Static electricity shocks

I read the message from Starrider about the shock from a laptop which made me think about this. I feel that after I got my pm I get more static shocks and that they are bigger than before the pm. Sometimes it even feels like the pm stops for a few seconds - I am 100% paced and the feeling I get is like when the pm is turned off by the tech who check the battery on the pm.
Anyone else have the same experience?


Shocking experience

by peacemaker - 2007-05-24 11:05:16

Have had PM since Oct.07. Near the end of Oct, went
into The Brick grabbed the door and recieved quite the
jolt was painful. Thought nothing of it until my children
kept telling me I was shocking them every time I
touched them. When I brought it up to DR he told me it
was the time of year when static is in the air. I know I
not krazy, but I also don't use PM 100%. Still very


No, but...

by sboissonnas - 2007-05-24 11:05:22

Hey Winelover,

I've never had that experience, but from what I've heard it sounds like it could be possible that your pacemaker is shutting off temporarily when you get shocked. (Keep in mind - I'm not a doctor, not even close, this is stuff I heard from my PM tech at a check-up).

I'd asked my tech at my visit why we with pacemakers can't use electrical equipment too near the heart. Magnets I understand, don't want to mess up the pacemaker's computer brain, but what harm would come from electrical signals? She told me that the reason is because electrical equipment emits electrical signals, and if you have it too close to your pacemaker, your pacemaker picks up these signals and thinks they're actually coming from your heart. (The pacemaker detects your heartbeat not by feeling the physical pumping of the heart muscle but by detecting the electrical pulses that control the muscle.)

So, when external electrical signals are too close, your pacemaker thinks your heart's beating fine on its own and doesn't need to be paced, and thus it shuts off. Understandably, this is a Bad Thing for anyone dependent on the pacemaker to live.

Again, dunno if that has anything to do with your shocks, but just passing it along... I'm sure others will jump in and correct me wherever I went horribly astray on the explanation!

Take care,

I thought I was crazy!

by bambi - 2007-05-26 01:05:01

I cannot walk through a grocery store or Walmart with my hands on the metal part of the cart handle! I get shock after shock if I do, and they really hurt! I was wondering if my pacemaker has anything to do with it, also! This never happened before the pacemaker! Anyone else notice this?

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