Unecessary Defibrillation

I have had my defibrillator for over two years with no problems. I had one shock within a month of the implant and my cardiologist raised the threshold slightly. No more problems until a group of VA doctors got a hold of me and made a lot of adjustments in the device two weeks ago. Last Thursday while cooking dinner the defibrillator decided to start going off and it proceeded to defibrillate me over 60 times in a matter of 35 minutes. The printout showed the only heart change was Atrial Fibrillation which I have had chronic for the last two years. I had them shut down the defibrillator as I think I would rather take my chances than to go through that torture again.I no longer trust the unit as theraputic.I still have the pacer and monitor sections running.I also have a lot of anxiety from the shocks.


VA Hospital/Doctors

by auntiesamm - 2007-03-20 08:03:03

Having followed the news for the past couple of weeks with all the negative reports about the VA hospital including Walter Reed, I am not surprised by what you have posted here. Is it necessary to obtain your care at the VA or can you utilize civilian healthcare providers? Seems like it would be a very good thing to see an EP outside the VA system for an evaluation of the device and whether or not you need it. What an unfortunate situation you have had to suffer with! I feel for you and hope things get worked out. Take care of yourself and God bless you. Sharon

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