felt electrical shock from laptop?

Hello folks...

This laptop has been overheat and shutting down...And this morning i got a shock in my left hand while lifting one corner of it. Actually got shock a couple of time.

I did call up the manufacturer...and checked the web site...seems this particular model does have issues...and was advise to bring it in...

In the meantime...still typing on it ...how ever wearing a rubber glove on the left hand.




by SMITTY - 2007-05-22 08:05:27

Hello Star,

If you knew how little I know about electricity or computers you would not have wanted a comment from me. To show you what I’m talking about I know you move the light switch in one direction to turn it on and the opposite direction to turn of the light. But I’m lucky, I have one son that is a journeyman electrician and one that is an electrical engineer, so I have good sources of help.

I also have one son that is a computer expert (he built the computer I’m using right now) so I passed your question on to him and he said tell you that it is unlikely that the shocks will hurt your pacemaker, or you, as most computers operate on 12 volts. Even those that are plugged into a wall receptacle have a power transformer that reduces the power to a much lower level than that which comes out of the wall socket. However those shocks do say there is something seriously wrong with your computer and it should be looked at by a repairman. All computers contain delicate circuitry that can be damaged if current is introduced at the wrong time or from the wrong direction.

So, my suggestion is (I feel so smart being able to say this) take your computer to the repairman or start looking for a replacement.

Good luck,


Thanks Smitty

by starrider - 2007-05-22 11:05:39

Yes i am running it from the wall with a transformer...presently as i type this...wearing surgeon like rubber gloves til i get this thing checked out or get a new one...



by Suze - 2007-05-23 09:05:30

IS THIS A LAPTOP THAT WAS RECALLED? Actually I guess it was the battery that was overheating and giving out shocks? Some even started fires?

I heard about this on the news last fall.



by starrider - 2007-05-23 10:05:29

Hi Suze...

Someone said that the co. was addressing this particular model...and yes the bottom of the laptop gets quite hot along with the transformer too...i had to place it on egg cartons or anything to allow more ventilation so it wouldn't shut down.Also as i said wearing rubber gloves as i type on it now...lol...


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