Yes Pacegirl, what is the point of taking warfarin? I see no point, only dangers with my platelet count at 125000. Warfarin has its risks and potential side effects. My close friend in Bristol who also has a pacemaker was in hospital for 4 days on the critical list because of warfarin. He now takes coated aspirin ( effectively an anti platelet drug ) and has had no further problems and is on his second pacemaker. Its about time the medical industry came up with a favoured alternative to warfarin as it rarely is possible to keep it within the INR reading of between 2 and 3. Also its very inconvenient with all those regular INR checks.I sometimes think that it is still in widespread use as the alternatives are more expensive (apart from aspirin) Incidentally for those of you who dont know, INR stands for International Normalisation Ratio. Another nutty medical term.Cheers Peter


No problems here

by gmnordy - 2008-04-30 06:04:47

Been taking warfarin for 4 years now, no side effects, every now and again a few bruises. My PT/INR stays within 2-3 except once when I was taking otc cold and cough meds, it went up to 5.3. Warfarin is relatively cheap ($4.00 at Target) and it keeps my Atrial Fib and my blood clots at bay.


by pacergirl - 2008-04-30 08:04:41

I agree 100%.

There must a better way. I do take coated aspirin everyday now. So far no worries.

As I recall while I was taking warfarin I also had to limit a lot of my activities.... Just in case I might get hurt! yuk yuk.

Take care, let us know what you decide and what your reasons are. I would like to learn more about their (drs.) reasons for this.

We care about you.


by jenn13153 - 2008-05-05 11:05:19

i have been taking wafrin for 40 years the way i look at it ia it helps keep me alive i have had my pacemaker since 1990 i have lots of other heart problems and had extensive surgery and i think that the wafrin helped with it all

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