Hi. I had my ICD fitted 6 weeks ago for long qt. The past few days it has felt like my heart has been fluttering, I have been to the doctor and ICD clinic, the device has been checked and all ok, I have also had a monitor to wear all weekend. Is this normal? 



by AgentX86 - 2019-11-03 20:19:25

Can you explain what you're feeling a little more specifically?  Can you feel this "flutter" in your pulse?  I had problems with bigeminal PVCs after my implant.  My EP cranked my daytime resting rate back up to 80bpm and that helped a lot.  It's gotten a lot better as time has gone on, too. 

PVCs are rarely a concern but they sure don't feel good.  Your EP isn't likely to be able to do anything about your "flutter" unless you can catch your heart in the act.  My PM wouldn't record them (requires a string of at least 4 PVCs to trigger a trace) but I could use the remote monitor to upload an EKG when it was happening. The PM tech could easily tell what was going on and while the fix wasn't perfect, immediately, it helped a lot.


by CyborgMike - 2019-11-04 01:59:50

When does it flutter? At rest or when active? What condition led to you needing an ICD?

the pacing in an ICD is complex. It can takes months and months of tuning to get it right for your situation. There are a dozen things that can cause fluttering. I have bradycardia and is made worse by a beta blocker, so when I got my ICD I had a lot of fluttering g a rest -- it was actually a junctional escape beat (natural beat) at the same time as the ICD beat. I also had my low hr set too high and rate response wasn't working great on the top end. All those things gave a different version of flutter. 


by Jet161179 - 2019-11-04 15:28:19

Thanks for the comments. The flutter is in the middle of my chest, and normally when I'm sitting or eating, sometimes active. Ive also been having stomach/hormonal problems and not sure if it relates to these issues. 


I have long qt syndrome, family history, my sister has had a pacemaker for 19 years.

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