Hiking and Your PM

My husband and I are hikers, and I wear a Camelbak when hiking (it has an adjustable sternum strap). Any other pm recipients here who are also hikers? Do you wear a pack? Any problems? Mine doesn't really rub my pm area or sit too much on it, but I was just curious what you had to say! I go back at the end of May for another pm check and will ask doc if all is ok to wear it (I'm sure it is). Any feedback you have will be appreciated!

If you want to swap hiking stories or info., just let me know!

Happy hiking while pacing,



by randrews - 2007-04-09 01:04:47

I loved your post because it reminds me where I want to be. I've had a pm for 3 weeks now. Eventually I want to hit the trails again running. I havent considered a camelback and was leaning more towards bottles on a fanny pack. Have you hiked much with your pm? Any other issues related to hiking or camping with it.
I'm curious as to what area you all are hiking in. I'm near the ozarks.
Take care,


by randrews - 2007-04-09 11:04:29

It all sounds encouraging. It must really feel great to struggle for years and then get a chance to live the life you want. There is no substitute for nature. I've been struggling with anxiety and stuff since getting this pm. But beyond that it feels pretty good. It's a dual valve medtronic that is on demand.
I had done a trail run in Kansas last February and was hoping to do a marathon this weekend. But that's off for now.
My favorite time for hiking is winter, no bugs and you can see through the forest. It's beautiful.
I did hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon several years ago. It was in March and it snowed 13 inches on top. We camped at the lodge and then spent a night at Indian Gardens. It was amazing. I'm glad your using your time well and appreciating what you've been given.
I'll give the camelback another thought. If I can fit a sandwich or m&ms in there too it might do the trick.
Take care, I'm excited about the Canyon trip

Getting back in the game

by ela-girl - 2007-04-09 11:04:52

Hi, Rusty!

It will be 26 weeks this Thursday since having my pm implanted. What a difference 6 months make! I'm like a new person! I just started back into hiking. I've only been a few times since having the pm implanted (I started back 3 weeks ago). I've haven't been able to hike for YEARS because my health was so poor and kept getting worse. I feel so blessed to have this device.

I don't like the fannypack/water bottles set up for me. I have a small waist, and the pack just hangs on me. It's uncomfortable! And it's not enough water. I live in Arizona, so my husband and I mostly hike in desert. I suggest looking into a camelbak--they make SO many different models that you are bound to find one that works for you and is comfortable. And the bladder for the pack is the #1 you can buy--hands down. Not too expensive and worth it.

I can't even tell I have a pm while hiking. It's great! I would be dead without it and would be missing out on so much life. My husband and I plan on hiking the Grand Canyon this summer!

Happy pacing in your 4th week,


by fenix - 2007-09-15 06:09:08

Spent last couple of months in Colorado. I used Osprey Daylight small pack which accepts bladder with 100 oz water capacity and has side pockets for two water bottles say 20 ozs each.

With about 12 lbs or so you can go climbing for a long day if you wish with enough water, clothing and food.

I kept the soft shoulder strap of the Osprey just to the outside of the pacemaker with no problem. The waistbelt is like a strap but enough to take off some weight of the shoulders.

If your'e looking for a fanny pack, mountainsmith makes one called Day Pack (?) which has about 800 cu in capacity.

Still haven't tried a larger pack so I could take say 25 lbs for overnights or longer.
Keep hiking. Good luck.

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