in the muscle

I recieved a pm a month ago and have had nothing but discomfort. Doc. informed me yesterday that he feels that I do not have enough tissue, fat (45 yrs old and weigh 125lbs.) to protect the pm, hence the discomfort and sensitivity. He suggested putting the device under the muscle. Since I am only 5 weeks post op I am thinking that maybe the healing has not been completed and I should give it more time. Anyone else have similial experience. AMYMARLA



by patriciapeter - 2007-04-10 06:04:09

Hi Amymarla, I guess my first question would be what kind of discomfort are you having? I , like you, don't have much tissue and fat and I have my PM under the skin. I had this PM implanted 12/06 and I had discomfort and sensitivity at first like I think most people do but it has gotten much better as the healing continues. You are only 5 wks. post-op and I'm wondering if you need to let it heal a little longer? I don't know much about the surgery for putting it under the muscle but it is a much bigger deal. I think I would give it more time to heal and for you to get used to it. I hope that helps, keep us informed.

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