Lead slack or lead migration?????????something.

Got my pacemaker almost 4 years ago. Last few(well 8) months have been having problems. Lots of noise on my 12 lead ecg., chest pain when I raise my arm on PM side. A lot of ventricular fusion beats(PM and own heart beating at same time) with no block... about 4 weeks ago, I started having ventricular bigeminy and afib but also a flutter. Non of these episodes are recording, I do catch them on my kardia 6lead and they are confirmed. So, I was curious and went back and looked at my xray from day after pm was placed. There is tons of slack in the Atrial lead and plenty in the his bundle lead. Then as time progresses the slack is getting less and less. Now the lead is pretty taut. So I'm wondering if this is my problem. Oh and I can now tell when I am atrial pacing. It's very forceful beat. Not pacs it's sinus rhythm. But with pacing. 

Has anyone ever had this problem? 


Lead migration??

by Gemita - 2022-06-10 12:27:15

Has anyone ever had your problem you ask?  I am not completely clear from your post what your main problem is lemonpledge since you have many concerns - noise on your 12 lead ECG; arrhythmias; potential lead migration; chest pain on raising arm; failure of pacemaker to record; changes in amount of lead slack as seen on X-rays; awareness of atrial pacing.

I can relate to some of your problems.  I got my pacemaker 4 years ago also and I too have AF, Flutter, ventricular bigeminy and other arrhythmias intermittently.  I can experience chest pain, especially during an arrhythmia.  I can experience some (pulling) discomfort when I raise my arm pacemaker side, even after all this time.  I am not aware of any noise or problems with my leads, although I don't routinely study my past X-rays to look for any changes.  I assume that during my in clinic checks, my doctors would see a problem if I had one and in any event I would be getting more symptoms with a lead problem.  I am aware that my pacemaker has slightly moved from its original position, but this can be normal for many of us.  I do not routinely monitor my heart anymore either, since I know from my symptoms alone when I am out of sinus rhythm and experiencing arrhythmias.

It is hard to know what your problem is without showing your doctors your Kardia 6 lead printouts which I would email to them.  I don’t understand why you are saying “none of these episodes are recording” on your pacemaker?  Perhaps your episodes are not long lasting or of high heart rates since arrhythmias are only recorded if they pass the threshold for their recording and storage set up by your doctors.  They control what they want to see and what they want to be stored in your pacemaker history.  Clearly you are worried and symptomatic though so need answers.  If you think you are dealing with lead migration or a problem with the leads, I would ask to be seen as soon as possible, if this hasn’t already been done?  I hope for the best

Lead complications

by CYBORG - 2022-06-20 06:46:25

Wow, I'm 53 on my 8th or 9 th pacemaker ( since 11 years old ) and both of you seem to understand a lot of the medical lingo , DO NOT  OVER RAISE OR OVER STRECH YOUR ARM ON YOUR PACEMAKER SIDE ,you can pull the leads, I'm thinking they should have told you that , I had a new generator implanted and periodically my entire shoulder would twitch but the surgeon insisted everything was fine mean while I lived like this for 3 year even through a pregnancy until the fracture wire actually broke needed wire removal didn't know much about lead removal at that time all  I know is I'm scared to get it again I feel I have a similar issue with my current pacemaker lead it's not as intense but similar sensation scared for my next generator surgery thinking lead will break and I will need a more serious surgery 


by LemonPledge - 2022-06-27 09:49:58

I've had the pacemaker for almost 4 years, so lifting my arm above my head should be no problem. 

I feel there is something wrong with a lead. For some reason though my doctor has been ignoring me and even makes me just see the nurse practitioner in the office, never him. 

Also I've sent them many of ecgs through email. Nurse gets those too and never responds. 

I've tried to make an appointment with a new EP and when I do, they hear hisbundle pacemaker and I get well call you back, or they cancel my appointments. Especially when I give them my original doctor's name. 

So I actually went to my pcp and I now have an appointment with a cardiologist and I'm hoping he will listen to me before he tells me he can't help me. I know there is something wrong. 

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