Sympton Question-Am I crazy?

Like some of you this is all new to me also. I would like to know if anyone else deals with the same issues. The past two years they thought I was having seizures because of an abnormal EEG and I could not wake up in the mornings. After a 7 day sleep deprived EEG they found that my heart rate and blood pressure drops to low and explained that the communication between my brain and my heart doesn't work at times. The EP Doctor said I need a pace maker. I failed the Echo Stress Test but the Heart Cath was good so I have no blockage. That's the everyday life...

I have different degrees of tightness and different degrees of of pain. Sometimes it feels like a baby kicking in my chest. I have discovered myself that when my BP or Heart Rate starts jumping up and down that is when I hurt or feel really bad. I am exhausted most of the time. I do a little bit and rest a while. Even talking on the phone very long wears me out. I am still working thank God.

On the days I can't wake up sometimes it can take up to 3 hours for me to finally wake up. And then I am exhausted again for a couple of days.

Am I crazy? Does anyone experience anything simular?

Angela from Hot Springs



by stephanieann - 2007-04-16 05:04:18

did you ahve a tilt table test or diagnosed with the syncope?


by angelarhodes - 2007-04-16 10:04:05

They have the tile table test scheduled for May 14th. And then and EP study. Another month would not be so bad if I had not already gone through 2 years of taking seiaure meds when I did not need them and had to deal with those side effects on top of what is really wrong with me. I am REALLY praying this will be the end of all of this. After 2 years you don't care what it is just fix it. :o)

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