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Hi All:

Couple months ago I asked the "dolphin" question.  There was quite a relay back and forth about different species of dolphins, and some of you actually gave me some good advice on whether I could or should swim with a dolphin. .  I went to the Dominican Republic in January of this year.  I kissed a dolphin.  I shook "hands/flippers" with a dolphin and I hugged a dolphin.  They said I couldn't swim with one, but I did what I thought was the next best thing.  Thanks for the advice.  By the way, the dune buggy ride through the forest was about as close as I want to get to death.  My husband found every crater he could go through, and went through it.  I just held on and hoped my leads were in tight enough.

Thanks again for your help.

Cheryl B.



My experience with do

by JerseyGirl - 2019-10-18 09:02:34

Hi Cheryl!

My name is Audrey. I’m a lively 43 year old Jersey girl with a drive for adventure, and I am on pacer #5. Got my first pacemaker at 19 years old after the doctors burnt my AV Node during a cardiac catherization. I was born with SVT (Supra Ventricular Tacyccardia) and decided to have it corrected.

I read both your posts about swimming with dolphins and I wanted to share my experience. Unlike you, I’m a bit more of a  risk taker and didn’t tell anyone I had one.  I felt, “No one is gonna rob me of an experience! I’ll put my own life in my own hands. And if something happens, that’s on ME!”

I went to Blue Lagoon in the Bahamas and swam with Stormy. Stormy was brought to Blu Lagoon when a local fisherman found him orphaned after a hurricane. When it came time for Stormy to push me through the water by putting his nose on my feet, he refused. His trainers tried again but Stormy refused again. So his trainers told me to come out of the water while they try  to get him to push someone else. I got out, next few people got in and Stormy pushed all of them. I then turned to his trainers and said, “I have a pacemaker. Do you think it could be that?”. They all replied, “Ohhhhhhhh! Yes. Could possibly be.” I’m assuming from the response they never experienced their dolphins swimming with someone who has a pacer, or it could just be I just read them wrong. Anyway, after a few people had gone, they tried putting me back in and it worked! Stormy pushed me! It will forever be a beautiful memory I will most likely not try again without telling the trainers about my pacer.

Audrey “JerseyGirl”


by JerseyGirl - 2019-10-18 09:13:49

P. S. I’ve been scuba diving, sky diving, rock climbing, swimming with sea turtles, had my daughter at 30, LOVE quadding and 4X4’ing, parasailing, horseback riding, and other great adventures. I’m in the planning stages of hiking the Appalachian Trail by myself! I nearly gave my doctors and techs a heart attack because I went skiing 4weeks after my very first pacer implant! I have no fear and a burning desire to try anything once.....maybe a few times if I really like it.



by Railrat - 2019-10-18 14:53:21

I have had my pacemaker for about two weeks now, new experience for me. When I get active I get some wired heartbeats like skipping and feel icky is this normal at first

Misspelled word lOL

by Railrat - 2019-10-18 14:55:18

Not wired Weird lol

You know you're wired when...

The dog’s invisible fence prevents you from leaving the backyard.

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