old male patient of chb have dual chamber IPG pm. on november 2014 i start feeling heart palpitations dr check my pm it was doing good. now sometimes the palpitation go away for days and again come back. today after 20 days without palpitation again i start feeling palpitations dont know what is the reason of it. i hope someone can help me out.. i feel something in my heart.

Posted by Runningmama on 2015-01-31 22:16. 0 comments. 5 reads
It's been a while since I was on, just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone! I am always glad to be a part of this great group of awesome peeps!!!

Posted by Grateful Heart on 2015-01-31 22:03. 3 comments. 33 reads
I notice when I sign in, 99% of the time I am at the bottom of the list. Now I'm not fact, I find it rather amusing.

So am I "bringing up the rear" or am I the caboose. As I understand it, the caboose is a very important part of the train.

Be kind in your responses. :-)

Grateful Heart

Posted by jkc on 2015-01-31 21:21. 2 comments. 35 reads
I am wondering if one of my wires has come loose or the device is shorting out. Approximately every minute and a half I get a sharp pain, for a second, in my heart. Then fine for another minute and a half, I have had the device since August of 2010 with no problems at all. I no other symptoms. Has anyone heard of this?

Posted by Dave H on 2015-01-31 18:44. 3 comments. 58 reads
At my procedure 4 days ago, (Medtronic Consulta replaced by a Medtronic Viva XT CRT-D) the EP spoke of it was a tight fit into one of my veins. Evidently, he doubled up one lead to create a 4-lead device. I won't see him for a couple weeks or so to get a complete rundown of what he did -------- anyone here have a similar 4-lead PM/CRT-D? An aftereffect: I walked the ICU's halls for about 45 min a few hours post procedure. I noticed my left hand turning blue, which kinda freaked the ICU nurse. This phenomenon has continued, but less noticeable, each day. I contacted the EP yesterday---- he stated the leads take up a large amount of space in my veins, but new veins will "grow" and the blue tinge should abate slowly. Anyone else experience...

Posted by beachbabe on 2015-01-31 13:49. 3 comments. 55 reads
Hey all!!
How are you?
I've not posted on here in what seems like an age! Just thought I'd tell you all that in going in next Wednesday 4th of feb for my 2nd last one has lasted nearly 7years....1st time round I didnt get much time to think about it because I was so poorly and it happened rather quickly. This time round I'm just a bit nervous if I'm honest, not too bad because I know that I need this and it's going to happen.
What was all your recovery times? When did you return to work etc?
In the USA are you allowed to keep your old units? I don't think I will be allowed in the UK but would love to keep it. Anyhow thanks for reading.
Take care
Louise xx

Posted by judyblue on 2015-01-30 12:25. 1 comments. 84 reads
Many of you may know I am one of the few whose pain never went away. I finally had a doctor confirm it is nerve damage from the pm implantation. This was not the cardiologist who put it in! He won't discuss it. And my primary prescribed an anti- imflammatory. Both which got me no relief for over a year. My gynocologist said, "of course its nerve damage. You have neuropathy. There are medicines for that". OMG! I have about a 75% reduction in pain! I am sad the other docs were too afraid to prescribe this for me (yes, I said "afraid"- that is what my gyno said). I could have been spared a very unpleasant year of pain. I never knew what chronic pain does to someone. Without knowing, I was a total crab to my students. After the meds, I am a ne...

Posted by WYknitter on 2015-01-30 11:13. 10 comments. 198 reads
This is a response I got from Medtronic when I inquired about beeping that woke me up at 1AM on Monday AND after a 240 mile round trip to the cardiologist ofc yesterday, at the recommendation of their nurse practitioner, I might add.

I hope this information will help those who have current models of Medtronic pacemakers avoid the frustration and embarrassment that I still fell.

"Thank you for contacting Medtronic Patient Services with your question about the Medtronic Adapta pacemaker. The Adapta pacemaker along with all other current models of Medtronic pacemakers do not have audible capabilities. This device will not beep under any circumstances."

This was a learning experience for me and for the nu...

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