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Am 41 in couple days and was wired 31aug 2021. Sick sinus with severe bracchy. After procedure few days ago ive been experiencing a kind of strange and sometimes painful sensation sort of in the centre of my chest where it meets bottom of my neck. Is this something any of my wired compadres has experienced? Is it normal? Thanks for the site by the way


Probably normal, but

by Gemita - 2021-09-04 06:16:10

Hello Randall, first a warm welcome.

After my dual chamber pacemaker implant (2018j which I received under a general anaesthetic, I experienced many different "pain" sensations and these can be common and normal - most of the time.  I had pressure, pulling, burning, sometimes sharp pain symptoms around my device, going into my left shoulder, neck and across my collarbone.  However I would advise you err on the side of caution when it comes to any new chest pain.  A call to your doctor on Monday if your symptoms are no better or getting worse would be my advice, or see a doctor sooner if your symptoms worry you.

I hope you have a happy 41st birthday and that your pacemaker will prove to be a wonderful birthday gift.

Normal but verify

by ak - 2021-09-05 01:55:55

when you place an external object inside you, your body def goes through a process of adjusting. You are also hyper aware of the sensations in your body. i would echo everything @Gemita said and always better to check things out. 

Happy soon to be 41st. 


by jfbuffy - 2021-09-05 23:24:48

Immediately after my surgery I had a burning sensation in the center of my chest. I actually panicked thinking I sure hope this isn't my new normal . But after the first day it went away. 

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