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Posted by Littletree on 2014-12-19 06:11. 0 comments. 7 reads
I have a Sinus Node problem place in 2013. At first I was told I had a sinus node problem which I was doing fine walked couple miles a day and worked everything seemed great. However this happened and I have had 5 surgeries during this time (infection, lead problems.) Bycardia-now I am told I have complete heart block. No one in my family has ever had a heart problem. Drs keep saying I have a heart of a teenager but why did this happen?
On advice of nurse she said that I should go to another doctor closer to home and scheduled me appointment. Went to see him. Took 3 months to get in- Told him I have been having an issue of breathing. He sent me to lung doctor took 3 months to get in. Which told me I had to have a chest xray (fluid) ...

Posted by GinaR on 2014-12-19 05:45. 0 comments. 7 reads
Yesterday I twisted to put my seatbelt on and got a sharp stabbing pain in my chest and arm. Hurt for about 2 minutes and then subsided for a couple minutes and then kept coming back. Over the next hour I had periodic pain and then pain and tingling down my arm and then numbness followed. During the next few hours was having very frequent palpitations and so when I got home I put my sling on and went to bed to try and not move it too much. Just woke up and have a lot of soreness in neck , sholder, arm, back shoulder blade and chest. If I move too much I have sharp pain. Is this just pulled muscles or did I do damage and should I get checked out?

Posted by Tgirl1977 on 2014-12-18 23:36. 4 comments. 25 reads
Today is my 1st year having my pacemaker. Dec 18, 2013 was my install day. I have made it through the 1st year and hope to see many more. It was a rocky road for me, but I can see things getting better. I haven't been posting anything on the site for a while, but I have been reading some posts. Well, take care pacemaker club members. I am so thankful for this site.

Posted by lahbigbro6 on 2014-12-18 21:35. 3 comments. 39 reads
I got a new treadmill and some programs required a chest strap heart monitor. Does any use this with their pacemaker ? The programs are used to target your heart rate.

Posted by Bigheart1 on 2014-12-18 18:51. 3 comments. 36 reads
Hi All. I just had a BIV with ICD implanted for a LBBB and dilated cardiomyopathy I have had since 2000. MY EF had recently dropped from 40 to 30 over the past year. So the pacer was recommended to try and rid of the dysynchrony from my LBBB (with the BiV) in hopes of improving my heart function in time. Is there a standard time post surgery that an echo is done?
I was thinking 6 months post op but I don't know. My doc says it's more important how I feel. I agree but I was told this surgery was to improve my heart function. So I'm a bit confused. Thanks for any insight!

Posted by sunshinewishes on 2014-12-18 16:59. 5 comments. 85 reads
With respect for all beliefs, it is the time of year when hearts traditionally dance to songs of faith, love, generosity and hope. For those of us with heart issues, we often fail to really feel the joy we felt before. We write we are thankful to be alive, and we are grateful for our devices. However, in between our words are often tears that cry out .........BUT this is so much harder than I expected. No one understands. Will I ever be the same? Why do I now have an insatiable need to physically prove myself? The joy I felt before, I am not really feeling it. I am trying, BUT. Joy IS still here. It is only lost between the lines of BUT. Can I get it back? .........YES, it is not easy, but I CAN do it. I do not expect others ...

Posted by Cabg Patch on 2014-12-18 13:01. 4 comments. 90 reads
I know there are a number of members who've gotten a jolt from their device, ICD, CRT and PM alike, that didn't show up on our data collected by the unit. The doctors attribute it to a phenomenon they call Phantom Shocks. Just like using the term "Therapy" for the big one, I find their terminology inadequate. Below are some suggestions for a name to replace the term phantom shock. Please let us know which you like most sort of an informal vote.

Dry Run
Silent Impact
Silent Alarm
Phantom Menace
Ghost Buster
Nuclear Waste
Delusion Conclusion
Thankless Thump
Dream Breaker
Juiceless jolt
Taser Test
Ghost Goose
Delusional Dupe
Illusion Pollution

Posted by gordy on 2014-12-18 08:43. 3 comments. 75 reads
hi all I had my pm interrogated yesterday and las night my pulse suddenly shot up to 179 was very scared as this has never happened before x

Posted by L2 on 2014-12-18 06:58. 7 comments. 132 reads
I have a pacer and have had nothing but issues. 5 surgeries-leads coming off and infections. Now I have changed Dr. for second time due to trouble breathing and no one would listen. I found out that they turned off the rate response at previous office visit interogating pacer. (previous Dr.) This new Dr. had them turn it back on however for 6 month I had trouble breathing. Now going to a lung Dr. also but during this 6 month breathing problems and fluid building up. Cannot seem to get the fluid to leave. Would like to no if it is possible that it may go away now taking 40 mg of to different fluid pills. This cannot be good. Has any one had this problem and is there hope that I might get better?

Posted by kim123 on 2014-12-18 06:53. 5 comments. 98 reads
Mu husband had a pacemaker fitted a year ago, diagnosed with 2nddegree heart block 34 pulse. Just been for his check up, was told that his signal was only getting through to the bottom of his heart 20%, so this is why he needs a pm, so he is using it 80% of the time, as he is an anxious person but also wants to know everything about it, he wants to know if he would be dead without the pm, on his notes it says not pacemaker dependant, he is confused, or is it about quality of your life

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