6 Hourly Bleeps

Evening Guys

I have been hearing some bleeps while pottering around the house over the last week or so. Thought it was one of my daughters toys or the dishwasher. Until I heard it at them same time everyday 7.41am 1.71pm 7.41pm and 1.41am it bleeps for 16 bleeps  

i have been having issues with my ICD leads after my ICD was replaced last year. They have told me there are eroding and might need replacing. So I'm booked in on Tuesday for a scan and X-ray. 

Have any of you had any issues like this before?



by AgentX86 - 2022-09-02 18:38:00

Welcome. Beeps are a warning.  It could be something your EP set but after fifteen years, it's 99.9% certain that your battery is on it's last legs.  See your cardiologist/EP ASAP.

For a paemaker to last fifteen years, you must be a superman.

Just got a new ICD

by Lavender - 2022-09-02 21:49:47

I understand that he's saying his ICD was replaced last year but his lead may be eroding. Good all will be checked in just a few days. 


by AgentX86 - 2022-09-02 23:16:51

I was looking at his profile.  Sorry.  The beeping still means that something is seriously wrong.  Some pacemakers allow the EP to add allerts.

Every 6 Hours

by Grateful Heart - 2022-09-03 00:50:02

Yes, your device is notifying you there is a problem.  I have a BS-Biv ICD that alerted me to a problem 2 years ago.  Same as you, I thought it was something else for a few week or more.  Then I realized it was me!!

The fact that it is every 6 hours signifies a problem, at least for Boston Sci.  I spoke with BS personally and they confirmed that.  It's good your med professionals are on top of this....mine were too! 

Not sure if it is your leads but stay on top of it!!   

Grateful Heart

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