Atrial Flutter - Symptom or Disease?

Good afternoon, I have had Atrial Flutter and Fib since 1992. It wasn't until 2006 before anyone actually tried to fix the problem, but by then it was a little too late. The inside of the Atriums are full of scar tissue, so they did a Sinus Node Ablation and made me completely dependent on a pacemaker/ICD. I have been told by the US Government that Atrial Flutter and Fib are only symptoms of a disease, that it is not a disease and/or disability, but I do know that both of them have been assigned a diagnostic code. I am not sure of the diagnostic codes assigned to them and I am trying to see if any of you know what they are and/or where to find them. Also, I hope that someone reading this can shed some light on if they are an actual disease and/or disability or are they merely symptoms of a heart disease. Thank you for being there, supporting all of us. I am one of the silent majority that reads the messages and wish that one day I can help others as you do. Jake


Flutter and fibrillation

by Cycledoc - 2008-08-25 05:08:50

Atrial Flutter and fibrillation are manifestations of conduction abnormalities in the top part of your heart the atrium.

You might look here ( for more information.

They can be symptoms of more profound heart disease and/or be a manifestation of local problems that change the electrical conduction in the atrium.

Does this help?

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