Has anyone ever had a cath test? The Doctor said I am heathy so he knows that my heart will look ok, but he would like to know what it looks like inside. I have no reason for rythmatic problems( I am very heathy and only 30). So he would like to see if maybe I have scaring in my heart...or a reason for my heart problem. But I am scared to have this done. I will take any information that anyone has...the risk or maybe any good news about it:) Thank you


cardiac catheterization

by lenora - 2007-04-03 01:04:07

Amy, I've had 3 cardiac caths and have never had any complications. A cardiac cath may be done for any number of reasons, and it provides your doctor with useful information about blood pressures within the vessels of your heart, how well the heart carries oxygen, the state of your heart valves, and the pumping ability of the ventricles. It can also measure plaque buildup within the arteries. Because a cardiac cath is an invasive procedure and has numerous risks, your anxiety is understandable. I would first ask your cardiologist what alternative tests could be done ( a MUGA scan might be better) that are less risky. A second opinion might not be a bad idea. If you do decide to have a cardiac cath I'll be glad to explain exactly what will be done. Take care. Lenora


by tcrabtree85 - 2007-04-03 12:04:40

I have had two ablations done. They went through my groin with some wires and gave me some local sedative so you can sleep. You always have risks when in surgery but going through a cath test isn't as bad as people all make it out to be.
Though at the same time I would ask a lot more questions and try to completely understand why the doctor wants to do the testing. If he doesn't expect anything why is he deciding to test you? Is your medication not working?
If your doctor isn't providing you with adequate answer get another opinon. It is never bad to hear what somebody else thinks.
I wish you luck and please keep us up to date on what happens. I will be thinking about. Take care of yourself!

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