Pocket infection

I noticed about two weeks ago that one side of my incision (pm 7/19/22) had a tiny hard bump on it. I was at a hematology appt and asked the doctor to look at it and he said it looked normal. My vision is poor so I just went on as if all was ok. But last night I noticed it looked like there was pus there and I put a very tiny amount of pressure on it and a blob of pus about the size of a pencil eraser  head came out, followed by small amounts of blood. Is this what I've read about? A pocket infection? How serious is this? I'm scared that the pacemaker will need to be removed. Thanks. 



by Julros - 2022-09-01 01:55:36

Yes, this is serious. You should call your clinic first thing in the morning and be seen for culture and antibiotics. Your other choice is to go to ED tonight, but I'm not sure they will do anything sooner than your cadiologist/EP. They may be able to treat it without removal, but that is still better than an infection in your heart. 

Emergency room

by Lavender - 2022-09-01 02:19:42

I would go to the emergency room, but that's just me, given that going to the doctor office inevitably does in office or sends me out for tests or bloodwork that takes a day or two to get results. The hospital setting would have all the tests you would need as well as the ability to start IV antibiotics if needed. This is nothing to mess around waiting to see a doctor. 

Don't panic but get it looked at

by Gemita - 2022-09-01 07:26:54

Theresa, small amounts of wound fluid and developing a pimple along our wound line can be a normal part of wound healing, but it is important as others have said, to get the area checked for a potential infection which could be very serious indeed.  

I remember my husband had an “ingrowing hair” near his pacemaker wound which caused a yellow acne like pimple to develop which became hard, inflamed and eventually burst.  It was not however an infection and caused absolutely no harm but only your doctors and cultures can confirm the actual problem present, so don’t panic but please get it looked at again, if you haven't already done so?

At the doctor now

by theresab72 - 2022-09-01 11:32:56

Kind of freaked out. I'll update soon. Thank you for telling me to not wait!!!

Pacemaker doc can identify the problem

by Rch - 2022-09-01 17:18:33

Agree with Gemita. Sometimes absorbable suture ends can give local reaction with redness and pimple-like nodule which will clear up within a few weeks. Nonetheless I would have a pacemaker Cardiologist check it out to rule out pocket infection 

Good you saw doctor

by Lavender - 2022-09-01 17:42:33

Doing a "phone diagnosis " isn't adequate. Better to be safe than sorry and have it seen. 
Let us know what they said. 


by Camelgirl - 2022-09-03 04:38:22

I hope by now you are sorted with positive news. I had my pacemaker and leads removed 10 months ago due to infection. If you want or need to discuss further I am happy to share my experience.

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