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I was recently diagnosed  with a severe episode of covid. Unfortunately, I did not take the vaccine beforehand and was hospital twice within the last mth. I received regen-con infusion, Dexamethason 6 mg, and remdesivir. I am currently on oxygen at home due to o2 dropping with any exertion. The problem I am having now since 8/5/2021 is my heart rate is running high with any mvmt. I have a dual chamber medtronic pacemaker and normally my rate would rarely go above 75. Could this just be a complication of the covid or is the pacer not needed any more. Thank you for your response. 


I would seek advice Mary from your doctors

by Gemita - 2021-09-04 05:49:54

Mary, in view of your history of Covid, your treatment so far and your symptoms, I would not be surprised if your heart rate ran higher on movement.  How high is your heart rate?  Anything above 100 bpm would be tachycardia.  In view of your breathing difficulties and concern, I would get a doctor's opinion as soon as possible if you haven't already done so, to be safe.  

After a nasty attack of Covid last year (before vaccination) my heart rate and rhythm were severely affected for several months Mary.  I got breathless too intermittently and needed three courses of antibiotics for a bacterial chest infection.  I am still suffering long Covid symptoms, mainly chills and fatigue.  

Don't hesitate to go back to your pacing clinic also for some pacemaker checks (like rate response) to see whether on movement, your settings might be triggering the higher heart rate. Please remember that although your pacemaker can prevent your heart rate from dropping below the set minimum, it cannot stop the heart rate from increasing during an arrhythmia for example which is why I would recommend you speak to your doctors.

Good luck 

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