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Posted by belljn on 2014-10-21 20:20. 1 comments. 10 reads
I just spent a month touring China. I've had my pacemaker for 4 years and am 71.
Security in China is very high. Most of the sites we visited required walking through metal detectors. Lots of fun trying to get across that I could not walk through the detector. Next time I will have a note written in Chinese saying that I cannot go through the metal detector.
I've traveled through North America and Europe and every time I was patted down it was done by a man. I always ask to have a cute lady do it but no luck. In China they don't care. Several young ladies did the search which gave me bragging rights to my wife.
It was a great trip but the next time I will bring a note, laminated, written in the language of the country exp...

Posted by Grateful Heart on 2014-10-21 19:43. 3 comments. 28 reads
I had a Doctors appointment today because my "good hip" and opposite knee have suddenly become worse. I usually just push through it but this past week the pain has been off the charts for some reason.

The official diagnosis: I want to quote the Doctor so I get it right..... I have "crappy arthritis genes". That's the medical term.

He has a crystal ball too. He said there is more metal in my future. (Trying to hold off on that prediction).

According to the X-rays, I have bone spurs in both knees that look like a snaggletooth. When he rotated my leg, my knee sounded like sand rolling around inside. He made an awful if he was in pain??

Oh yeah, I also have a lateral m...

Posted by Duke Heart Patient on 2014-10-21 16:22. 3 comments. 35 reads
Who do you think will win ? SF or KC ?

Posted by ODIN on 2014-10-21 08:29. 3 comments. 90 reads
Got a PM 8 weeks ago. It is a dual PM attached with hooks. Got it because I had Lyme which became Carditis. Yesterday they turned off the PM and the Doc said my heart was was working perfect. So he set it at 60 and said if I have no issues in 4 weeks it can come out. I had issues last night. Felt like my heart was working hard. Anyways much better this morning. WOndering if anyone has had their PM pulled and how it worked out. Thanks

Posted by Aniubh on 2014-10-20 23:28. 1 comments. 66 reads
Hey Iam 22 implanted a ppm 1 and half year back after a couple of days of surgery I started gymin wieght lifting now I don't have major problem. My trainer now suggest me to take some protien supliments which contain creatine .. Should I take such suppliments ,, does creatine will effect the stability of pacemaker?
Desperately waiting for ur knowledgeable comments

Posted by MonicaNYC on 2014-10-20 22:01. 3 comments. 92 reads
Hi Ladies,
I am just over my 3 month mark of my PM surgery. I have been back to working out (running and yoga) for just about 6 weeks. I find that anything touching my scar or over my PM is very irritating. Is this normal? Will it eventually go away? I unfortunately have to wear a rather supportive bra, especially when run, but I find that my scar gets even more irritated during my yoga practice even if nothing is touching it, between the constant standing and folding, and heart opening poses. It makes it very hard to get my zen on. Any suggestions on how to cope with the irratation, and any hopefully tales of how this will all pass with time would be much appreciated. Thanks Monica

Posted by neff on 2014-10-20 17:09. 6 comments. 116 reads
Morning I was wondering if there is a way a pm act at the end of it's life. Maybe sometimes just stops? Or maybe shocks ? oh ,I have sss.
Thanks for any help.

Posted by cookenzopy on 2014-10-20 16:46. 7 comments. 131 reads
Does the rate response setting of a dual lead pacemaker affect sporting? My PM rate response is set between 60 and 140 bpm. When I am cycling I have the feeling that 140 bpm is too low. It is not my maximum heartrate because I am not running out of breathe at that rate. At least 150 bpm should be better but I don't know if that upper setting of RR at 140 bpm is limiting my max heart rate during cycling. Is there anyone who could explain the effect of rate response and sporting to me?

Posted by thrill2retire on 2014-10-20 11:08. 5 comments. 143 reads
Good Morning,

I am a newbie to a pacemaker. (4 days) Just looking for information and what to expect in these first weeks. So far, I have had waves of nausea, light headedness, metal taste in my mouth. Does the rate your pacemaker is set at cause any problems or adjustment. It feels fast (60) since I was used to about 45. I am here and listening to any information. Thanks so much and I look forward to your words of wisdom.

Posted by on 2014-10-20 10:05. 3 comments. 101 reads
PART 2! Your Help Is Needed

The first questionnaire suggests that many pacemaker and ICD patients may have liked more support and information at implant. As a result I have some more questions (I am really sorry) but if you do have the time to fill this in it may lead to more consistency in the information and support offered to people with ICD's and Pacemakers in the future! Thank You in advance

Link to take survey below :)

N.B. It is an independent survey that if results show discrepancies in information and support provided by healthcare centres and manufacturers this will be fed back to them. I do not work for any pacemaker or ICD company. I do...

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