re atrial fibrillation

ive recently read some posts about atrial fibrillation where the top of the heart beats fast and the bottom beats slow and aspirin has been mentioned. i was investigated for a fast heart rate initially and second degree heart block was picked up and pacemaker inserted. im still being investigated for episodes of fast heart rate and am waiting for a patient activated monitor(credit card side devise apparently) to see if the episodes can be monitored should i be taking aspirin? thanks


Taking Aspirin

by Stepford_Wife - 2007-05-09 03:05:13

Hi belly321

My suggestion to you is: don't self medicate yourself, without first talking to your doctor. Aspirin may seem like a harmless drug, but it could do more harm than good, if taken in the wrong dosage for your condition.
Take care,

~ Dominique ~

re atrial fibrillation

by Vai - 2007-05-11 11:05:44

You are currently under medical care and supervision by a doctor and you should leave the medication to him. It seems that you are still being investigated and it is not confirmed if you are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. If it is, the doctor would prescribed what is needed for you.

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