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Posted by donsabi on 2015-10-04 12:51. 1 comments. 33 reads
About ten days ago I went for my first post PM checkup. I told the nurse practitioner I was more tired than before. She told me this was typical and it would take time to heal.
The following week I became more tired upon walking to the point I could not complete a grocery shopping trip. A week after this first checkup I was back but had a different nurse practitioner. This time she said I am having PCV's and PAVs and that was causing the tiredness. She prescribed 12.5mg Metoprolol. (I haven't try it yet). I also take Sotalol.
In January this year I was dx'ed with afib and put on Sotalol. In July I had a PM implant because of low heart rate. Two months later I have an irregular heart beat which I never had before. I see...

Posted by climber5 on 2015-10-04 11:12. 0 comments. 3 reads
HI there,
Just a note to let you know that I have set up a Facebook group specifically for climbers who have ICDs or pacemakers here: Its time we got together to share experiences ;-)


Posted by southerndixie62 on 2015-10-04 03:22. 1 comments. 75 reads
I ended up at the hospital last night. However our local hospital
is not really equipped to deal with any major issues with ICDs.
I started having strange severe pain that felt like a knife thru
my chest that lasted for about 10 secs yesterday morning. This happened off and on all day. I knew it didnt seem right, especially the metallic taste in my mouth. I tried to get in touch with my regular Dr. however the nurse never called me back.
At about 4:30, the pain,came back again with an intensity that i
didnt expect. It radiated between my shoulder blades and down my left arm. Ended up at ER because pain did not relent for over an hour and a half. The pain was so intense, the ER Dr gave me
Nitroglycerin, morphin...

Posted by Selwyn on 2015-10-03 23:14. 1 comments. 93 reads
I had an uncomfortable experience yesterday of receiving what should have been 8 Gy of radiotherapy ( DXT) for lymphoma, resulting in a tachycardia ( fast heart beat) of 120/min, paced, when my resting rate is 60 /min. My cancer is mid chest, at the back, and is cutaneous ( skin). The radiation ( X rays) directly affected my pacemaker causing me to paced at 120/min.

There is a study of 96 patients with a similar problem

I managed 60 seconds of a 5 minute planned therapy- the procedure as abandoned due to the increased heart rate. I plan to have a pacemaker check up in 49 hours, and otherwise feel well. Normally, I am very fit swimming 1 mile daily etc..


Posted by tanapuff on 2015-10-03 19:05. 1 comments. 38 reads
My EF has improved left ventrical 48% and right 53%.
I am so pleased but the Montana cardiologist thinks l can go off medications. I did stop Lisinopril as it made my throat thick with slime and a cough but am questioning the Carvedilo. I am only on the smallest dosage twice a day but feel like these drugs helped heal my heart. I would appreciate your thoughts, especially those with CRT-D 's. Thank you for your help.

Posted by JLK on 2015-10-03 18:10. 4 comments. 78 reads
Again, I have just begun learning about my condition, so advice, constructive or otherwise is welcomed. Last years physical showed me as healthy, other than needing to lose a few pounds. These past few months all the tests have come back great no cancer/diabetes/blockages etc.. I am truly blessed in some ways.
Dr says my low Ef is the reason I am to get the ICD.
Dr. Says it will not come up much more if at all maybe 1 or 2%.
I know everyone is different but From what I have been reading online and talking to people at the cardiac rehab. I see stories of EF improving. Dr says standard wait procedure is 3 months.
From what I have been told it used to be 9 months.

Do I get the ICD now or wait?
I don't hav...

Posted by oldearthworm on 2015-10-03 14:15. 6 comments. 90 reads
...anew as I am not 100% , and I am gaining weight ...158, 75 years and 5 ' 5" ... and two months post PM op .
last week on the exercise bicycle, I pedaled for 60 seconds before quitting ..
this week ..90 seconds .. its an Giant brand , using air resistance..
I detest exercising , I'd rather work , but work today burns calories NOT ..
This morn ... 172/60/60 .. this BP is too high ...

Posted by jsne on 2015-10-03 10:55. 3 comments. 61 reads
After my last visit to the consultant we discussed my ongoing problem with AVNRT. Had an ablation 16 years ago for the original problem which left me with a modified fast pathway.
For a few years things were fine then slowly I became more and more in tolerant to exercise then started getting arrhythmias. 2008 got the first of many treadmill tests and monitors etc...etc...
Finally end of last year got diagnosed with2:1 HB PM implanted in Feb 2015. 6 months of adjustments then one visit in August turned everything around. Was difficult because of my arrhythmias and damaged pathway.
Feeling so much better but still having the arrhythmia issues so have started on Verapamil SR240mg/day.
It has made the palpitations less fre...

Posted by Cynthiaian on 2015-10-03 09:47. 1 comments. 47 reads
Has anyone been told that they have a neurological/autoimmune condition or disease (MS, etc) that has led to a slow heart rate? I am going to a Neurologist next week and I am not sure what types of questions to ask. Thank you so much

Posted by Cynthiaian on 2015-10-03 09:46. 0 comments. 22 reads
Has anyone been told that they have a neurological/autoimmune condition or disease (MS, etc) that has led to a slow heart rate? I am going to a Neurologist next week and I am not sure what types of questions to ask. Thank you so much

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