Had my ICD fitted in Novemeber.had Cardiac Arrest in December and have felt fine.  The last few days it has been beeping at 10.10am.  I phoned the Cardiac Dept.  to be told it is probably a build up of fluids.  Anyone else had this problem ?


Build up of fluids?

by Grateful Heart - 2019-02-03 13:51:34

If it is fluid build up, that should not be ignored.  You need to be treated before it gets worse and you have more problems.

To me (not a medical professional)...that guess over the phone is not acceptable.

I was told my device did not have a beep function.  So when I heard beeping....I thought it was coming from a phone.  It turned out it was my device and it beeped every 6 hours which signified a problem.

Your device should be interrogated for answers.

Grateful Heart


by BobbyM - 2019-02-04 05:38:33

Thank you for your replies.  I have thought the same..trying to speak to a doctor is almost impossible.  Will keep trying.

icd audible sound

by islandgirl - 2019-02-04 16:38:15

Do you have capability of sending an interrogation from your ICD? I have a Medtronic and send a carelink report. My EP gets alerted when my fluid level rises to a certain point, and he will text me and ask me to send a transmission.  

That is not an appropriate response from your dr's office.  Demand an appointment as soon as you can.


by BarbD - 2019-02-05 09:47:31

How does a device detect fluid levels??

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