What Qualifies for Surgery Rescheduling?


I am scheduled for a first-time pacemaker implant this Thursday (dual-chamber, rate response Medtronic). I am desperate to get this procedure done as I have been unable to function normally for about a year now (I'm 34 years old male, married with an 8 year old son). My current desperation stems from the fact that a week ago I caught some kind of respiratory virus. I saw my GP last Thursday & she said my lungs sounded clear (at the time) but still put me on some meds which I have now finished. I made the mistake (?) of telling my Electrophysiologist's office and the nurse said she would talk to me on Tuesday (tomorrow) to see how I'm doing before they reschedule the surgery. Wednesday is my pre-op tests including chest xray. I feel 100% better, but still have an occasional productive cough... My question is, does anyone know what specific conditions would force the surgery to be rescheduled? If I have an occasional cough but the chest xray is clear, can the surgery proceed? I refuse to let them reschedule this simply on the basis of a whim & phone conversation.


Not to Worry

by lenora - 2007-03-26 01:03:43

Whim doesn't play any part in the decision to proceed with surgery. Your doctor will do what's best for you. I know you're anxious to get the whole thing over with but you have to be realistic. Pacemaker placement is not major surgery, granted, but any surgical procedure stresses the body. If you have a pre-existing upper respiratory infection it will be tougher for your body to heal after surgery. Even short term anesthesia could worsen your congestion. I'd say that if your chest xray is clear tomorrow and you have no temp the doctor will go ahead with the pacer placement. Good luck. Lenora

Don't worry!

by tcrabtree85 - 2007-03-26 07:03:32

I had a cold a week before my first surgery and they took my chest x-ray and it was fine. I had no temp and my b/p was as good as expected so they went ahead with the surgery. Though I will say that my first sugery was a little harder b/c I still had a little of the cough but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. Things will be fine and if the dr's recommend to reschedule they have reasons and want you to be safe. Take care of yourself and just relax things will get better. Good luck!

Listen to Lenora

by auntiesamm - 2007-03-26 07:03:37

Please listen to what Lenora says. She is our cardiac nurse with a pacemaker of her own and some pretty significant cardiac issues right now. She is the one we all turn to for answers and advice. I trust her completely and she would never mislead you. Heed her advice so you don't buy yourself a difficult recovery! God bless you.


by tgpryor - 2007-03-27 12:03:17

Thanks for your comments everyone! I want to clarify that by "whim" I meant rescheduling the surgery based strictly on a phone call, which is what my nurse was suggesting. I talk to her on Tuesday (tomorrow), my pre-op tests are on Wednesday, and surgery is Thursday. If they're going to reschedule the surgery it should be based on evidence - such as a chest xray that isn't clear - so that decision can't really be made until Wednesay. Thanks for your support and input! - Travis

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