Let us remember why we are fathers to our kids. Happy Father's Day!

A hard working man, never having time to spend with his son. One day would understand how important it was to walk by his side. After years of ignoring his son he one day was forced to a choice of seeing his son and understanding his presence in his life. He decides to take time out from his busy schedule to spend father and son moments together. Everyday, him and his son would walk through this open field and they would stop at a rock where his son use to love playing on. Both of them looking at the rock, would think of how much fun it would be to just go ahead and try it, but, neither would dare to step on the rock. Day after day, they would walk to this rock and not a word was said. One morning the father wake up and there, in his room, his son was up and ready for the walk. His son, thinking, maybe this will be the day my father talks to me. He waits so patiently for his father, and finally after having his morning coffee decided to take that anticipating walk with his son. They started the walk, side by side, the young boy would look at his father and to no response, he continues to walk to the place of memory. As they both reach the rock where his son used to enjoy the moments of happiness, his father stood there in silence. The boy was so sad that he decides to jump on top of that rock to get his father's attention. His father looks straight at him as though he was looking right through the boy. The boy said in a loud voice, "what's wrong with you, why won't you say anything to me?" The father in a glimpse saw his son and began to cry. The son said to him, "Daddy, what's wrong?" The father continuing to cry as he said the very words his son was so longing to hear. He said, "Son, I love you with all my heart." The son put his hands up and said, "I love you too, Daddy." After saying this, a fog surrounded the son and took the boy to heaven. The father place a flower on the rock and he said, "this day is Father's Day and now I know why I'm your father." The young boy had die from heart failure few months prier to this moment.

Remember your children and never forget how important your presence is in their lives. Let's continue to notice our kids in all they do. Life is hard enough when our children are here, yet we don't notice them. But, it's so much harder when we didn't get to spend time with them while they were here. To all father's out there, let's understand the true meaning to the up coming Father's Day. This day is yours, so enjoy it with your kids. God bless all fathers on this earth and in heaven.

Written by, Daddy James


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