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This is my first post as I only a month ago became a member of this elite group of people. Any thoughts on the possibility that the pm was placed in the wrong location, to close to the arm pit and in that muscle. A month later, I feel like the pm is resting in my arm pit, at least next to it. I can't cross my left arm across my chest. It is even uncomfortable to type on the computer in certain positions, need to be positioned toward the left. Everytime I use that muscle I feel it. Wearing a strapless bra is also not comfortable as the breast presses into the muscle or something. Anyway it hurts. Also I feel it ticking at times. Any thoughts...?


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by Suzzy - 2007-04-05 04:04:28

Ticking........that would bother me, and I would look into getting it checked out. Not a Doctor but; could it mean your pm battery is running low, I have had concerns with my pm, and at times I have even gone so far as to think that it has shifted. My Doctor assures me that it has not but; it still does not stop you as the person having the device being skeptical. Set up a appointment with the PM clinic, and talk to them. Better to be safe then sorry. Good luck and keep us posted.


Thanks for the comments

by amymarla - 2007-04-06 02:04:49

Cardiologist feels that pm may have placed to close to my arm pit muscle. Feels like I am wearing a shirt thats to tight around the arm. Solution is to move it. Surgery again!!! See surgeon on Monday (4/9/07) to discuss options. I quote Cathryn "YIKES"

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