Arm swelling

My husband had a duel chamber pacemaker inserted nov 2019. Just after Covid vaccine ~ april 2021 he noticed swelling around the elbow. When we checked the whole arm (on pacemaker side) it was an inch bigger than the other arm. He had CT scan , venous and arterial Doppler. All negative. It is a mystery. We saw the pace maker dr who said he has seen arm swelling but usually shortly after pacemaker insertion. We THOUGHT it could be from Moderne vaccine.

please let me know if anyone has experience something like this. We are currently managing the lymph edema with conventional wrapping and compression.


Moderna arm

by AgentX86 - 2021-08-23 13:35:22

This sounds like a severe case of Moderna arm. My wife (no pacemaker involved) had a problem with her arm for two weeks after the second dose. She finally went to a walk-in clinic. Those were the firstwords out of the NPs mouth,  "Moderna arm". "It'll go away in two weeks."

Moderna arm

by Ram - 2021-08-25 18:59:29

Same here.  A little over 1 week after first Moderna shot my whole arm got very red and warm and my lymph gland sore.  Got a round rash under the shot area.  Next day on the news they talked about it being more about the person administering the shot too high near the shoulder instead of the 3-4 fingers down.  Many were getting it with the rash and better in a few days to 2 weeks for the rash to go away.  Pre PM too.  However I read people were also reporting lots of heart issues possibly caused by the vaccine.  Mostly young men and me an older female. Odd tho that he still has lymph edema.


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