Barostim Therapy

Hello all, 

I have heard actually on this site that the Barostim therapy has been authorized by the FDA and is now available to patients with HF. I spoke to my cardiologist and he doesn't have a lot of information about it other than it is a clinical trial and to qualify for it you need to be basically dying.

I have had my Biventriculator for a year and a half now and my EF still at 20-25%, my heart is enlarged a bit and I think I will need to persue this treatment, I am trying to find out if this new treatment will help increase my EF as I heard it would.

Anyone here know more than this about it? If you do please share what you know.

Thank you all



Cardiac Electrical Therapies including Barostim

by Gemita - 2022-08-22 13:05:38

Roger, firstly I am sorry to hear your ejection fraction hasn’t improved and that you are still getting troublesome HF symptoms to warrant considering other measures, including a Barostim procedure.  

I attach a few links in case they are of interest to you or to other members looking for extra help with HF symptoms.  The second link is a real “study” but worth reading because it covers in detail evolving cardiac electrical therapies for advanced HF patients.  

I note that cardiac contractility modulation, neuromodulation based on carotid baroreceptor stimulation, and phrenic nerve stimulation have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and are emerging as therapeutic options for symptomatic HF patients.  

Baroreflex activation therapy (BAT) is another innovative therapy that improves symptoms and quality of life by modulating the increased sympathetic tone through direct carotid body stimulation in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.

I have had a quick glance around this site Roger and have found a few members having been offered Barostim therapy, but there isn’t much to add to what you may already know, but I have attached the links nonetheless.

Pacemaker Club member, Alexander posted a week or so ago about Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) - see mid way down second page of Club messages.   Alexander has been invited to take part in a study for CCM, so you might like to private message him to learn more about whether this would be appropriate for you too, to consider?

Verrry interesting!!

by Lavender - 2022-08-22 13:06:31

That website speaks more about it and shows a picture of the device. It looks a lot like a pacemaker, but it connects to the carotid and not the heart.  It stimulates the brain to regulate the heart. They're implanting them now and no longer just clinical trials. 

Looks like they're implementing these devices in your state as well:

Sounds promising!


by DMJ - 2022-08-24 00:25:41

My EF was low for a long time, as low as 17%.  I changed my diet to whole plant and lost 30 pounds.  I started Entresto and Jardiance for improvement and it has now average of 40%.  I'm no longer considered in heart failure.  I still have many other heart issues due to Sarcodosis and enlarged Right side now, yet I'm feeling so much better.  Ask about these medications.

Barostim Therapy

by Roger A - 2022-08-25 15:20:22

Thank you so much Gemita and Lavender as well as DMJ, DMJ, I have been with HF since January 2021, had my Biventriculator for a year and a half now, I lost over 30 pounds, I am active, I go for walks every morning for about an hour, I walk about 3 miles everyday eccept for Sundays. but still my heart has not improved at all. Keep in mind I do take breaks often, eveery 10 minutes or so ifeel I am ouot of breath and need to stop to catch my breath.

Lavender, I know they started to do these implants here in California, but you have to be almost dead to get one, they are helping those who can hardly speak and walk, but I am hopeful my turn will come soon.

Gemita, you are awesome, always there to answer questions and help in any way you can. I really do appreciate what you do, and most definitely will check the links you posted.

Have a wonderful day you all



Barostim scheduled

by islandgirl - 2022-09-01 00:02:21

I am being scheduled for Barostim the week of Sept. 19.  I have been delaying the decision but have decided to agree to it.  My HF cardiologist is 'giddy' about the implant for me and she feels it will help me immensely. I have preserved EF of 45 and my organs are not affected from HF at this time.  I have numerous other HF symptoms and have been hospitalized for HF in the past.  I cannot take HF medicine due to too much of a drop in BP---and have never had high BP. I'm not wild about having another device implanted....  A vascular surgeon will do the implant. 


by Ported - 2023-06-08 16:33:41


I was in a Heart Disease Heritability study that required regular CT scans, bloodwork...

My EF was at 23% with pharmaceuticals. I decided to see a Naturalopath. She presribed me CoQ10, Magnesium, Curcumin, Acetyl-L- Carnitine and D-Ribose. The curcumin was to help kidney function because of the number of pharmaceuticals I am on.

The side effect of these is, after 2 back to back CT scans: EF changed from 23% to 45% 1st CT- 47% 2nd CT scan.

The curcumin's side effect has been almost complete elimination of arthritis pain. I have alot of arthritis pain from contact sports and labour.



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