Mode Switch

Does anyone else have the Mode Switch setting for when you go into AF?  I'd be interested to know you're experience. TIA


Yes I have mode switch set up for my Atrial Tachyarrhythmias

by Gemita - 2022-09-07 06:57:34

Toni I attach a link on my Medtronic mode switch function.  

My personal setting for mode switch to be triggered is apparently 171 bpm, but this can be raised or lowered by our technicians to suit our individual needs. 

I go into AF often at lower rates too when mode switch is clearly not always triggered, especially if AF flips in and out of normal sinus rhythm and lasts for only a few brief seconds.  As you can see there is a detection duration too.  Mine is set to No delay when I hit 171 bpm.  I hope that helps.  I will be getting more information about my personalised mode switch settings on 5th October when I return to clinic about my rate response settings, so will report any results if you are interested.

I am paced AAIR<=>DDDR mode (but I have an intact AV Node).  This switches to DDIR (non atrial tracking mode) during AF and then returns to AAIR<=>DDDR mode on cessation of the arrhythmia.

Your mode switch settings will be personalised for you because you have had an AV Node ablation which should have eliminated the need for mode switching in any event (please see my additional comment to your last post), but I know it is always helpful to know and to compare what others have set up which is often the way we learn about these things.  I hope you have a really worthwhile meeting with your cardiologist next week

Mode Switch Off

by cyclistFD - 2022-09-08 06:45:32

My mode switch had to be turned off, my heart did not like it on, it was very uncomfortable, felt lots of palpitations. 

It was an awful experience,  my EP had retired and the new Dr. decided to turn the mode switch on, for one month I HD the most awful palpitations. It also took my battery from 5yrs of battery life to 6 months of battery life in the period of one month. 

Listen to your body. I knew right away something was wrong and I went back to him 4 times during that month. He kept telling me nothing was wrong. I finally found my previous Dr's nurse which was at a different hospital and she reprogrammed it and they had to chang the pacemaker. Awful experience. 

Mode Switch turned off?

by Gemita - 2022-09-08 07:10:37

cyclistFD, thank you for that interesting comment.  I am assuming your palpitations and any high heart rates are still well under control without Mode Switch.  Do you take meds for any high heart rates?  

I also dislike Mode Switch, but it does save me from a rapid ventricular response rate beating my ventricles to death when I am intermittently in AF, although my beta blocker is helping me to manage this too. Maybe I should trial a period without Mode Switch and see what happens?

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