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Posted by McSher2 on 2016-05-04 21:20. 1 comments. 56 reads
Has meant so much to me in the days following my mom's PM surgery. It's been six days, and she is still nervous and afraid to leave her apt. Still not convinced she is "okay" and says she doesn't feel ready to go out/even change out of her nightgown. I'm adjusting as well to being a caregiver for her and to running back and forth (45 minute drive) to bring her meals, help her around the house etc. Will the nerves subside? She also says eating her first "big meal" (I made her a chicken cutlet and spaghetti) gave her heartburn and she thinks she needs to eat lighter now. Basically, everything scares her. She feels like she is living on borrowed time. At 79, I would hope she has more years left of health, but it's very hard to convince her th...

Posted by ette on 2016-05-04 17:45. 0 comments. 13 reads

On a recent Medronic ADDRL1 interrogation report it listed high rate episodes VHR with the following
Dates & Times, duration, rates, MAX A, MAX V, AVE V and Sensor with a rate from 80-93......

My question is what does the SENSOR number mean?

My other report had sensor numbers in the 40-50 range during high rate episodes.

Thank you for your assistance- Cheers

Posted by jayalaxmi on 2016-05-04 11:48. 2 comments. 54 reads

Last saturday I was undergone surgery with implantation of dual chamber MR compatible pacemaker. While pacemaker is quite normal for age over 60s & 70s, quite unusual at my age 38. As I see success stories of many on 30s & 40s with pacemaker my confidence level boosted up. Thanks to pacemaker club help to connect similar people around.


Posted by paslode10 on 2016-05-04 05:18. 2 comments. 47 reads
Hi i had a Pacemaker implant on Tuesday 26/04/2016 and not long after surgery i started to get what i would call abdominal palpitations. I explained this to my surgeon on his ward visit and he explained this was a common problem and could be fixed by re-programming my Pacemaker. On the day of my discharge these twitches were fixed by using WIFI. Now i am at home the twitches have returned but only when i lay on my Right hand side every other position and i am fine do you think this will settle please or do i need to go back to Papworth Hospital for a quick fix.

Posted by merrickmp on 2016-05-04 03:22. 3 comments. 71 reads
Does anyone have a pacemaker implanted beneath the pectoral muscle that can comment on how it has affected the ability to lift weights, carry a backpack, and in general how it affects a very active lifestyle? It is going to happen and now I'm just trying to prepare myself. My condition is relatively asymptomatic but my ejection fraction is low and I have familial problems. Can one do dumb bell flies, pushups, etc?

Posted by dot on 2016-05-04 01:39. 2 comments. 68 reads
Today, I was told I have 2 fractured leads. I had my ICD implant in 2009 and just had the generator replaced in Nov 2015.
I had Rotator Cuff surgery about a month ago on my left shoulder, the same side as my ICD implant. My cardiologist suspects that's how the leads got broken - during that procedure. I see the Cardiac Electrophysiologist in a see how to fix this. I was told this is a big problem to handle and that there are high risks involved.
How serious are broken leads? I wasn't aware that this could even happen!! I'm so upset/scared/worried!!! Anyone facing same situation?

Posted by MikeMc on 2016-05-04 00:34. 4 comments. 63 reads
Wish me luck...

Posted by jsne on 2016-05-03 20:19. 1 comments. 20 reads
Just a quick one
My upper tracking rate is 110 and PVARP 400ms to try and reduce my PM tachycardia, do they sound right??
Jane x

Posted by Ber on 2016-05-03 18:06. 2 comments. 82 reads
2 month with Pm. While I do excerise can't get my heart rate over 80. Is that normal. I want to get heart rate up. I am a 65 yr old female. Second stent put in Dec 7 pace maker mar 3rd. I still get muscle twitches in my heart. Anyone else?

Posted by slovell on 2016-05-03 17:14. 3 comments. 101 reads
I received a single lead Medtronic pacemaker in November 2008 to treat Sinus Node dysfunction and Bradycardia. The surgery and recovery went well and my life changed so much for the better. I received a new battery in August 2015 and suffered from significant breast edema. My left breast was twice the size of my right. Though it has gone down, my left breast is still significantly larger than the right and has a heavy feeling. No bruising or tenderness. My cardiologist suspected a blood clot however that was ruled out. I had a Mammogram and Ultrasound which were normal but was referred to an Oncologist who found nothing structurally wrong with my breast. He was the one to inform me that I was experiencing breast edema from my pacem...

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