I'm Back!

Hello My Friends - I am back and so happy to be reading and sending messages. Other than a great big "OWIE" I am doing great. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts on my behalf. It is appreciated more than I can ever tell you. And, our little Valerie surely made everything so much better from the moment I saw her. What a lovely, sweet young lady. Her parents have done a fine job raising her; I wish more parents raised children like Val! I love you all for your caring and kindnesses!



by jessie - 2007-06-17 03:06:51

hi so glad you are back. i sincerely hope that the knee surgery went well and that you are pleased with it. i am sure you are glad it is over. i have never been in for surgery yet and i am sure it is nervewracking to some degree. we all know we have this little gadget that we would rather had never happened but then thank god it was there for us. so good for you. two the same legs wow take care jessie

are you ready to dance yet?

by bambi - 2007-06-17 10:06:36

Hi Sharon,
I 'm happy for you and your new knee! Let me know when you're ready for those dance lessons! Ha! No really, I'm sure you have weeks of physical therapy ahead of you, and I wish you the best! Glad you're back!

I'm sorry...

by valerie - 2007-06-18 04:06:13

...about your "OWIE". In case you are bleeding a little bit from your incision, I recommend these bandaids (they'll make you feel better just by looking at it):


I hope you can have that dance with Bambi soon :)
Happy Recovery,

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