I have a bi-ventricular resynchronising pacemaker with only the 2 ventricular leads fitted. I still have permanent Atrial Fibrillation.
I also have thrombocytopenia which is a low platelet count. My count is 125000 , the normal range is 150000 to 350000. My clotting is slow and any cut takes ages to heal up. The doctors want to put me on warfarin which will futher undermine my clotting efficiency. I am very unhappy with this as even our own health service guidlines are that you should not take warfarin if your count is below 150000. Of 3 close friends I have living nearby with pacemakers, one with the same condition as me and an AV node ablation, not one of them is taking warfarin and none of them have thrombocytoipenia.I am in excellent health and unrestricted. What would you do? Cheers Peter



by janetinak - 2008-04-29 03:04:20

Hi Peter,

I have a single lead PM after an Ablation & am still in AFib.I have no problems with platelets. I have been on Coumadin (warfarin) since I went into permanent Afib. So far all Ok. But I guess I would agree with you that your situation sounds more dicey with the platelet problem. Do you have the option to get another opinion with your insurance?

Good luck,



by pacergirl - 2008-04-29 08:04:30

Hello Peter,

I was taking warfarin a few years back to "thin" my blood due to blood clots. I did receive too much at one point and I was not allowed to even move about. I was still in the hospital trying to get well. The risk if me hitting something and causing a bruise was too high.... it could also have led to internal bleeding.

My question is this: What exactly would be the benefit of you taking warfarin when your platelet count is so low all ready? This is just what I would be asking the dr. How would this help you?

I hope you solve this problem soon...

taken off Coumadin

by aldeer - 2008-04-29 10:04:00

Peter good luck with a difficult decision. I was on Coumadin for many years because of afib and took myself off for about 8 months even tho I was in afib most of the time. I then had an av node ablation with heart block and in afib all the time so I went back on Coumadin because both EP and cardiologist said I should. My pm check last week showed that I had 3 episodes of my ventricular rates going into the 200s so now have been told to get off the coumadin and take aspirin. The danger is ventrical tachycardia and fainting. I had a bad fall about three years ago and ended up with bilateral subdural hemotomas because of coumadin. I had to learn to stand, walk, eye hand coordination, etc. all over again. My EP said I should look at the 3 episodes as being low risk and the danger would be more of another fall while on coumadin so that was the reason for my being taken off coumadin. Each decision is a complicated one and a difficult one so i do wish you the best of luck and GET A SECOND OPINION and then make the decision that you are the most comfortable with. aldeer


by 5LivesLeft - 2008-05-04 03:05:15

I have a pm/difib and I also take Warfarin, but it has nothing to do w/ my heart. my heart is electrical, however I have deformed veins behind my knees and I get Deep Vein Thrombosis from it.

I dont understand why you would have to take it. it thins your blood, not thickens it. I would get a second opinion. And dont assume that just because they're Dr's that they know what they are talking about because they, dont. Take it from me, I have had 3 partial mastectomies, DVT's, arrythmia and gallbladder all misdiagnosed. I should be dead! I am 39 yrs. old so I dont think I am that old!

I can safely say: I hate Warfarin! I hate the huge inconvenience of the frequent blood draws, constantly changing my doses, my periods that everyone always tells me I look pale for... ah, that would be because I am bleeding like a stabbed victim!... I absolutely DISPISE it! But, everytime I stop, I end up w/ another blood clot, and they hurt really bad! Since, my Mother died when she was 39 from a brain anerism, I am going to keep taking it, also because there is a 13 yr old, 11 yr. old and an 8 yr old, who is counting on me.

Good luck w/ everything you do!

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