ICD rotated almost 90 degrees today

Hi, all - just joined the club.  Today marked 8 weeks after my ICD implant.  Last night I was doing choires like packing for a camping trip and laundry.  I could feel my ICD move around everytime I bent over.  This morning I could feel the lead wire resting on the surface of the device - that was new.  I called the clinic, and they had me come in to check it.  Lead was working, so I went on with my day.  I spent the afternoon setting up camp, nothing strenuous, but a lot of bending over, and again I could feel the ICD flopping around.  This evening, I looked at the device and it had rotated almost 90 degrees!  Has anyone else experienced this kind of movement?  I am kind of skinny around my collarbone.  Of course, it's going into the holiday weekend, and I can't connect with any doctors at this point.  My official follow-up is in 2 weeks.  I of course am concerned that the lead might dislodge.  Guess I'm reaching out for peace of mind.  Thankful to find this community!


Please don't try to flip it back into position yourself if it happens again. Go to ER

by Gemita - 2022-07-01 06:46:26

Hiking Cellist, welcome to the Pacemaker Club.

If it keeps flipping over, this is not a good sign and no I wouldn't wait two weeks to get it fixed.  The more it keeps flipping over, the more likely damage could occur and the more likely the ICD could activate which you don't want at all.

You mention you have been in to your clinic for checks.  The lead was working, so you went on with your day.  Did they do an X-Ray to check the position of your device/lead(s)?  

My husband had a rotation of his device a few years after implant.  We had all the checks and everything seemed okay fortunately but he was told firmly never to manipulate his device knowingly!  I am not suggesting you are manipulating it, but perhaps your ICD needs a suture to hold it in place.  If it continues to flip over, it will need fixing and the sooner the better 

Moving ICD

by islandgirl - 2022-07-03 20:06:02

Coincidentally, I had a new device in late January and mine is also turning aboutt 90 degrees--perpendicular to my skin.  My EP checked it last week and he said there should be plenty of slack for the leads and has recommendedI I go to a surgeon to get it redone, and placed deeper.  He doesn't do revisions and he did not implant mine.  Mine flips when I lie on my right side (implanted on left side) and I am now having to wear a bra at night to keep in place, which reduces the pain.

I cupped my hand over my device area and turned to my right side and felt it flip. When I turned back over, it flipped back. An ice pack helps with the pain.  

Make sure you don't touch it.  They normally stitch it to a muscle (I believe that's what the EP told me).  

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