remote transmission results from sept 20,2022

I just recieved the results, took many tries.  I knew i should wait at least a week before contacting the Heart Center.  Then we had Hurricane IAN come.  So waited another week.  Than through the patient portal send a message to the EP who signs electronically(this time on 10/2/2022), no answer from his office.  mean while i had written to the cardiologist that i had planned to eat some trigger foods.  No answer from her.  Then i called the pacemaker clinic(had recieved the report from her before).  Message said they would call back in 24 hours, still waiting.  Then i called Medical Records, she called me back and told her what i wanted the was from Sept 20 remote transmission and the nightly from then to now.  Was told i could pick it up that afternoon.  Told her i would be in Monday morning(11/7/2022).  I was  given a large white envelope nearly 3/4 inch thick.  Knew that was not what i wanted.  It is interesting each time i pick up the information comes a different way.

There was 51 pages of what i call graph looking that included Monitored AT/AF episode, a Non-sustained VT Episode and Cardiac Compass which included a years worth and a current EGM.

 Than a printed  AT/AF summary,which has Prior to last session(6days), since last session(22 days) and device lifetime total(37 months).   An Arrhythmia Episode List -which has when, time and length.  What is interesting 8 AT/AF  were all after 10pm (at rest) and 1 VT-NS was at 9am(active) were all on Sept 15. Then  one AT/AF Sept 3 at 10am and another on Sept 2 at 5pm.

Single page of Non-sustained VT Episode and 9 single pages of Monitored AT/AF Episodes. Which are the above.

VT/VF counters, Rate Drop Response Episode List which had none.

Rate Histograms again prior to last session (6)days and since last session(22 days).the prior is  from the last session to the office intergration.

Parameter 2 pages. Care Alert Events  no data has been collected.

Quick look II, there were no Pace-teminated episodes.

Battery and Lead Measurements est 10.1 years , minimum 9.6 and max. 10.5years.   Atrial lead position check sucessful.( do not know how that can be seen?)

2 pages of patient information.  Now to the summary(which is really all i wanted). Lower rate is set at 60-130.  Not pacemaker dependent.  Precent paced RA:67 and Percent paced RV:58.5.  I had 10 atrial high rate episodes  and a review of EGMs  demonstate paroxymal atrial fibrillation.  the longest lasted 30 seconds.  There is a .2% cumulative atrial arrhythmia burden. the 1 VT lasted 3-4 seconds.

 Health trends( patient activity, heart rate variablity, average heart rates) are stable.  I will continue with the remote follow ups

Diagnoses: Sick Sinus Syndrome(Tachy-Brady Syndrome.

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Transmission results

by Gemita - 2022-11-08 18:17:52

Hello new to pace,

What an amusing post!  I also find it difficult to get exactly what I want from my clinic at times.  I know when I have requested data, I have had to specify exactly what I require and when I don’t always know what I can get access to, it is very difficult to be “specific”.  For me it usually means reading my pacemaker manual, to get the right technical description of the data I want to see, so I fully understand how frustrating this process can be. 

Getting back to your results, I see your data covers the period September 20th to the present.

Clearly many of your tachy episodes were occurring while at rest, so perhaps this points to a sleep disorder like sleep apnea and I believe you were going to have a sleep study at some stage?  There were no Care Alert Events so that is a good sign.  Your battery and leads seem fine.  Atrial lead position check successful?  I am not sure why they specifically mention this check, whether for instance they saw something on an internal EGM which didn’t look quite right and they carried out a specific check of your atrial lead?  You might want to query whether the position of your atrial lead is satisfactory at all times?

Patient info:  % paced Right Atrium = 67%.  Right Ventricle = 58.5%  This is fine, providing you feel okay?  With sick sinus syndrome and tachy brady also, I am almost 100% atrially paced with only a low % of right ventricular pacing.  

Ten atrial high rate episodes recorded for short periods would not concern my EP.  I had several hundreds of high rate episodes recorded from July to October, so I think you are doing well with your lifestyle and diet.

Review of your EGMs demonstated paroxysmal AF, the longest lasting 30 seconds.  It seems your AF episodes are well under control and a 0.2% cumulative atrial arrhythmia burden is low.   The one episode of VT lasting 3-4 seconds, again would not be unusual but clearly your EP will want to keep an eye on this in case this non sustained arrhythmia increases in frequency/duration when it would need treating.

I and my EP would be extremely happy with that report new to pace and I think you should be too.  You clearly are doing your very best to keep yourself free from arrhythmias and although they may progress, so far they are well under control.  I would just look at your sleep patterns and see why you are getting some high heart rates at rest?  Thank you so much for posting this valuable information

thanks for you comments

by new to pace.... - 2022-11-08 18:40:42

Gemita thanks for reading my comments so i can understand them better.

Also telling me am doing a good job with staying away from medications.

new to pace

Welcome to the Pacemaker World!

by MathTeacher - 2022-11-11 12:35:40


     All that paperwork can be overwhelming.  I've had my pacemaker for over seven years now, and even though I still find it intriguing, I have no idea what most of it means.   I have SSS, too. 

     When I physically go into my cardiologist's office for an interrogation, I have fun asking them how many episodes I've had.  That's really all I focus on.  I work out at the gym all the time and recently hiked 100 miles in the Swiss Alps over a ten-day period.  My former cardiologist wanted to put me on metoprolol, due to all my "episodes."  It had me worried, but it's a good thing I saw my EP (my surgeon, who is now my cardiologist).  Those "episodes" were really all due to my working out.  They were nothing to worry about after all.  So, don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure it all out.  I think you're smart to just read the summary.  If there's anything that concerns you between interrogations, write down the date and time and what's going on and ask about it.  Other than that, if something's wrong, someone will bring it to your attention.  That's what they're there for.

     Best of luck as you adjust to pacemaker life!

remote transmission

by new to pace.... - 2022-11-11 13:03:00

thank you MathTeacher for your reasureing  comments.  have only been paced since Aug 2019.   Know that they will contact me, they have only once in April 2022.  Found out the supplements i was taking for Osteroporsis was causing  many fast heart beats.  Once i stopped  taking those supplement so did the  many Afib episodes.

new to pace

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