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My 73 year old father was diagnosed with a 3rd degree blcok and had a pacemaker put in 4 days ago. He's now complaining the he feels "funny" - especially in his head. About a year ago, the doctors found an aneurysm in his frontal lobe. I was looking on the internet for information on how one feels - physically - after receiving a pacemaker and I am not finding anything that outlines his symptoms. I did, however, find an article outlining that there may be an increased risk of stroke after receiving a pacemaker! Can anyone share with me how they felt in the days after receiving a pacemaker? I don't know whether to wait this out or, what.



by tcrabtree85 - 2007-03-29 04:03:29

Hi, because of his history I would call into his Dr.'s office and talk to to the nurse. It is better to play things safe instead of risking anything. They may be able to get him in to just check to make sure everything is ok. Sorry I have no information for you and I also did some checking on the internet and couldn't find anything that explained that feeling. I know that my main pain is that I still have spasms and I get energy for a couple days then get exhausted and have to rest for a day or two. I will keep your father in my thoughts please keep us updated.

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