subclavian steal phenomenon

hi there,

has anyone had experience with subclavian steal phenomenon? if so, what were your symptoms...i did find info on the internet but just wanted to talk to a real pertson who has/had it.

thank you


Subclavian Steal Syndrome

by lkayh - 2013-11-15 09:11:23

I was diagnosed with Subclavian Steal Syndrome in March 2012 right after having bypass and stent surgery for an aneurysm that afftected my Aorta (decending) and both subclavian arteries.

The doctor had to close off both subclavian arteries but could only do a bypass to the carotid on the left side. The right subclavian artery was closed with no bypass so blood is now being pulled from the brain through the vetebral artery to feed my right arm.

Some of my symptoms are vertigo, dizziness, right arm pain, head pressure, vision issues. I must be very careful taking showers (possible fall concerns). I sleep in a semi elevated position and cannot lay on my rifht side. My right arm and hand get numb often especially while sleeping. My BP is lower in that arm (usually by 20+ points).

I continue to learn how to live with the symptoms since bypass is not an optiin (vascular congenital anatomy issues).

I went to numerous doctors to rule out everything else before the doctors cod finally say they were caused by SsSS.

I dont know what the future holds since my Cardiologist said he has no data on someone living with SSS long term. I guess I am their guinea pig (LOL).

Best of luck to you in your search for the facts.

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