Junctional Rhythm and Pacemaker

I've been putting off getting a PM for several years. Actually my 5 year old problem with an exercise induced bradycardia was not diagnosed as requiring a PM till a couple of years ago. Anyway, now it seems my heart goes into a junctional rhythm when I start exercising. Sometimes it is an accelerated rhythm. (The junctional is a backup pacemaker and if it's accelerated that means it's actually going faster than the sinus node).

My EP says that a PM by itself may not help and I'm going to need meds to control the junctional. Now I'm not quite sure if he wants to do that to relieve the symptoms or if I won't get any benefit without the meds. I forgot to get this clarified and I'll ask on my next visit. My problem is that I don't want to be on meds. I've been on beta blockers before to try to control this arrythmia but the tendency for my rate to go down interfered with it. Right now I can get a decent amount of exercise by walking 4 mph for a couple of miles. I'm s.o.b most of the time but I get over it an hour after I quit. Lifting weights is OK. Yard work is not for some reason, plenty of rests required inbetween pushing a wheel barrow or raking.

So I'm trying to weigh the possibility of getting a PM, which will give me the beats I need, but being on some drug, feeling crappy all day, or at least not at the highest energy levels versus having about 3 hours of low rate and s.o.b (assuming I exercise for an hour 3 times a week).

Anyone here have this type of a beat? My sinus node is pausing for 2-3 seconds at times and is having a struggle with this junctional rhythm. I'm sure there are several here on meds and have a PM. I'd like to hear from you. Thanks


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