Sleep Apnea - high vagal tone

Hey guys,

I don't know if you recall but about a month ago I was told I needed a pacemaker by my cardiologist and then saw a specialist (EP) who said I didn't need one. My heart would stop beating for 3 seconds at times but only during the night..he said this was due to high vagal tone. I was also diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and he believed that this may be contributing to that pausing and high vagal tone along with excessive physical activity.

I just wanted to let you all know (AND BY NO MEANS AM I A DOCTOR, NOR DOES THIS CLASSIFY AS SCIENTIFIC PROOF!!)...But after a month with my cpap machine for my apnea and still working out etc... my heart no longer pauses for 3 seconds at night (recently did another holter) and I feel great.

Again, this is not scientific proof but just some food for thought for those that may be in the same position I was and may have a doctor that rushes into diagnosing the need for a pacemaker.

I wanted to let everyone know since you all helped me soo much when I signed on to this site.


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