Garmin Chest strap heart rate monitor

I have had my devise for just over a year. In this time I have had a real issue getting it dialed in to support my running, Biking and swimming. Although I think we are finally making some progress I had complications with sarcoidis.

I am finally at a point that I can get back to exercise. What I am finding is that my heartrate is staying extremly low and I go anarobic imediately. 

prior to this happening I was an avid triathlon and trianing was a huge part of my life.

I am using a garmin 945 wrist watch and stopped using my Garmin chest strap. I initially did this due to the uncomfort of the strap on the pace and I was concern of using anything with a battery

Im wondering if this group could give some input on the use of Garmin chest strap and any interferance with the Pace? I know that the wrist watch is not reliable and I want to really understand what and when my heart rate drops during exercise. 

I have a Metronic with a defib and I know that cycing can be a challenge due to still uperbody.

Any input would be welcome





by Tracey_E - 2021-09-27 11:23:29

If your rate is not going up on exertion, your settings may need adjusted, though you may find it's minimally helpful with swimming and cycling since they are motion based. 

It's perfectly safe to use the chest strap. The strap will not affect the pacer but you may find the pacer affects the strap. I wear a watch because I could not get a reading on the chest strap. 

Garmin Chest strap heart rate monitor

by johnwiththree - 2021-09-27 12:24:34

Thanks for the quick reply. Im glad to hear that the Garmin strap is fine to use. I will give it a try on a run tonight and see if it works properly. 

Greatly apreciated


Your device needs adjusting

by crustyg - 2021-09-27 12:29:48

I second Tracey_E's advice. As road cycling and swimming don't produce much upper body movement, the accelerometer that we all have that feeds into the Rate Response algorithm (to increase HR) doesn't have much of a signal to indicate that you need a higher HR.

I do all of my road cycling (and also when I was still running) with a Garmin chest strap, no interference at all with a PM - even using the MV feature of my Accolade.  This feature is very sensitive to interference - magnetically braked static bikes halve the signal - even sitting up versus leaning forwards affects it.

Garmin Chest strap heart rate monitor

by johnwiththree - 2021-09-27 12:49:01

Great information. Its so nice to know that others have succesfully gotten back to levels of exercise. Gives me hope I will as well.

I just spoke with my deive clinic and the doctor agreed the rate response needs to be adjusted. 

I will follow the advise and get up on Medtronic site and educate myself on this.

I was able to run a short 5k this past weekend for the first time in almost a year. it gave me enough of an emotional lift to realize how much I miss it all.



by PapaMike - 2021-09-27 20:20:06

Yep, triathlete here too.

I preferred Polar to Garmin and used a H7 chest strap for years until I got the H10. Vantage V watch. 

Never had an issue. 

I use it loads now I had open heart surgery.

Doing Ironman Switzerland next year (deferral due to covid). What have you got planned?

Garmin Chest strap heart rate monitor

by johnwiththree - 2021-09-28 10:50:00

Great to meet you. Thanks for the advice on the Polar. I do have a garmin triathlon strap I will give a try tonight. If I have any issue I will try the Polar. I had another person recomend the same.

So glad you back at it and making it a destination. Switzerland is beautiful.

Im setting my sights a bit lower and going with a half. My training partner is having foot surgery next month and will need about 6 months to recoop so Im thinking the fall. 

I havent committed but will just as soon as I can get this dialed in and know I can start training again. I rode hills last weekend and although I made it only 40 miles I was spent.

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