Lead dislodge

I just found out one of my leads has dislodged, after going to er 3 different times, then finally my EP dr . They can't get me in til the 20th to fixe it. However, I am wondering what should I do to make symptoms better until then. 


What are your symptoms?

by Gemita - 2022-07-02 12:10:36

Liz, we need to understand what symptoms you are getting and why you got a pacemaker before we can try to help you?  Your health history is empty?  Clearly if you are getting the symptoms again that led to your pacemaker, then you will either need to push for an earlier fix or try to limit your activities until you can be seen.  But you need to give us more information


by AgentX86 - 2022-07-02 12:32:47

Meanwhile, are you supposed to go to the ER every time you have these symptoms? I bet your insurance is going to like that! Yeah, I'd be pressing for an earlier date too. Have you discussed having another EP do it, or even an interventional cardiologist?

I'm also surprised that the ER couldn't pick up one the dislodged lead during the first ER visit. It sounds like an all 'round screw-up.


by Liz72 - 2022-07-04 13:24:20

Symptoms are chest pain, I get hiccups, choking feeling at base of neck, feels like I cannot breathe at times when exerted. I'm tired. When I went to EP they also dod interrogation of pm doctor told me that it was working, but he said that I need to get in asap. However, the schedule is so full. Sometimes I feel like a pinching near the site of pm. The scheduling department said they put me on a wait list in case they have a cancelation.  The doctor showed me the xray, and showed me that the lead is straight hitting a nerve, which is causing these problems.  

I did ask my EP why the ER didn't pick up on it, he said the doctors in ER didn't know what to look for,  they are just trained to hear your complaints and treat it like it's just another heart or lung issue.  So from now on I know to just call his office.

I am so bored!


by AgentX86 - 2022-07-04 16:17:20

With your symptoms, I'm surprised that an ER couldn't find someone to interrogate your PM.  I guess an X-ray was all I had in the ER after my car accident last year but I had no symptoms.

I get your boredom.  I just got through covid isolation (wife still not well but it's just the after-effects) and I've been trying to recover from the auto accident for a year. My hand surgeon says it might be another year before I get full strength back in my wrist (full finger/wrist motion maybe never). I shouldn't have retired this year.  At least I'd still be getting paid for doing nothing. ;-)

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