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So, I've had my Biotronik pacemaker for a year now then just recently I realised I wasn't feeling the daily wire check it did, so I phoned up my hotline to my hospital and was told they'd not received anything from my bedside monitor thingyfor 21 days! Sounds like they were about to send me a letter, but surely after about 2 or 3 days they should contact me?

I was told to move it elsewhere in my bedroom also to switch it off and on again (classic 🥴😆) and give it a few days. Gadget looks fine, is always charged up, so I don't actually need to keep it plugged in all the time. 

Has anyone else had gadget issues, mine is only a year old. 

NOTE: when I first got it I was told my pacer would send a message to the monitor during the night. But every night around 1.30 am my pacemaker would make my heart thump and go a little faster for about 25seconds, then beat slightly differently for a few seconds then back to my quiet normal. This happened every night but got slightly earlier each time so basically near enough every 24 hours. Eventually it was happening around 11.30pm. I was told this was when it 'tests' the leads, so is that different from the time it sends a messsage to the monitor? Has anyone else felt this? 
Also, if I go on holiday surely I can take the monitor with me and for it to work the same if it gets a mobile data signal?
I thought I remember reading somewhere to tell the hospital if you go on hols so that they don't think your monitor is faulty. 


daily check

by new to pace.... - 2022-10-10 06:43:39

i have a medtronic bedside monitor, which i leave plugged in all the time. That way do not need to worry if it is charged or not.  Was told that sometime between midnight and 3am it takes a reading.  I have not felt it ever.

new to pace

Daily check

by Slowdive - 2022-10-10 09:15:19

Hello Diamond!

Our daughter (8) also has a Biotronik. She never felt the daily checks, they run at night when she sleeps. The doctor will online call in case a problem shows up. But 21 days without a report seems long. We have been told it's ok to go on holiday (e.g.camping) without the device and they would not worry. So I'm not sure as of when exactly the doctor is notified that the reports are missing. Assume this can be set individually. 

I'm usually asking every 4-6 months to send a pdf report by email or when something unexpected happened. We keep the device plugged in all the time next to her bed. Never and problems so far, pm implanted almost 2 years ago.


Wish you all the best! 🍀

Monitor change-out

by Persephone - 2022-10-10 13:11:08

Hi Jules - this may or may not be related to your experience, but I got called into my clinic last year to meet with the Biotronik tech, which included replacing the monitor that I'd received 3.5 yrs prior. When I got there for the appt, the tech actually had no new monitor to hand me and said they would ship it to me. I've had it for a year now and it is working fine - I believe the underlying issue was upgrading to 5G cell communication.

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