There's that mule kicking me again....

That darn mule decided to kick me in the chest again.  Just sitting in front of the computer, decided to browse the menu for my local pizza joint and felt it spin up.  This time I figured I would show it whose boss.  I slammed my fists down on the desk and said "NO,  NO,   not tonight.  We are not doing this tonight, you are not going to shock me", and with that BAM!  Knocked me right off my chair.  That was Thursday Feb 3rd 2022.  Called 911 and did the usual hospital run along with overnight stay and stress test.  Nothing but agravation the whole time.  They really are good at doing alot of busy work and are suffereing from data overload on all fronts.  They limited my diet by restricting potasium levels, then come by and try to administer a potasium supplement, meanwhile my blood tests showed normal potasium levels.  Then my platelet counts started at 89K, then down to 77K, then down to 71K, and that's oc, no need for concern (normal is over 163K).  Anyway, here I am, frustrated and concerned with no one to understand except for you guys.  So, thanks for being there and letting me vent!  I know each of you has your problems as well and am grateful that you take some time out to be here to help others.  Thank you!  And if there's ever anything I can do, if you just need to chat, feel free to reach out to me on this site.


Don't ever give up the fight for a better life

by Gemita - 2022-02-06 06:04:48

Well Bob, brute force clearly doesn’t work, does it and I am so sorry to hear about this again.  You are extremely brave.  

Looking back briefly over your history I see you have an ICD only so no help from a pacemaker if your heart rates dip from meds and it seems you do get this problem.  I believe you are on powerful meds, in particular Amiodarone + a beta blocker?  Some of us can be very sensitive to falling heart rates.  Prior to my pacemaker, falling heart rates would always trigger tachycardia episodes for me.  

Have you ever discussed getting a pacemaker + defibrillator?  You don’t seem to have had much luck with your ICD so far and perhaps an upgrade would be a good way forward now?  

I see you have good knowledge of your potential triggers for ventricular tachycardia episodes and that you understand what your ICD can and cannot do for you.  I also see from a comment of yours elsewhere that gardening can trigger episodes of tachycardia.  I found this too especially when bending to plant or raising my arms to prune overhead branches with my loppers.  I know many of us can find both bending and raising arms difficult to maintain without getting symptoms but of course these jobs need to be done and I love my gardening anyway.

I hope you continue your quest for answers Bob and that you can improve your quality of life as you move forward.  I send my best wishes as always.

Keep Fighting

by MinimeJer05 - 2022-02-06 08:24:31


I wish I could offer some insight on your situation, but I don't have much knowledge on your device. I will say that I appreciate your post and want you to know that just reading it gave me some weird sort of feeling of normalcy. Like, we all have our battles and our good days and bad days and those frustrating ER visits that send you home more confused than before you went in -- and yet you somehow managed to share your story and seem to be in positive spirits. 

I hope you eventually got your pizza (hey, we all need to live a little) and are back to normal soon. 

Take care


Thank you Gemita...

by BOBTHOM - 2022-02-06 22:09:47

Thank you for your comment.  We had explored ablation and adding a device with pacing.  Unfortunately, there is so much scar tissue and damage to my heart that there isn't alot of healthy tissue to ablate and would further damaging the heart really help.  So discussions have been had. I appreciate the suggestion  The meds have been a rollercoaster and a up hill battle but I'm on mostly minimal doses, have added supplements, and control trigger issues as best as I can.  But ordering pizza was NOT on my list of triggers!!!!

Have a great week!

Thanks Minime

by BOBTHOM - 2022-02-06 22:14:18

MnimeJero5, thanks for your comment.  It's always good to know we are not alone.  Family and freinds don't generally understand though they try, but it's not the same as others who are going through it too.

Good luck to you and no, unfortunately I haven't managed to get the pizza yet (they are closed on Sundays) but it's certainly on the short to-do list!

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