Spring is finally here and it's time for some Golf

7 months post op here with a dual chamber St. Judes PM for a 3rd degree heart block. Had it installed just before October and when I posted then, it was the end of the golfing season here in snowy western PA. It was a long winter and oh did I have cabin fever. Today was about 70 degrees and sunny so it was finally time to test the golf swing... I have read many posts about golfing with a PM in and really had no concerns about it, especailly after 7 months of healing. I did however call my cardiologist just to make sure before I went. His answer was, "Go golfing, the leads should be cemented in there by now." Well I finally got the chance, and the weather, to go today. Started off slow only 9 holes. I have to be honest, I was worried on the first tee, but that soon changed to relaxation. My swing was better than ever and I never felt a thing with the PM. I have a little muscles ache in the legs, but I attribute that to the walking and swinging. Other than that I feel great and can't wait for a nice long summer of chasing the little white ball all over the course. Thanks to all who answered my questions last year aboout this topic.


One more thing

by ecurb13 - 2007-05-01 12:05:00

By the way shot a 44 on the back 9 which is by far the harder 9 at this course.

Keep us posted

by gevans - 2007-12-07 01:12:23

I'm an avid golfer from the next state west. Maybe we should lobby for an anual event for all the golfers on the site. We could take turns hosting it each year, meet others to compare notes, let newbies on the site know how active we still can be, and vacation in different locales every year for the outing.


Sounds Great

by ecurb13 - 2007-12-07 09:12:42


That sounds like a great idea and maybe we could raise some money for research even. Not sure how many golfers are on this site though, I don't get many replies to golf questions.

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