St Jude Vibrations at EOL

My husbands battery life went from 2 years to 6 months in only 2 months. The model is not part of a recall. The explanation given to us was that the equipment was glitchy and needed a software update. After the update, he was still at 6 months so the technician said that was the correct results based on the update. That means that the reading 2 months prior was incorrect. So, now we are preparing ourselves for the first replacement at EOL.  We were told he would feel a vibration at EOL. I want to know if anyone has experienced this. If so, how long did the vibration last? Was it very noticeable? Is it intermittent for a number of times before it doesn't vibrate again? He recently had a few episodes of upper body twitching in his chest and near the pacemaker. It hasn't happened again, and has since had an interrogation, where other than the quick drain, everything else was in proper working order. I would like to know more about the vibrations. 


EOL Vibration

by Lavender - 2022-08-07 21:07:37

Copy and paste this link where one pacemaker member describes the sensation:

He says:

by Benjijohn - 2020-03-18 05:52:46

I had a similiar experience with my first st judes crt d. It started vibrating much like a cellphone in snooze mode in your pocket. It did it twice almost every 12 hours

Went to doctor. He told me that this was a sign that there was something wrong with my crt d. It turns out that my battery life was almost over

as you have been to your EP, and s/he told that everything was okey, your situation must be different

Just wanted to let you know

Keep in mind that the vibrations that I felt was nothing like a muscle spasm. It was coming from  my crt d, and it was just like cell phone in silent mode in your pocket. And it was periodic, like every 12 hours

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