Why does it take three times to log-in on this site. I had my passcode remembered and it will not let me log in. Good thing I wrote down the new passcode, but I have to hunt for it before I can log in. Anyone else having this problem? Judy


New Password

by SMITTY - 2007-03-25 01:03:46


That is interesting. I had no idea I could establish my own password and I have labored with the assigned password. It uses a combination of upper and lower case letters that has no continuity for me and is difficult to use. I had memorized mine, but before that I have spent 3 to 7 times trying to log on. I have now changed my password (I think) to one that I'm familiar with. However, if Old Smitty disappears from the scene, you can just say that new password did him in.

Seriously, the ability to establish my own password was something I have not seen mentioned, I'm sure many of us have a password we would like to use, given the opportunity. The new format has lots of nice clean features, and to computer gurus, I'm sure using them is very simple. But to many of us just turning on our computer and accessing the PM Club web site is taxing the limit of our computer knowledge.

Maybe you should consider making a list of the major changes, such as the ability to change our password, that we can do with this new format and post that list. To start with, under the old format I had to enter my "user name" and then enter the password assigned me. On the new format I use my e-mail address and use the password assigned me to initially sign on, then I can change my password to something I like. To insure security you could specify that the new password must consist of X number of letters and X number of numerals in any order, or maybe it has to start with numerals.

By the way I really appreciate you using a nice and clean font for the spam filter. I can read these letters with no problem

Best regards,.


Good idea

by admin - 2007-03-25 07:03:48

I will post a list of chnages (new functionality) in the next couple days.


by tman - 2007-03-25 12:03:48

Judy, do you mean that you cannot log in with your old passcode? You should not be able to. You need to use the "new" password that was set, and once you log in, you can change the password to whatever you want using the "manage account" form.

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