Hello everyone, last thursday i had my pm.icd replaced due to low batteries. The first 5 days i had a headache, that would not quite. Went to medical dr on Monday, told me it was due to low blood pressure, and the anesthesia, have me pain pills. Today is the first day I am feeling normal. Site is still sore but not as bad after the replacement was put in. Ordered the confort her pad for my bra strap, will let all you girls know if it works. Going to work tomorrow but will only work 1/2 day. All of you take care and will keep you posted. jbkeys


For Bra!

by Seniorcitizen - 2008-04-02 06:04:15

I am interested in what you got to make wearing a bra more comfortable.......I have had my new pacemaker since early December and the area still hurts and bra really bothers me as well as sleeping on left side....My first one was a snap compared to this....


by ElectricFrank - 2008-04-02 08:04:50

A real common source of headaches after surgery is the positions they put your body and head in during surgery. Since you are out you can't complain.
I remained awake during mine and several times had to tell them that there was a real person here. I think they would rather have had me out.


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