Heart Flutters

Hi guys, quick question I had my pacemaker installed in October 2019 and have not had any complications since. But in the last month or so I have been experiencing heart fluttering when using my left arm to drive or basically anytime it is extended or when using it even to just curl my hair. I do have an appoitment to get this checked out but was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this. Feedback would be greatly appriciated. 

Thank you!




by Persephone - 2021-06-03 13:34:36

Hi Newgirl - it's great that you have scheduled an appt to help determine the cause of your new symptoms.  I would recommend preparing a concise log of when and where you're experiencing these symptoms to provide to your practioner.  Also include any changes to other health aspects, diet, or physical activity level.  I hope you'e able to sort it out.

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